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Chaoss Shaman [GvG Mech Shaman]

  • Last updated Jan 14, 2015 (GvG Launch)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 6040
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/26/2014 (GvG Launch)
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Hey everybody. I'm CameronChaoss, a Hearthstone Legend player, bringing you my new Shaman deck which is currently doing really well for me climbing ladder; the Chaoss Shaman. This deck is a mech-themed Shaman deck using the new GvG cards. Feel free to contribute and give me suggestions on this deck! Advice is much appreciated and will be taken into consideration as this deck is still being tested.

IF ANYONE HITS LEGEND WITH THIS DECK, PLEASE SHOW ME! I would like to start like a "Legendary Hall of Fame" on here for it. I am positive this deck can hit Legend, even high legend, but like I've said, I'm not pushing for Legend until next season (January 2015). If you hit Legend because of this deck, please post or pm me a screenshot for proof. I want to know this deck is helping people in big ways! 

Deadly Combo: Al'Akir the WindlordRockbiter Weapon

An often overlooked aspect of Shaman is its huge burst damage with Al'Akir. Slam him with a Rockbiter and you have 12 damage for 9 mana (remember, Pyroblast is 10 damage for 10 mana, and Force/Savage is 14 damage minimum for 9 mana). Give him second Rockbiter and you have 18 damage for 10 mana. Slam him next to a Flametongue Totem with 2 Rockbiters and you have 22 damage. Obviously this deck isn't going to hit this as consistently as Miracle Rogue or Druid will hit their big win conditions, and you shouldn't hold on to your Rockbiters waiting for Al'Akir if you need them, but it's just good to know how much damage potential this deck has

My Card Choices

x1 Earth ShockEarth Shock is a great card, but in the current meta I don't think running two is a necessity. Argent Squire has been replaced with Zombie Chow, and Handlock is too rare and easy anyways to justify having two for the Twilight Drakes. I think one is good enough.

x2 Rockbiter WeaponRockbiter is probably the best removal card in the game. Removes Northshire Cleric, buffed Undertaker, and several other scary turn 1 plays. Plus it can be used with Al'Akir as a deadly finisher.

x1 CrackleCrackle is insane. It's 1 extra mana from Lighting Bolt to have a potential to do 6 damage. At worst it's a 2 mana Lightning Bolt, but at best it can take down some of the biggest threats in the game. Spell damage Crackle can reliably destroy 5 health minions. Overall, when you already have 2 Rockbiters in your pocket, Crackle is a strict upgrade from Lightning Bolt. I would run 2 in a Control-dominated meta, but I think right now it's best to drop 1 for a second Lightning Storm

x2 Annoy-o-Tron - It's a Goldshire Footman for an extra mana, but that Divine Shield makes it a real pain in the ass even in the late game. This card is, in my opinion, one of the top 5 cards from GvG. Coin it out on turn 1 and throw a Whirling Zap-o-matic behind it and if they can't clear the Zap-o-matic, you probably won.

x2 Flametongue Totem - I always think to myself, "do I NEED this card in my Shaman deck? And do I even need 2? I don't feel like it does too much." I'm always wrong about the last part. Flametongue Totem is a staple in every Shaman deck for a reason. If you don't know what "totem tangoing" is, then you don't know why this card is the bomb.

x2 Whirling Zap-o-matic - I'm not 100% sure about this card still. I love it, but it seems like people disagree with me putting it in here. I feel like, at worst, it'll draw out some early-game removal. You can turn 1 coin an Annoy-o-tron and then turn 2 play this behind it and a lot of the time it'll stick. Druids will use Wrath on it, Paladins will Hammer of Wrath it, and Mages will Frostbolt it, but then for the rest of the game you know your bigger minions probably wont eat one of those. And if it sticks, it's a murderer. Try it out, and if you don't like it, I'd sub it for a second Lightning Storm and either a Micro Machine or a Spider Tank.
As undeadtarget put it; "the way you should look at the card is like a Knife Juggler, the card is rarely game changing... so if you just drop it as a 2 drop it should  just work out fine.. if you can get it to stick then you get the most of it, its more or less a win from there... the card is also some what strong in late to mid game because of the fact that you can get any form of threat like a fire elemental and each card is enough danger that your opponent can't leave any of the cards on the board with out risking to lose the game right there..."

