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[v1ci0us] Warrior "Rage" - s13 / [Grim Patron] ...

  • Last updated Apr 6, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • 4 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 3440
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/3/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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"Rage" is your basic enrage Warrior with one card added: Grim Patron.
This new card allows this deck to be played in ranked as it counter some of the most popular deck used out there: Paladin mid range, Oil Rogue and any Mill deck.
Is strong against Priest, Druid and Shaman and has a very solid matchup against face Hunter.
The one deck it really suffer from my personal experience is Warrior Control.


Inner Rage: Your utility card, should often be used to surprise your opponent during turn 8 with Grommash Hellscream. Keep it in your hand, consider using it on Grim Patron, avoid using it for removal or on Acolyte of Pain.

Execute: This deck rely on cheap removal to gain Tempo, use Execute in key situation to mantain board control and remove major treats.

Whirlwind: The deck is fueled by this card. It has synergy with almost any minion in the list. Consider using it on turn 6 after playing Grim Patron if you don't have the second Death's Bite charge available. Play it on full board with Battle Rage for the best result.

Fiery War Axe: Used both for early control or face damage depending on the matchup. One of the best card in the game.

Battle Rage: This card is now amazing, sometimes I feel like playing Miracle Warrior. Often a 3 for 2, sometimes will result in a 5 for 2. Play it after a Whirlwind on full board and you'll draw an insane amount of card. Abuse it in the right situation, this card has no limit!

Cruel Taskmaster: Good to have during mulligan against Face hunter, this card target will be Acolyte of PainGrim Patron and Grommash Hellscream.

Bouncing Blade: Better than I expected, very usefull to gain board control back when your opponent trade, clear board and play a big minion as Tirion or Rag. Of course it loves Grim Patron too.

Frothing Berserker: This card shines is this list, work great with Warsong CommanderWhirlwind and Grim Patron. Play it on a full board, release the Whirlwind and see all hell break loose. You'll be able to buff it with the Grim PatronWarsong Commander for insane value!

Warsong Commander: Very important and delicate card, knowing when to play this is key. I often play it on turn 8 together with a Grim Patron, you'll need a Death's Bite charge for optimal results.

Death's Bite: Another core card that gives strenght to the general concept of the deck. I often use one charge on opponent face before releasing the Patron combo. Overall your goal will always be to put your opponent in range of the Inner Rage / Grommash Hellscream combo.

Crush: People didn't like this card, but I think is just great. Instead of running Shield Slam you will run this two as extra removal. You'll almost always have a damaged minion on board so a pure removal for 3 mana sounds pretty good. Great for gainin tempo.

Grommash Hellscream: Your finisher, this card handed me easy turn 8 win when paired with Inner Rage.

Amani Berserker: Solid early game card that allow you to put pressure on your opponent. It has good synergy with Warsong Commander and can give you extra reach when played as a finisher together with Whirlwind.

Acolyte of Pain: another key card for this deck, a needed draw engine, works well against aggro and can be manipulated in many ways.

Piloted Shredder: Added to balance the curve and give you board presence, is a strong card that everyone knows well.

Grim Patron: The star of the deck, the card that one handed gave power to this new type of Warrior. Can be used on turn 5 only if you have a Death's Bite equipped and ready to be discharged. Otherwise you'll have to play it on turn 8 together with Warsong Commander. If you don't have a way to activate it, don't play it on board.

Loatheb: Core card for this deck, helps againt Freeze Mage and Rogue Oil while protecting your board or life total when facing Face Hunter.


The deck strategy in not complicated, if you like crazy finisher you'll love this list.
It often happened to me to burst 20+ damage on a single turn out of no where.
Your goal is to damage the opponent hero, bring it down to 15 / 10 Hp and finish the game with Grommash. To do this don't be shy on Execute, use them as you would use Sap in Rogue. Try to look for ways to express damage while gainin Tempo.
If you have initiative and got a Piloted Shredder on board, don't be shy, slam down that Loatheb try to deal that 9 damage turn and go All in.


It changes from match up to match up, if you are against a control deck, consider keeping that Death's Bite and Grim Patron in your hand, if you are against Face Hunter keep that Cruel Taskmaster to get board initiative.
Versus Aggro decks just race, they will leave your Warsong Commander uncontested and you'll have an easy win.
Grim Patron loves Haunted Creeper. [!]
I had a Warsong Commander on board facing a Haunted Creeper. Played Frothing Berserker and Grim Patron. You can imagine what happened :)

Normally I would always keep: Fiery War AxeAmani BerserkerAcolyte of Pain in my starting hand. Then you can consider keeping Frothing BerserkerCruel TaskmasterWhirlwind.

Of course the Coin will be playing a big role during your Mulligans. 
My advice, use good sense.
Are you against Druid? Keeping a Execute might be a good idea to counter Innervate play.
Facing Pally? Hold on to that Whirlwind & Acolyte of Pain
Against a Face Hunter? Keep Cruel Taskmaster and Death's Bite.


I hope you'll try this list out! Feedbacks are welcome, I'll post a video soon and will keep the list updated :)


I've been watching streams and trying the deck out.
I saw people running Commanding Shout.
It looks great on paper but the truth is that the card will be used for board clear purpose only. Top deck it in critical situation and you will cry.
It is good, but to be played properly you will be forced to run Emperor Thaurissan.
If you play the Emperor you'll also be force to play Unstable Ghoul and Raging Worgen. This will give you a different, slower deck.

I personally like my solution more, I like running Fiery War Axe it gives me control, I think that one Crush is great as one Bouncing Blade (very underrated card). Battle Rage is still going strong and gives the deck an insane card draw, I really don't understand how people could play a Grim Patron deck without running it.

Bouncing Blade scenario: I had a board situation with Acolyte of Pain on board, oppo just played Innervate + Druid of the Claw in Taunt mode and I had equipped a Fiery War Axe.
I slammed the Bouncing Blade, I got 3 cards from the Acolyte and the 3 damage needed to remove the Druid. Even in worst case scenario I would have drawn 3 cards.
Long story short, play Bouncing Blade on a single target: Rag, Tirion etc, or play it when you have a single Acolyte of Pain on board, of course also Patron are good.

x1 Cards I'm considering to play: Dr. Boom / Recombobulator (Target patron? Why not?) / Commanding ShoutUnstable Ghoul.

If you want to play with Emperor Thaurissan you need a different decklist!

I'm looking for advice for cards to be used instead of the second Crush.
Last thing I would like to add:

x2 Battle Rage are core for this deck!


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Youtube: v1ci0us

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