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Mill Rogue Rank 5

  • Last updated Mar 14, 2015 (Undertaker Nerf)
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  • 15 Minions
  • 15 Spells
  • Deck Type: None
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 1740
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 3/10/2015 (Undertaker Nerf)
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I played this Mill Rogue to rank 5 last season and just wanted to share it with you (: 


  • Always keep 1: Backstab, Deadly poison, coldlight, si:7 agent

  • Against aggro: bladeflurry, eviscerate, dancing swords, deathlord, sometimes youthful brewmaster, edwin vancleef (mostly if coin)

  • Against control: Preparation, sap, dancing swords, edwin vancleef, mukla (good for filling their hand before using coldlight), sometimes a vanish


Card explanations:

I won't explain all cards here since many of the cards are an obvious choice like backstab, shadowstep etc.

  • Doomsayer:  I just recently included my doomsayer, mostly because of the many mech mages. It's really good against those since they all run mirror entity, so you know which secret they have, and giving them a doomsayer is just so strong - clearing their board instantly since you just end your turn afterwards. Also fine against other classes to drop down after vanish since they have to use ressources clearing it AND dropping their minions since they often will have a full hand after vanish.

  • 2 Deathlords:  Pretty self-explanatory. With the many mages and hunters lately i like the extra taunts vs aggro, and they're so strong when you can bounce them with all your bounce cards and keep healing them like 6-7 health. Often what wins me games vs hunters

  • Kezan Mystic: It's really good against the current meta which is mage and hunter. I generally get so many secrets with this, and after they see it on board and i took a secret they tend to drop another secret, because they know nobody runs 2. Then i can bounce it back and steal another secret. (Just had a game against hunter where i stole 3 secrets :)

  • Goblin Auto-Barber Really strong against mage and hunter since it gives my dagger 2 which is knife juggler etc. hp range, AND it puts a fine body on the board. I Consider running 2 of these, and if you lack some of my cards you can include this

  • Arcane Nullifier: Another card i have just because of hunter and mage. Mage can't frostbolt it and hunter can't kill command or hunter's mark it. Really survives a lot, and this deck lack 4-drops so it's good to have some.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Probably the MOST imporant thing when playing millrogue is never killing your coldlight oracle. One of the classic, but yet biggest mistakes is when you see your opponent sitting with 10 cards in hand, and you play your coldlight without the possibility to bounce it back - it is almost never worth it - maybe except in a few situations where you have 2 coldlights in hand, and you're down to very few cards in your decks.
  • Another mistake i often see is people are saving all their "return cards" for their coldlight, which may result in their death. Often when i'm against aggro i bounce my deathlord several times to keep healing it back up to 8 - and it's the same with si:7 agent. Obviously you also bounce the healbot when you need health, since having health is even more important than making them draw.
  • Try to avoid showing him that you're playing a mill deck. It's fine playing dancing swords or deathlord, but try to wait as long as possible using coldlight oracle.

Other viable cards:

  • Earthen ring farseer, another Blade Flurry, another Antique healbot, another Auto-barber, king mukkla, Edwin van cleef, voodoo doctor (good for comboing and can often be dropped with remaining mana before/after vanish. Also a sludge belcher,  i just feel like it's a bit too slow and expensive.


  • -1 doomsayer, +1 Earthen Ring Farseer:

I explained why i like doomsayer, but i just felt that lately i've been meeting less and less mech mages, and even less who run mirror entity. It was a really big reason for running doomsayer, and now i often feel like it's a dead card in my hand. Earthen ring farseer on the other hand is very good. I like the variety in heals, and that's why i didn't pick another healbot. The fact that you can heal your deathlord or your face, and that it's a 3 drop so you can play it with coldlight + prep + vanish for 9 mana really makes it good. 

  • -1 Kezan mystic, +1 annoy-o-tron

I removed the kezan mystic since i concluded it didn't do much great for me. More than often i didn't get a secret from it, and i even met a couple of mages running no secrets. In general i just didn't get value from it, and it didn't help in aggro nor control matchups. The annoy-o-tron on the other hand is very good in both matchups - it can often be dropped to save a coldlight you can't bounce or just defend your face from a lot of damage. Since i put annoy-o-tron in the deck my win% against both aggro and control went higher, and i definately see it as a must by now.

  • -1 Arcane nullifier, +1 Annoy-o-tron

I removed the nullifier since it was often too costy to play, and it didn't really work with vanish or anything. Also i couldn't bounce it back myself with shadowstep, so it kinda lost some value there. The reason for taking Annoy-o-tron is the same as before


You can watch some more videos of the 100% updated deck from: http://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/2ykgps/mill_rogue_action/

I also stream this deck a lot, would be awesome if you would come and watch - feel free to ask me questions about cards i included in the deck, playstyle, mulligans etc. www.twitch.tv/bogokHS

Thanks for reading, and gl with milling :)