x2 Powermace - This card is bread and butter. One of the main reasons I created this deck in the first place. It will usually remove 2 of their minions, and then give a +2/+2 buff to one of yours, and the synergy with it is beautiful. You will love this weapon.

x2 Hex - Do I need to explain? I think it's even better than Polymorph. Just remember to attack stuff you want dead BEFORE you hex, otherwise you have a taunt-frog in the way to mess up your plans. This happens to me a lot, so think before you hex.

x2 Lightning Storm - I updated the deck with 2 Lightning Storms because I agree that it strengthens the deck in this meta, though it isn't Zoo that made me do this. Out of my first 16 games this season, I didn't see a single Zoo deck. This card is in response to the Paladins running Muster for Battle. That card can be intimidating, but it seemed like I always had a Lightning Storm waiting for them when they played it. Swung the battle back in my favor and, again, in those 16 games I have a 75% win rate over Paladin. While this decision to play a Lightning Storm over a Crackle weakens your Priest match up even further, since the meta is pretty dominated with aggo mech decks, there's no reason to not make this change. I was just being stubborn. However, if you ever see the meta shift back to a more controlled meta, I would put the Crackle back in.

x2 Harvest GolemThis card was a fantastic card BEFORE it got the Mech tag. Now it's a fantastic card that synergizes well with the rest of this mech-themed deck. If you don't run Harvest Golem in your mech decks, you're doing something fundamentally wrong.

x2 Arcane Nullifier X-21A very solid, super sticky taunt. 5 health is hard to take out, and is what makes a Yeti a good card, and it can't be the target of spells so they opponent can't hard remove it easily. If you can get a Powermace buff on this you will have a ridiculously hard to kill wall.

x2 Piloted ShredderI love this card. Sometimes it'll give you something that's worser than another, but it'll always leave behind a body when it dies. I've even gotten a Millhouse Manastorm from it with no negative consequences.

x1 Antique HealbotThis card doesn't seem like it'll be good until you use it. Compare it to Lay on Hands. Same amount of heals, only for 3 less mana you get a 3/3 instead of drawing 3 cards. It's not great, but you'll be stoked when you pull this guy when you really need him. Plus, between the Powermace and Rockbiter hits, having some heals in this deck is a pretty good idea. I wouldn't even consider running two though. If you don't like it, replace it with a second Piloted Sky Shredder.

x2 Azure Drake - This card is good in almost every deck, a spell intensive deck like a Shaman especially. It also cycles itself, which is good because Shaman doesn't have much in the way of reliable card draw.

x2 Fire ElementalSuch a good card. It'll often remove at least 1 card with its 3 damage, and then leaves a 6/5 body on the board, which will sometimes go 2 for 1, giving you a 2 card advantage. Every Shaman deck needs to use this. Period.

x1 Dr. BoomThis card has everybody's attention, and for good reason. It's ridiculous. You get 9/9 worth of stats on the board for 7 mana, and the potential to do 2 to 8 damage on top of that. There is a very good reason everyone is running this card. Plus, believe it or not, there IS mech synergy in this card. Dr. Boom's bomb's are mechs and CAN get the Powermace buff, which is a great thing to know.

x1 Neptulon - People seem to not be enjoying Neptulon too much. I'm hopefully going to put an end to the doubt right here, because there's one thing people aren't doing right about playing him and it's really doing an injustice to his credibility as a card. You don't drop him on turn 7 or 8 unless you feel like you have to! I think this is what people are doing wrong and it's really hurting their impression of just how great a card this is. Drop him on turn 9+. This way, you'll always have at least 7 mana the following turn and you can USUALLY drop an average of 3 murlocs. This does 3 things in helping you gain some serious card advantage; 1) it gives you a turn or 2 with some plays in your hand, even with the 3 overload. This means you have 2 turns most of the time where you're drawing cards and not playing them, which is giving you some serious card advantage. 2) You're also putting pressure on the board with cards that likely all synergize, causing your opponent to trade minions or use removal on them, which is furthering your card advantage. There is a very likely shot you'll get a Coldlight Oracle which can also draw you cards, but you need to decide, based on your current situation, whether or not it's a smart move to play that. 3) It puts a beefy minion on the board which will often draw removal that would be used on Dr. Boom or a Fire Elemental. If your opponent can't deal with him efficiently, he will often 2-for-1 or 3-for-1. You can see what a huge advantage in cards this guy will bring you. Neptulon is used to repopulate your hand while putting a big fat minion on the board. Don't drop him just because you have him on turn 7. That's why Dr. Boom is in the deck. So just remember, if you're behind on the board and it's turn 7, don't play Neptulon if you have other options. Try to wait until turn 9+ to toss him out. I hope this helps players understand why he's such an asset to the deck that makes it work as well as it does.

