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[MSoG] Standard Mill Rogue

  • Last updated Dec 20, 2016 (Gadgetzan)
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  • 12 Minions
  • 18 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Mill Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 8640
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/23/2014 (GvG Launch)
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  • CotyHS
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My name's Coty, and this is my take on Mill Rogue.

Warning: This deck is pretty hard to play. I suggest you read everything before you disenchant cards just to start creating this deck.



It appears I made a mistake in my last update, and I misread Dirty Rat and thought it had the same deathrattle as Deathlord. I've re-updated the deck and put Doomsayer in instead. Sorry about that everyone, I updated without thinking.


REMOVED: Nat, the Darkfisher, Shadowcaster, Cult Apothecary x2

New Additions: The Curator, Fan of KnivesDoomsayer x2

For our first change, The Curator is a guaranteed Coldlight Oracle draw while also laying a huge taunt on the board that's 4/6 so it cant be Shadow Word: Death'ed by Dragon Priests immediately as well. At first I thought it wasnt a good idea because its 7 mana, but if you think about it, a 4/6 with taunt would probably cost round 5 mana, and the other 2 mana is spent on pulling your win condition from your deck. It's good.

Doomsayer's been a card that I've been wanting to add to this deck for a while, and it's safe to say that he doesn't just belong to freeze mages! It's also great stall card after using vanish, giving you an ensured clear board by the time it's your turn. While it sounds underwhelming, its a lot more crucial to have that advantage than you'd think.

As for the Fan of Knives change, I thought it'd be a good idea for more anti-aggro to be in this deck, so I basically added FoK to make the deck cycle more smoothly.


A lot of people have been asking what to replace with King Mukla or Bloodmage Thalnos, so heres a couple subs you may like.

Violet Illusionist is a fantastic sub that I would maybe even consider using over some of the cards in the main deck. You can use it to attack minions with your hero skill without taking damage, or even make yourself immune to fatigue before you end the game. A good 10-mana dream combo could be Violet Illusionist → Brann BronzebeardColdlight OracleShadowstepColdlight OracleThanks to JamieFTW1505 for the sub!

Mistress of Mixtures can be swapped for Refreshment Vendor as well, if you prefer to get early heals off, and it helps empty your hand as well since its a 1-drop. It also helps fill in that 1 extra mana that often appears. You want to make sure you make the most out of every turn.

Lorewalker Cho is FUN. There's a lot of players that come to a mutual agreement with me and just start having fun with me trading spells. However, be careful with what spells you use, like Eviscerate for example.. Keep in mind at the end of the game the enemy still wants to win, of course. An actual good strategy would be giving your enemy mage, or priest your Deadly Poison, as it's absolutely useless for them unless they somehow get their hands on a weapon. Vanish is also great to trade, and while you may think you're giving them a board clear, its 6 mana, and the only time you'll be putting down minions is when you're trying to mill your opponent.

Nat, the Darkfisher-- just when you thought he was only insta-dust. He actually has some use in a deck like this! Now just by reading his description, you can already tell why this card is a good addition to this deck, but you can also use it as a good early game card too. Keep in mind its a 2/4 for 2 mana. Your enemy might even keep it on the board if they don't know you're Mill Rogue.


Okay, lets be honest Mill Rogue sucks ass against aggressive decks so don't vote me down when you lose to aggro because I take the risk of playing this deck and lose to aggro as well. Keep in mind there's still always a way to win, regardless of what deck your enemy is playing, as the win condition is always the same. Reach fatigue.

The point of this deck is to fill your opponents hand with so many cards so that they overdraw and have their cards destroyed, and kill them using fatigues exponential damage. The maximum amount of cards you can hold is 10. When a card is drawn after there is already 10 cards in your hand, the card is destroyed. When you destroy a card, it's impossible to get it back. Think of it as killing minions before they can even get on the board, or a spell killer.

"My hand is too full!" *Poof*


Coldlight Oracle is the heart of this deck. It is your highest priority to get this in your hand as soon as possible.

When replacing cards, you generally want to keep cards that are good against aggro. The dream hand that usually wins me games is: Backstab, Deadly PoisonSI:7 Agent (and if you're turn 2, Coldlight Oracle).

The reason why this hand is so good is because it does the best job at holding off aggro. Nat, the Darkfisher is also a good early draft.
How to use certain cards:


Gang Up gives you 3 EXTRA CARDS in YOUR deck. The reason why this is awesome is because:

1.Your opponent will hit fatigue WAY faster than you.

2.Your opponent will be down by at least 4-6 card in fatigue or more.

