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Perfect Mage - Firestorm 2.0

  • Last updated Jul 8, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 14 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 5000
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 3/5/2015 (Undertaker Nerf)
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Please read the Stuff im writing. Thanks in advance

Hey friend, after i got asked over and over again to update the old Firestorm list i decided to finally make one list and it took me some time until i was satisfied, but now its time to show you the result. Please read the Metaslot section, it will solve most of the questions. I hope you like it, its the last one because i left Hearthstone. 

Old Deck

The deck is designed to be able to Rank up from 25 to high Legend Ranks and especially stomping the tard Decks like Facehunter and Mechmage. Since GvG changed everything, this deck is also very different from the old version. But lets get started.

The Core - dont change

Frostbolt (2)
Mirror Entity (2)
Fireball (2)
Mana Wyrm (2)
Kirin Tor Mage (1)

Mad Scientist (2)
Sludge Belcher (2)
Sylvanas Windrunner
Dr. Boom

Metaslots and explanations

Illuminator  VS  Kirin Tor Mage : Illuminator can give you nice heal and deals with low drops from aggro Decks, while the combo Counterspell - Illuminator should be almost a auto win against Face Hunter.  The Kirin Tor Mage can be better against Mech Mage due her Tempo possibility and she provides a 4 attack body for the control Matchups. I found the choice between them quite difficult, because it depends on if you are facing (Face)Hunter over (Face)Hunter or not. For now i do like the tempo thing much better and it fits the playstyle of this deck much more.


Antique Healbot : Little thing Heals you for 8 and thats pretty much it. The 3/3 Body isnt really that amazing for 5 Mana because you also want to regain Tempo in aggro Matchups and unlike Warlock you cant Heropower 4 times for 1 Healbot. On the other Hand he can save your life against Hunters and those mentioned aggro decks and deals with the Alexstrasza + X Combo from Warrior or Freeze Mage. If you can Duplicate or Echo of Medivh him in a agrro Match, GG. You see the little fellow can be quite usefull but is not that amazing as he is in Warlock. I do recommend him if you are facing a lot of aggro Decks, where you feel like you need the heal. Otherwise you are better off without him! If uncluded, depending on the Meta, cut one Kirin Tor MageAzure Drake or Kezan Mystic for him.

Mind Control Tech  and  Flamestrike : MCT is a very good option if your facing a lot of Aggro decks because he punishes overextending and is also a 3/3 for 3Mana. Sure he can be a "dead" Card if you are in a control Matchup and you and your opponent keep removing everything which comes into play but again, he also cant overextend and Dr. Boom is almost a instant play into him. Flamestrike on the other hand, well, i want to be honest with you, so i just think that Flamestrikes most of the time sucks in constructed plays. You know whats so strong about Flamestrike? Its the mindgame. The fear from your opponent that you have it and that is just a similar strengh to MCT. So if you run Flamestrike, i recommend to run the MCT, Entitiy, Flamestrike combo, even though he can be good by himself. Because think about Flamestrike itself. You always skip your turn with it and he barely kills things effective . So thats my thought, but as said, if you can use it effective, it can turn the game.

Water Elemental  VS  Piloted Shredder : Ok Water Elemental was used to be the best 4 drop in Mage but with the rise of Piloted Shredder, the spot was hard to maintain i admit that. Thing is, Water Elemental does better against Weapon Classes, is far less random, eats removals and silence like shit and has the super annoying freeze. Downside is that dies to Shadow Word: Pain, can be used by Shadow Madness and your opponent only has to use one removal on it. Piloted Shredder has the infamous 4 attack, has to be removed twice and can give you quite the amazing deathrattle. Downside of it is obvious the 3 Health which can be dealt by almost every 2 drop, every Spell and the RNG factor when it actually comes to the deathrattle. I like to switch between them and will try to keep both in the future.

