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RAMP FATTIES!! (GvG) (counters facehunter)

  • Last updated Jan 24, 2015 (GvG Launch)
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  • 23 Minions
  • 7 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 8760
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/3/2015 (GvG Launch)
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this deck is all about having the biggest creatures a person could have, and while the incredibly aggressive huntard build may seem like it would consistently kill this, along with the new aggressive mech deck that most classes gets, this deck actually works really well. it has enough large taunts and ramp to break through the effective period of aggro, it has enough massive threats to survive control, and basically if you get to late game not insanely behind you probably win.

however one deck type has been able to beat this deck approximately 50% of the time, which is more than most: handlock. big creatures for an incredibly low cost, thus the need for Big Game Hunter. thankfully though handlock usually only has 4 giants. this deck has more big things than that.

Innervate and Wild Growth give you the ramp nescessary to pop some early sen'jin sheildmasta or Druid of the Claw in order to block aggro decks, and let you drop ancients. Zombie Chow gives early board pressence, but can utterly screw you up if played late, i suggest trading this into as many low cost creeps as possible, this thing is gnome bane.

Wrath Swipe and Big Game Hunter are powerful control, wraths card draw potential, or being a freeze-less frostbolt, swipe to either kill a 4 hp-er, or wipe out some zoo board, and bgh to take down the enemy rag. Keeper of the Grove is the best card in the game, hands down. 2/4 spellbreaker seems a bit weak, but he can also poke 2 off of any creature. its like he has taunt and divine sheild, while also ignoring taunts. goodbye flame imp, sayanara knife juggler,  so good. its also the funniest way to win, just poke them with KotG and watch them explode.

sen'jin sheildmasta and druid of the claw exist to be mid range taunts to annoy opponents. i have seen people burn polymorphs, fireballs, holy fires, hunters marks, and entire lineups of zoo dudes to kill one, only to have another show up. they only exist to take high value control to the face or ruin any aggro. once in a blue moon you will druid of the claw cat form to kill something big immediatly, like maybe swipe and it to kill the rag NOW.

Loatheb is pretty good value, with a turn spell free. good in most decks. troggzore the earthenator, while less efficient stat wise, makes spells a bad idea for as long as it lives.you may think its pretty bad for being killed by so many things, it will usually be behind a taunt wall, so to kill it they need a spell, followed by a 3/5 trog. any removal on this guy becomes the worlds worst polymorph.

the 2 ancients are amazing, Ancient of War 5/10 with taunt for 7, will survive any one thing besides deathwing, pyroblast, or hard removal.  if you make a 10/5 either you have a deathwish, the stars aligned, or you are incredibly high. or you misclicked, happened to me once, lost because of it. Ancient of Lore helps with your poor card efficiency due to innervate, OR can undo aggro from enemies. also its another 5/5 to be in the way and eat control.

now for the game winning legendaries. Ragnaros the Firelord is good. very good. another control control, and will still be very valuable immediately, people will want to kill ragnaros, sometimes missing lethal in order to kill him. Sneed's Old Shredder can be anything, but what it always is is a 5/7, which is a decent statline. not for its price but still. and its deathrattle makes opponents panic so hard. silence makes it bad, but silence makes so many things bad. Black Knight i finally got this to fit. anyways, if an enemy takes your war ancient (darn priests) now its dead. sunwalker and nothing small enough to be worth a shield pop? bye bye. enemy mechanical yeti put a taunt horn in your hand and they just played rag? unlikely but hella worth. Kel'Thuzad i like making dumb trades THEN playing this card, making your opponent think you are desperate, and then suddenly FULL BOARD!! also sneeds synergy is wonderful.

i don't include Force of Nature, or Savage Roar because this is not an aggro deck, and this is not a combo deck. i know those are good cards but i don't like using them, they are not the kind of play-style i enjoy using. i don't like sudden kills, i like the overwhelming tide of destruction wreaking havok over the enemy, who slowly realizes that they are completely screwed.

edit: i removed the Starfall, which was value, but not enough, along with the Power of the Wild because i needed board presence and they weren't working out. zombie chow is phenominal turn 1 and will kill most of the things i hate, and sludge belcher is more taunt and more bodies.

Mulligan: try to get some mana gen, and keep anything 4 or below, unless you manage to get innervate in hand, in which case druid of the claw passes. versus obvious aggro you REALLY want taunts, while vs priests keepers and wraths can keep their board open long enough to play something. ZOMBIE CHOW TURN 1 ALWAYS GOOD!

MAJOR WEAKNESS: this is incredibly susceptible to Assassinates and Mind Controls. most upper rank decks though don't run these, either having other priest things to play or not playing rogue in the current meta. also handlock will wrek since you only got big game hunter and ol-unreliable (rag)