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[TOP 20] Put your faith in the Shock (S11)

  • Last updated Apr 7, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 14 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • 3 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 3960
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 2/4/2015 (Undertaker Nerf)
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UPDATE: Current version is what FRID ran in the Pinnacle 4 tournament. I playtested it and it does really good for me :) 



UPDATE: Finished season 11 on rank 31 :)



Hi guys,

here is Nookain and this is my second self made deck. I´m sure some of you know the highly aggressive Shockadin before Naxx. But somehow people forgot completely about him and I reworked him.

Please don´t forget to vote up if you like the deck and the guide. If there is something that you don´t like, let me know in the comments so that I can improve it :)


UPDATE: Just got Legend with this non-meta deck (on the 9th February) :D

Best rank so far (27.02):


I realized that I suck much more at talking than at writing so just watch this if you want to see some gameplay. All the infos are also in the guide and in the comments below ;)


How do you play this deck?


 Versus Aggro (Mech Mage, Hunter, Zoo, ...)


You must fight for board control to win these matchups. While Mech Mage can be sometimes overwhelming and Zoo hard to beat in board, Hunter is pretty easy (nevertheless your hardest matchup is Hunter). You must try to do favorable trades while forcing your opponent to make unfavorable ones. Try to make your opponent believe (especially in high ranks it´s often a mind game) that you don´t have Consecration and after they start flooding the board, punish them.


Knife Juggler, Shielded Minibot and Consecration are key cards to win these matchups. Shielded Minibot can most often trade for 2 of their minions and Knife Juggler will win you games if they cannot kill it fast enough (Knife Juggler + Muster for Battle is a devastating combo vs Aggro). ALWAYS KILL THE OPPONENTS KNIFE JUGGLER


While in the matchups vs Mech Mage and Zoo it really matters who owns the board (and if you have your Consecration in the right moment), Hunter is a pain in the ass. Most Hunters are Face Hunters now and you get the board control easily but the problem is that all your minions have 1 or 2 health (unless you buff them with Sword of Justice). That means that Unleash the Hounds and Explosive Trap will just rape you. Plus, your Consecration is less effective because Face Hunters have less minions on the board. The best way to play versus Hunter is trying to keep less but healthy minions alive (Divine Shield is even better).


Divine Favor is most of the time hard to use versus Aggro, so if you have a chance to draw 1 or 2 cards from them you should propably play it.


Versus Midrange (Shaman, Paladin, Priest, Combo Druid, Rouge, ...)

These matchups are not the best but also not the worst for you. You need to get a bit lucky that they don´t draw too much removal and Zombie Chows. Most of the time you should not play too many minions on the field because AOE can crush you really hard. If you know that they played all their AOE removal or it´s unlikely that they have more AOE removal on their hand...


(Example: Palladin no Consecration, Shaman no Lightning Storm, Druid no Swipe, Rouge no Fan of Knives and no Blade Flurry, Priest no Auchenai Soulpriest + Circle of Healing and no Holy Nova)


... then you can start regardlessly flooding the board. Most of the time you can trade favorably when they play minons (because you have Equality, Truesilver Champion, Hammer of Wrath and Blessing of Might). If you manage to bait out their AOE and getting a good Divine Favor you will most propably win the game.


 Versus Control (Warrior, Handlock, Wall Druid, ...)

Control is really what you want to see in this deck. It´s not only that they often have too less answers for all your small minions, it´s also that they have tons of cards in their hand. Often you can easily deal 10-15 damage in the first turns when they start to react with taunts and harder removal.


Divine Favor is your friend and helper in these matchups - don´t play it to early just because you see that you can draw 3 cards. Dump first your whole hand and then use Divine Favor (once I managed to draw 9 (!!!) cards from a Warrior ;)  ). Also try to make them draw as many cards as possible - so if you see an Acolyte of Pain, don´t hesitate to run it 2 Tokens and your Light's Justice (but only if you already have your Divine Favor).


Control will often start to panic and play Taunts to stop the incoming damage. If you have Equality the Taunts are no problem at all; otherwise you can often use your Avenging Wrath + Minion against something like Sludge Belcher or Sen'jin Shieldmasta.




Mech Mage - Well this deck does it´s work vs mech mage. Most of the time you can control their early aggression and if they get out of control you can often Equality + Consecration or Equality + Avenging Wrath. (55% winrate for you)


Zoolock - They will win the board most propably and you have to use at least one of your Consecration. After that you can consolidate the board again. If you are lucky then you will draw your Equality when they play their big stuff like Doomguard or Sea Giant or they won´t draw them at all. I haven´t played vs Zoo many games so it´s hard to tell the win% for you (winrate about 50-55% for you)


Face Hunter - Whenever I see the portrait of a Hunter I want to smash my face in the keyboard. It´s not only that they don´t give a fuck about your Equality and Divine Favor, they are even happy when you try to damage them (because you need minions and you just have small minions so you need many). Hunters will usually get their Explosive Trap from a Mad Scientist and you get slowed down with your damage pretty hard (because it wipes your whole board). And if they don´t get Explosive Trap then they have Unleash the Hounds for sure and will usually rush you down a bit faster than you can. (maximum 30% winrate for you)


Midrange Hunter - A little better than Face Hunter because they often have also Freezing Trap and Snake Trap in their deck. You can activate the Freezing Trap with your token and the Snake Trap can usually be Consecrationed. Sometimes their Savannah Highmane can be a problem when you have no Equality or Consecration. (winrate should be around 50%)