Acidic Swamp Ooze and Harrison Jones : So here you have to decide, if you want to run one of them at all because they are highly meta dependent and you have the Water Elemental already. Even though i think that Hunters will always be there. Nevertheless if you have to decide remeber that Ooze is just a 3/2 Body and will shine in aggro Matchups while Harrison is better in Control because of his 5/4 Body and the Card draw. Thats pretty much all about them. If you dont decide to run them, i would advice you things like a Piloted Sky Golem, Kezan Mystic or a second Kirin Tor Mage which is all depending on how you are changing the deck overall.


Unstable Portal : So i got asked quite often why i havent included Unstable Portals for so long and my answer stays the same, even if i included the Portals myself. What do you want to get out of UP? Think about that and than the chance of actually getting something of use for the 3 Mana discount on that. Its a huge RNG factor and thats why i dont like them so much. If you get what you want, Unstable Portal is = Unbalanced Portal and besides that, it can improve your early game. You will have to remove things like Flamecannon or Mind Control Tech for it because you are not allowed to change Sylvanas Windrunner. Including them can hurt you quite hard so keep that in mind if you try them, that not everything shiny is gold.


Ragnaros the Firelord : He is the gamecloser and just by himself a amazing card. If you dont have him, you might replace him with Kel'Thuzad. Thats pretty much all about him, dont worry about BGH please. Archmage Antonidas is not a good replacement for him because you want to get atleast 2 Fireball at the same turn from him or at best stealth him with Finicky Cloakfield or protect with Mirror Image. A good replacement is also Pyroblast as finisher, if you dont have Rag.


Arcane Missiles : So why Arcane Missiles? So for someone this Cards seems just random but in truth, if you think about it its not. It fulfills just the role of for example a Zombie Chow but unlike Chow it has no "drawback" and synergizes with Azure Drake and Mana Wyrm. Arcane Missiles is able to kill the Mustard Spamm from a Paladin, kills a coined Knife Juggler, a Innervated Shade of Naxxramas, Snake Trap, 2/1 Drops etc. also not to mention that a FireballArcane Missiles combo clears Dr. Boom. If you are still not convinced, the cards i do recommend for switching are the infamous Zombie Chow, Ice Barrier, or a Flamestrike. I do like the combo of Ice Barrier (Counterspell) + a second Kirin Tor Mage.


Echo of Medivh VS Arcane Intellect : Echo is just a amazing Card to refill your Hand and its one of the cheating Cards where you can combo it with Unstable Portal or Sylvanas Windrunner, any other Legendary or just a board with 1-4 Minions on it. Playing Piloted Shredder, Water ElementalMana Wyrm 4 times? GG Bro and you know how devestating Sylvanas or Loatheb are when played twice. The only downside of Echo of Medivh is, that you need a board to play it, while Arcane Intellect is able to fish further for you. Both Cards will lose you Tempo, but from my experience, there is no way that Arcane Intellect is as nearly as good as Echo of Medivh is in a Tempo based Deck which delovopes its board so quickly. Arcane Intellect is OK, Echo of Medivh is cheating. Deal with it.

How to include Flamestrike / Blizzard

You can always swap one of the early removal like Flamecannon, the second Kirin Tor Mage or a Azure Drake for the Blizzard / Flamestrike or double Flamestrike combo if you want them in. I did this myself some times but i do not advice swapping one of the Core Cards for it!


Mulligan Top Tier : Mana Wyrm, Mad Scientist, Unstable Portal, FrostboltKirin Tor Mage + Secret Combo

Mulligan Special keeps :
Priest : Kirin Tor Mage
Druid : Fireball
Mage : Kezan Mystic
Hunter : Kezan Mystic


Why I`m changing Cards and deck devoloping

While im Laddering, fooling around, generell when im playing Hearthstone i do like to search for the "next Level" and especially when im facing a specific type of Deck over and over again, i have to adapt for it. Thats beeing said, it will happen quite often and i will try to explain every choice or reason for a Card. You can look up the Revision History to get a feeling for what this deck is about and what problems you might face.

Some more and some less serious Gameplay