x1 Al'Akir the Windlord - Probably my favorite legendary in the game because of his great versatility. He can be a very nice wall, provide some great 2 or 3 for 1 removal, or be a deadly finisher when coupled with some Rockbiters or a Flametongue Totem. I think every Shaman deck needs Al'Akir. I believe he's THAT good.


You have a very steep amount of 2 drops, so it's not hard to have a good curve. You want to mulligan for Annoy-o-TronWhirling Zap-o-matic, and Harvest Golem, and Powermace. If you have a good turn 2 and 3, mulligan for Piloted Shredder and Arcane Nullifier X-21.

A great opening play is coin > Powermace > hit their minion. Then next turn Harvest Golem > hit their minion. Leaves behind a 4/5. You can do variations of this. I will almost always coin out a Powermace if I have it on turn 2. 

Matchups (In Progress...)

Ramp Druid:
Hold your Hexes for their Ragnaros the Firelord/Dr. Boom. Keep your Earth Shock handy for Sludge Belchers (Unless you can kill them easily without sacrificing the Earth Shock or losing too many cards. Hex them as a last resord) or to reach around a big taunt if you're going for the kill. Otherwise, just keep a steady flow of good minions on curve. I think this goes for any type of druid, but if you can keep board presence and keep their side clear, you should be alright. Output damage faster than they can create creatures. Spell damage Crackle really shines in this matchup, hoping RNGesus is giving you his blessing. A good Crackle can take down almost any card Druid will have. Careful of BGH. Don't overextend with Dr. Boom or Neptulon if you know he has BGH in his pocket. If he's holding a card almost the whole game, its BGH.

Control Priest:
Priest might be the hardest for a few reasons. Cabal Shadow Priest has a bunch of stuff it can steal from you. Namely Annoy-o-Tron,Flametongue Totem, Harvest Golem, and Arcane Nullifier X-21, which are all REALLY bad to lose. Also, I see a lot of Priests running Mind Control now, so they'll steal your Al'Akir the Windlord, Neptulon, or Dr. Boom. Priests are fucking dicks like that. Try to give your Annoy-o-trons, Harvest Golems, and Arcane Nullifiers the Powermace buff. Mulligan for a Rockbiter Weapon to immediately kill off their turn 1 Northshire Cleric. Save Earth Shock for Sylvannas, and save your Hexes for their (potential) Ragnaros or Dr. Boom, your stolen Legendaries, or a Sylvannas when you've already used, or can't wait for Earth Shock and can't/don't want to 1 for 1 Sylvannas with an otherwise empty board on your side.

Handlock has always been pretty easy for Shaman. Mulligan for Hexes and Earth Shock. Save your Hexes for the first couple Molten Giants or Mountain Giants, and save your Earth Shock for any Twilight Drakes he might drop (Earth Shock insta-kills Twilight Drakes). If you can get a Hex or Earth Shock in the early game, the rest is easy. Play your minions on curve, don't over-extend with minions, but summon a totem every time you have a spare 2 mana (I like to have the rule of no more than 2 minions that will die to Hellfire on the board at once), and watch his life total, anticipating those Molten Giants. Sometimes it's good to hold Al'Akir the Windlord and Rockbiter Weapon for a quick finish so he can't get out any free Molten Giants. In the late game, start dropping your big threats; Neptulon and Dr. Boom. These guys (with a little assistance) can take out another giant EACH if they don't get Siphon Souled. Maybe try to bait out the Siphon Soul with your Fire Elemental after using the it to deal the finishing 3 damage to a minion. The Fire Ele 2-for-1's and you can almost safely drop your big guys. Know the Handlock's deck, and you should be fine most of the time.