Paladin - I did not have many problems versus Paladins. If they don´t get their Zombie Chow you can easily handle their other minions most of the time - for example just hit their Shielded Minibot with your Light's Justice or Sword of Justice and run in a 2/1. Their other minions are also not very hard to deal for you (Truesilver Champion and Hammer of Wrath kill their Aldor Peacekeeper and other midrange minions and your Knife Juggler and your 1-damage weapons should handle their small stuff). (55-60% winrate for you)


Shaman - I usually don´t like to see Shamans at all but with this deck they are not a real problem for you. They only have 2 Lightning Storms as AOE and you can handle their Totems and 3-5 hp minions really good with all your cards. Because Shamans often don´t run heal (or just one Antique Healbot) you should have a pretty easy time (especially when they don´t get their Zombie Chow and Lightning Storm). (60% winrate for you)


Rouge - Rouge can be sometimes really annoying. They will always keep their early removal and can easily Backstab or The CoinSI:7 Agent or Deadly Poison any of your minions. They have also 3-4 AOE cards in form of Fan of Knives and Blade FlurryEquality and Consecration is sometimes not very usefull because they don´t have so many minions on the board. However, usually you can get some value from your Divine Favor. (40% winrate for you)


Priest - Priest is also one of the hardest matchups for this deck. They have 4 AOE cards in form of Auchenai Soulpriest + Circle of Healing and Holy Nova. They can also annoy you pretty hard with turn 1 Northshire Cleric because if you don´t get some attack buffs, it´s really hard to kill (they will buff it with Power Word: Shield and heal it back after trading). Some Priests also run Wild Pyromancer and just wipe every turn your board. If you manage to get good value from Divine Favor you have some chances to win. (30-35% winrate for you)


Combo Druid - Combo Druid is often not a problem unless they get an insane start (like 2x Wild Growth or Wild Growth + Innervate). Combo Druids have these midrangy minions which can be easily killed with Truesilver Champion +token or Hammer of Wrath + 2/1. They are not really allowed to draw too many cards from their Ancient of Lore because then you get nice value from your Divine Favor. You have still to be cautious of their Combo potential and try to play around Swipe (like buffing your minions with Sword of Justice or playing not too many minions (use some spells/weapons in their face)). (winrate about 55% for you)


Wall/Taunt Druid - This is a little better for you than Combo Druid. Thier Zombie Chows may be annoying but later in the game they usually have some cards in their hand so that you get good value from your Divine Favor. Try to save your Equality for stuff like Ancient of War and don´t waste it on Druid of the Claw (because otherwise you will have to sacrifice your whole board in their Ancient of War). Don´t forget about the possibility of Mind Control Tech but I wouldn´t suggest playing around it too much. (winrate about 60% for you)


Control Warrior - One of the best matchups you have. They often have to use their weapons to kill your minions what means additional face damage. Their Armorsmith can be usually killed with an early minion buff or using your Truesilver Champion. Their Executes are often useless because most of your minions have 1 hp so they are never wounded (IT´S THE SCHROEDINGER´S MINION - IT CAN BE DEAD OR ALIVE :D). You should really smile every time when they play their Acolyte of Pain because that just means more cards for you. They also have not too many Taunts so you can often easily rush them. Divine Favor carries you really hard here ;) (65-70% winrate for you)


Handlock - The best matchup you can get. They get free damage in the first 4 turns and then you just need an Equality to finish them. If you get a Divine Favor you can just refill your whole hand. Really easy matchup. (75% winrate for you if not more)


Freeze Mage - One of the hardest matchups for you. Often they can stall you with all their Freeze spells and wipe you with Doomsayer. Because you have almost no heal, a turn 9 Alexstrasza in your face usually means game over for you. Divine Favor draws you many cards here but you won´t have much fun with them. Try to pressure them as hard as you can early and you might win. (30% winrate for you)



How to Mulligan?

Always keep your 1- and 2-drops, always throw away your Truesilver Champion, Hammer of Wrath and Avenging Wrath.


Definetely keep your Blessing of Might if you have a minion with Divine Shield - minions with Divine Shield are really hard to kill early so you are almost guaranteed to hit twice with 4 dmg from Argent Squire or 5 damage from Shielded Minibot.


You should keep your Muster for Battle when you have at least one 1- or 2- drop in hand; the same rule goes for Sword of Justice. If you have both Muster for Battle and Sword of Justice in hand, consider keeping both (especially when you have a 1- or 2-drop) because the combo turn 3 Sword of Justice turn 4 Muster for Battle is really strong (all 3 tokens will get buffed).


You should keep Consecration versus Aggro Decks (not that much vs Hunter) and versus Paladin and Shaman when you have a good opening.


You only keep Equality versus Druid (maybe vs Handlock too) when you have a good opening - because they might Innervate some really big stuff out.




Here is the best start I´ve ever gotten with this deck:

Turn 1 Argent Squire into Turn 2 2x Blessing of Might. My opponent was like WTF???

My opponent coins out a Muster for Battle on turn 2 and attacks my Argent Squire (it was a misplay to attack because he took additional 7 damage - he could´ve just killed it next turn with 2x token attack).

I topdeck and play Divine Favor, draw 3 cards and attack bringing him down to 9 hp (on turn 3 !!!). I won the game on turn 5 :)



Just wanted to point out something: I really did not expect this deck having so much resonance :D

It is really cool that so many people like this deck. Unfortunately, I cannot answer to every person who changed a card in this deck because it works better for them. One reason is that I don´t have all cards in the game and cannot test it out (I really don´t like giving advices just based on my expectations). The other reason is that here are so many people with good ideas that I just don´t have enough time to test everything. So, don´t be sad you have the feeling that I just ignored you - it is not like that. I read every single comment and it´s great when something different works for you. I just cannot answer to the ton of comments+PM coming in every day :)