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[GvG]OTK Priest: Heroic Instructor Razuvious

  • Last updated Apr 30, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 12 Minions
  • 18 Spells
  • Deck Type: None
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 820
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/2/2015 (GvG Launch)
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Chrispy's Heroic Instructor Razuvious OTK Priest



  • Counters Heroic Instructor Razuvious in Curse of Naxxramas
  • Counters weapon oriented decks such as Massive Runeblade of Instructor Razuvious
  • Takes advantage of high HP minions to buff and do major dmg in a single turn
  • Cheap deck, under 1000 cost


work in progress


Harrison Jones for weapon counter and card draw

Annoy-o-Tron as an earlier taunt to replace Sen'jin Shieldmasta or a couple spells


 Heroic Instructor Razuvious Win


Instructor Razuvious Deck

Abusive Sergeant (x2)
Deathcharger (x2)
Cleave (x2)
Master Swordsmith (x2)
Acolyte of Pain (x2)
Dancing Swords (x2)
Deathlord (x2)
Massive Runeblade (x4)
Necroknight (x2)
Brawl (x2)
Spectral Knight (x2)
Spiteful Smith (x2)
Wailing Soul (x2)
Avenging Wrath (x1)
The Black Knight (x1)


Jan 1st 2015 GvG update: Deck created with new GvG cards in mind

March 28th 2015: Small edits


If you guys have questions let me know, let this deck help you on your adventure