Card Replacement Possibilities/Budget Cards:

Whirling Zap-o-matic: Second Lightning Storm or Mana Tide Totem
People really seem to want that second Lightning Storm, but if you're like me and don't think you need much more help with Zoo or Hunter, try 1 Lightning Storm and a Whirling Zap-o-matic instead.

Neptulon: Sneed's Old ShredderHarrison Jones,Ragnaros the Firelord
If you're going to replace Neptulon, I would also take out 1 Whirling Zap-o-matic for a Mana Tide Totem. Neptulon is a source of cards for you to fill your hand back up with, and without that you'll need SOME draw power. Mana Tide Totem will provide that for you.
Budget: Piloted Sky GolemSunwalker

Al'Akir the WindlordDoomhammer
This is really the only replacement for Al'Akir. It is probably the only card in the game that plays a similar role. If you don't think Doomhammer is budget, remember its 1/4 the cost of Al'Akir.

Dr. BoomPiloted Sky Golem
I originally had a Piloted Sky Golem in this deck where Dr. Boom is now. They fill a similar niche as being beefy cards that are annoying to get rid of. Dr. Boom, after play testing him, is an upgrade from Piloted Sky Golem, but you can still play the deck well without him.

undeadtarget's Variation for Lightning Storm Lovers:

This is a variation of this deck that undeadtarget, who has been helping me keep up with comments and tips on this deck, uses. He uses 2 Lightning Storms and 2 Earth Shocks, so for everyone who really want's to see what a deck with those might look like, here it is. This variation might be more viable for players who are uncomfortable with my decision to only run 1 Lightning Storm and 1 Earth Shock, with some other notable differences.


  1. -2 Mechwarper, +1 Antique Healbot +1 Piloted Sky Golem
    In testing Mechwarper just didn't do enough. It has good enough stats and an ability to make it a good card, but all it did for me was lower my mana curve. Adding a Healbot gives you some survivability and always seems to be there when you need it, but two of them is too many for any deck I think. Piloted Sky Golem is a hard hitting threat that usually leaves another beefy body on the board when it dies. If you don't like the Healbot, put in a second Sky Golem. Both of these additions add a little weight to the mana curve and takes away from the ridiculous amount of 2 drops that just get in the way of the late game
  2. -1 Whirling Zap-o-matic, +1 Lightning Storm. Then -1 Lightning Storm, +1 Whirling Zap-o-matic, -1 Piloted Sky Golem, +1 Dr. Boom
    You guys, I tried. I really tried a second Lightning Storm, but I found that I'd rather have that second Whirling Zap-o-matic. I'm sorry. Some of you will look at this in disgust, but I just don't think Lightning Storm is good enough and consistent enough to warrant having two in the deck. It's too RNG based to warrant being 5 mana total, and weakens your control matchup to the point where drawing two will almost lose you the game. The Dr. Boom play testing however was a huge success. I found him to make Control Warrior very hard to lose to, and dropping him vs. Zoo actually helped more than I thought it would. This deck without Dr. Boom STILL WORKS VERY WELL, and I want to stress that. Some people are going to look at this deck, see 3 legendaries and say "fuck that." I don't want that, so I'm saying it here: THIS DECK IS STILL VERY VIABLE WITH PILOTED SKY SHREDDER IN PLACE OF DR. BOOM!
  3. -1 Crackle, +1 Lightning Storm
    As everyone has been saying, the meta is overrun with aggro decks. I was being stubborn and refusing to try the second Lightning Storm. While I still think this deck doesn't need the second Lightning Storm to be successful, it DOES strengthen it in the current meta. If the meta were ever to shift to a control-dominated meta I would put the Crackle back in. My reasoning for removing a Crackle over a Whirling Zap-o-matic might leave some people scratching their heads, but trust me, it's better this way. One of the commenters, Nakadashi, said he removed the Crackle in favor of Lightning Storm. It was something I hadn't considered, but right now I think it strengthens the deck considerably. Also this switch makes Priest much harder, but still not unwinable. Out of 16 games I have a 50% win rate on them so far.