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Not a Cult.

  • Last updated May 2, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 22 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 5580
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 2/5/2015 (Undertaker Nerf)
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Art by Zeronis: http://zeronis.deviantart.com

Howdy all!

A midrange pally I came up with, this is just a basis for a Token-centric deck, change to fit your playstyle and see what works for you.

Card Choices:

Equality: This card destroys bulky boards, especially effective vs. Handlock and Druids. Combine with consecration to deal with opponent's boards easily.

Shielded Minibot: This guy trades very well, capable of removing 4 hp creatures, as well as being resistant to AoE.

Aldor Peacekeeper: Completely shuts down fatties, taking pressure off of you and allowing for more efficient trades.

Muster for Battle: Hard to efficiently remove without AoE, combos well with Knife Juggler and Quartermaster, not even that slow a card due to the integrated Light's Justice.

Blessing of Kings: A 4/4 with charge, this card combos well with most of your weenies. Even turning a 1/1 into a 5/5 is a strong play as it won't be easy to remove. Since I'm also running Echoing Ooze the potential combo there is very tempting.

Consecration: AoE spell, awesome in any aggro MU and combined with Equality wrecks Control.

Quartermaster: Combined with Muster for Battle gives you a pseudo 8/11 for 5 mana. Talk about value. Only running one as value greatly diminishes w/o Muster for Battle.

Lay on Hands: Refuel station. Fills your hand and buys you time to play what you draw.

Tirion Fordring: Short of a silence or transform this guy will ruin your opponent's day. Hard to get rid of and Ashbringer punishes your opponent long after Tirion falls.

Echoing Ooze/Haunted Creeper: Tokens for synergy with things like Equality and other things in the deck.

Knife Juggler: Always dishes out hurt in this deck, synergizes well with Muster for Battle and Equality and Dr. Boom.

Big Game Hunter: Dr. Boom killer. That's the whole reason we run this card. EDIT (2015-02-12): I dropped BGH for another equality, and it seems to be more versatile.

Cult Master: You have so many tokens in this deck that the card draw potential is absurd, plus it leaves a decent body behind.

Piloted Shredder: Sticky minion with good attack, great offensive play.

Loatheb: Great body that stalls removal and lethal combos, buys you time to maintain pressure.

Sludge Belcher: Slows down aggro and protects your important minions, also great with Cult Master.

Dr. Boom: Three creatures with one card is awesome in a token deck, plus the integrated minion removal is awesome.

Kel'Thuzad: You almost always have targets to resurrect, turning a small advantage into a large one. Awesome way to recycle Boom Bots.

Sea Giant: Again, you have a ton of tokens. I rarely play this guy for more than 5 mana, YMMV.

Gameplay Strategies:

Decide early on how you'll win. Sometimes it's speed, sometimes it's stalling then overwhelming, sometimes it's just out-gassing your opponent.

If you need to out gas your opponent, then you might drop Cult Master on turn 4 and cash in on turn 3's Muster for Battle instead of hoping to topdeck Quartermaster on turn 5.

In general, hit hard, refuel and repeat. Compared to the standard midrange-pally, you're more vulnerable to sweepers due to the lack of recovery mechanisms plus the low curve. On the flip side, you can easily out-gas them due to draw plus the surprise Sea Giant.


Throw away Equality, Big Game Hunter and anything that costs more than 3 mana. Only keep Piloted Shredder if you already have a perfect curve in hand from the get go.

General Matchup Info:

Aggro: Control the board and then stall until they burn out. If you can't stall long enough for burn out (say against Face Hunter), race them for damage.

Midrange: Maintain board presence until you draw your big threats. If you think AoE is coming down next turn, cash in with Cult Master and bait it out before going all out again.

Control: Go fast, you can't stall to a win. However, you can't win w/o board presence/control, so avoid feeding value to Zombie Chow and Fiery War Axe.

Viable for Legend... ary?

Good luck and have fun!