3.Fatigue also does insane damage. Being down 6 cards in fatigue is 21 DAMAGE.

This card actually has an interesting mechanic. If your opponents hand is full and you use Sap, it will destroy the card that was sapped. 2 mana Assassinate? Yes please.
It also resets stats, which is good against priests and paladins.
While some Mill Rogue decks back in the day used to only run 1, I saw Vanish as an extremely good board clear that kills any enemy minion regardless of its health. How? Just like Sap, Vanish will destroy any minion if your opponents hand is too full.
Be sure to save Preparation ⇒ Vanish. It is your ONLY board clear. It's a life saver mid-game.
If your opponent has, say, 8 cards and 5 minions on the board, the latest minions your opponent played will be sent back and the other 3 will be destroyed. Beware, Deathrattles will trigger. (Really good if you kill a card like Sylvanas Windrunner with it though.)

It's a really fun card to use. King Mukla gives your opponent 2 Bananas that cost 1 mana each (forcing your opponent to use 2 mana to get rid of the Bananas). It's also not a bad idea to Shadowstep this card because it'll give your opponent 4 cards that your opponent can only get rid of by using 4 mana, and when your opponent uses the Bananas buff, you can Sap them back so that the stats get reset. Sometimes I use King Mukla to fill in my opponents hand right before I use Coldlight Oracle to immediately blow up their cards. 



Basically most of the game involves being conservative, and then you just mill your opponent all at once, or over time, depends on your playstyle. Be sure to have everything you need so that you can keep up the immediate pressure you put on your opponent.
So lets say your have just your Coldlight Oracle in your hand. I would suggest holding on to it until you have Shadowstep or Gang Up. Don't leave your Coldlight Oracle on the board unless you've used Shadowstep or Gang Up on it. I'm usually only okay with leaving my Coldlight Oracles on the board as long as if I use Gang Up on it at least once.
A risky play would be using Coldlight Oracle ⇒ Shadowstep on turn 3. I only do this so that I can possibly draw Gang Up. You're basically shouting at your opponent that you're Mill Rogue (unless he's never fought it before), but it's worth it if you get what you're looking for.
If your opponent is aggro then keep using Coldlight Oracle to cycle your cards and possibly get to fatigue as fast as possible. Be sure to at least Gang Up one of your Coldlight Oracles at least once. You can also Gang Up on Refreshment Vendor. It's actually hilariously good.
Here's some FAQ:
Don't you need card draw to get your Coldlight Oracles more quickly?
No. That's why there's stall cards in this deck. If you draw more cards than your opponent just so you can fish for your Coldlight Oracles, then you will end up hitting fatigue faster than your opponent. Staying out of fatigue is a crucial part in mill decks. On average, your opponent will be 4 to 6 cards ahead into fatigue than you, and that is HUGE. At the very least, you have Fan of Knives and Bloodmage Thalnos for that little bit of extra cycle you may need.

I know ___________ is pretty good in this deck, but can I still sub it?

Weren't you reading?! There's subs from other players above in the section that says "Popular Substitutions"
Some standard combos are:

Turn 4: Coldlight Oracle ⇒ Shadowstep ⇒ Coldlight Oracle

This is your average Mill Rogue combo that will usually make your opponent lose their first few cards with. ONLY use this when your opponent has 6 or more cards, otherwise theres no point.

Turn 5: Coldlight Oracle ⇒ Shadowstep ⇒ Coldlight Oracle ⇒ Shadowstep ⇒ Coldlight Oracle

This only happens in the instance that you have double Shadowstep. You and your opponent will draw 6 cards.

Vanish Combos:
Vanish combo's are for clearing board, so here's some combos that'll usually come up.

Turn 6: Coldlight Oracle ⇒ Preparation ⇒Vanish

This clears board when your opponents hand has 8 cards. You also get your Coldlight Oracle back, because Vanish returns ALL minions.

Turn 7: Coldlight Oracle ⇒ Shadowstep ⇒ Coldlight Oracle ⇒ Preparation ⇒ Vanish

This clears board when your opponents hand has 6 cards.
Extra tips: 

A lot of the combo's above can also be performed with King Mukla.

Save at least one Preparation + Vanish combo in your hand so that you can make additional plays when you use Vanish.

There's a lot more I can say, but I think you can be creative and find out the combo's for yourself like I did. I've only told you the most important combo's I know. 


Woops! Sorry, I haven't played in a while so I'm just going to erase the old Match-up entries so that no one thinks I have no idea what I'm talking about (even though I actually might not).

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And lastly, if you enjoy using my deck, please upvote to support it! If you didn't, please tell me why and maybe post some tweaks in the comments!