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Playerrtwo's Brolic Demonic

  • Last updated Feb 3, 2015 (Undertaker Nerf)
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  • 22 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 6000
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 2/3/2015 (Undertaker Nerf)
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Hey Guys this is the first time i'm posting a deck list on hearthpwn and my first write-up ever. Please leave me feedback and help me include any cards you think may help make this deck thrive. Also, so sorry if i cant go completely in depth with this im pressed for time but will be adding updates.

Ive been playing hearth since dec 2013, mostly maining paladin with some side action on warlock and druid. The other day I had a great Idea while playing and it brought me to making this demon deck which before the season ended had gotten me to rank 9. ( i only play a few games a day)

Ive loved warlock from the beginning and during early beta i was playing a "warlock control" - this is before i found out about the synergy with giants, before handlock existed, before zoo took over and warlock ran rampant on the ladder for months and months, it took me away from a class i enjoyed playing the most.

I was tired of playing and seeing the same generic warlock decks around, i decided to make something of my own thats fun to play, yet can be very effective if the right cards are added. 

If you would like to add feedback - keep in mind please im trying to go away from Giants and other typical handlock cards - ancient watchers, sunfury, argus etc. and also not trying to run the deck like zoo. 

anyway onto the deck.. 

this deck is made for the mid to late game by getting your free demons pulled from voidcaller, while also supplementing them with buffs from demonfire/demonheart, until the end when you can pull out malganis and pwn face. 

Early game - 

For the early game i had added 2x Voidwalker to put an annoying turn 1 wall up so that for turn 2/3 you can make use of dropping the mistressofpain or the earthenringfarseer .. this is just there to put small threats on the board just so your opponent is forced to make a play. Voidwalker/mistress can be buffed with demonfire on turn 2 for more efficent trades or to set up some tempo for the following plays ahead. You can also use demonfire on those pesky minions that you dont want to trade against - knifejuggler, annoyotron etc. There is also 1 darkbomb included for those reasons as well.

-originally for the early game i was running voidwalkers/mistress/fairie dragon (for intargetability and trades) 

In the midgame you can pop off an early void terror on a damaged voidwalker/earthenring/mistress to get buffed creature on turn 3/4, theres also piloted shredders for stickyness so your opponent is forced to make two plays to remove. Voidcallers are also there so you can pull out your larger demons for turn 5/6/7/ etc floating watcher/dreadinfernal/ an early malganis,

you can also use  shadowflame to wipe board if things get out of control.. I am still iffy on this as i will explain further below with some card choices.

moving later into the game theres antique healbot for heals, sky golems for stickyness + trading upwards. 

i did not run jaraxxus anymore because of the fact that i run voidcaller - nothing worse than having lord J pulled out of your hand when you needed him for the late game

removal - 1x siphon soul (2 felt too clogged up in hand and at 6mana is a large chunk of mana to use)

    -2x demonfire 

1x darkbomb

1x demonheart


Ive been playing around with a few cards that can make it into the deck i just havent play tested enough with them to see..

cards that may have a place -

shadowbolt - was toying around between shadowbolt and darkbomb as a 1 of, chose darkbomb because of value , cheaper to play and you can also hit face if you need that extra 3 dmg burst. 

pit lord - voidcaller pulls - 

implosion - ( iffy because of the RNG but synergizes well with malganis/demonfire/demonheart, can also open up for easy trading with poweroverwhelming and or wipe with shadowflame) -   

*NOTE - because of this spell -- i have considered taking out ancient healbot at the 5 mana spot, and plugging in a sacrificial pact for health restore - ive realized this can also help in mirror matches against an oppoinents malganis/lord J / any other demon. - so for this reason im very interested in putting it in, just at 4 mana idk what to replace for it. (darkbomb?)  - iive also noticed that implosion works better in aggrodecks in combination with knifejuggler, direwolf etc , so for that reason since im going more mid/late game and not running knife jugglers, i did not include. 

void terror - originally only had 1 in because of the way it synergized with demonfire/demonheart/sylvanas - put 2 in and came up with another idea but still waiting to see how much valuei can get out of it. I had the idea of using void terrors to eat shredders.. triggering their deathrattles keeping a minon on board and buffing void terror at same time for turn 4/5 or late game on the piloted golem.

healbot for obvious reasons but can be subbed with a sacrificial pact + implosion i supposeif youd liek to go that route, in which case id remove 1x earthenring

tech cards  - BGH, owl, sylvanas - all very important right now imo .. was thinking of subbing owl with spellbreaker (let me know what you think) 

i used to run 2 belchers in this deck, but it clogged up my 5 spot, so i wanted to run tazdingos but thats up in the air, eventually i decided on piloted shredders - stickyness for less mana.


all in all the deck is fun to play, its just still a work in progress right now. I would really love for someone who is very experienced in playing warlock to help me out and help me with some more synergy. 


Notable cards to try:

Power overwhelming - God i tried so hard to make this work and i think it can, im at lik 50% win rate with PO in the deck , dont know if i should run 1 or two or what to replace for them, but does come in great handy when you need that last burst, also synergizes with shadowflame and void terror. 

sacrificial pact - health restore , can be good if you decide to run implosion; also good for mirror matches. 

pitlord - voidcaller pulls 

implosion - removal at cost of RNG, can generate some of a board but i still feel this card is more aggro based.

belcher/tazdingo - wall to protect your buffed mistress of pain or floating watcher.

a second dread infernal - 1 dmg wipe, voidcaller pulls

harvest golems - can be sticky during early  game into midgame phase, damaged golems can also be eaten by void terror.

nerubian egg - voidterror play for early to mid game - dead card though if you cant draw your void terrors, however will make opponent think twice before wiping board. if you run eggs, you must run power overwhelming. 


cards that can be toyed around with/removed

earthen ring farseeer, 

shredders if subbed for harvest golems 

doomguard - 5 dmg burst/voidcaller pulls - try not to play it on its own.. 

there is a reason why i dont run soulfire or succubus or doomguard and its because the cards are too important to discard, the idea is to try not to life tap unless you have the extra mana to do so or unless you need to buff floating watcher.

sorry for the scratchy write-up , i was doing this on the fly , ill update in detail again soon

mulligans: mulligan for early game  always - try and keep voidcaller if you can, mull for voidwalker, earthenring, mistress, darkbomb, demonfire. 


please give the deck a try and see what you think can be added to it, id love for everyones feedback - positive mostly please lolol

and remember: SOULS... MORE SOULS!