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Renolock? In 2024?!

  • Last updated Jun 9, 2024 (Showdown and Molten Giant Nerfs)
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  • 26 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Renolock
  • Crafting Cost: 36240
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/9/2024 (Showdown and Molten Giant Nerfs)
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Renolock! Old gold. I've left this deck untouched for far too long due to the lack of direct printed support for the class while every other class other than Rogue and Death Knight has received in-class highlander support. The last Warlock-specific highlander cards came out in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, and the only warlock specific highlander card remains, unfortunately, pretty much unplayable. Renolock was the definitive original highlander deck of Hearthstone, even before original Razakus priest, but without printed support, it seems to have fallen from its former glory over the years.

Or has it?

This deck was inspired by Christian Hearthstone's list, but I made a good few changes that I find make the deck nicely consistent. I have been having a TON of success with this deck, both against control and aggro matchups. The toughest sell is, of course, combo decks, with Toggwaggle druids being the bane of this deck's existence, but it has enough disruption give itself a fighting chance. The meme-y Supreme Archeology Components and the post-nerf Tome Tampering combo frankly bring the power level down, but they are FUN. The deck survives the early game really well, and I was able to out-control a reno warrior who got their Deepminer Brann down on turn 8, so the late-game value is no joke. One big thing to keep in mind is is managing when you play your Reno, Lone Ranger so you don't override your Supreme Archeology hero power too early. I wish Warlock could have more direct Highlander synergy printed (I think Warlock being the representative class of Rafaam while other classes represent the League of Explorers and such has really hurt it, as Rafaam isn't Highlander themed), but don't make the same mistake I did, assuming that Renolock is dead and buried. It is alive and thriving!

This list is horrendously expensive, and I don't recommend playing without a sturdy collection or a LOT of dust to spare. But if you've got it... I haven't had this much consistent fun with a consistent deck in awhile. Give it a spin!

Sideboard being weird, Perfect and Virus modules for Zilliax and Curse of Agony, Plot Twist, and Steamcleaner in ETC. 

Cards I think could be cut for alternatives or tech:

1. Demonic Studies helps you get Sargeras out earlier which can make a huge difference in some matchups, or it can help you find an earlier minion if you're fighting for board. That being said, I'm sure there are better cards.

2. Loatheb: Meta-dependent. Can absolutely shut down combo decks and Miracle rogue, but if you're not facing many of those its a five mana five five, do nothing. 

3. Kazakus: Not nearly as good as it used to be. I have a soft spot for custom cards and the polymorphs can do you a lot of good, but with access to tools like Reno, Lone Ranger and Sargeras to get rid of enemy threats without adding them to their graveyard, this card loses some of its unique power it had before.

4. Witch of the Arch Thief: I'm soft for a lower-cost warlock spreading plague on a stick, but not sold on it yet. I've been facing lots of other control decks, but I think this would be invaluable in an aggro matchup.

5. Pop-gar the Putrid: Best boi and very flexible, good to drop late or early, but there aren't any other fel spells in the deck so he might be a little unsupported. Then again, he's pretty good on his own...

Other cards I wanted to include, but don't have included right now:

1. Gigafin: just don't have him. Combine with Seadevil Stinger, probably two copies with one in ETC. Almost certainly another good control tool, preventing enemy minions from entering the rez pool.

2. Domino Effect: Still haven't played it, I don't know what the consensus on its power level is, but if its good and you're looking to add more removal, go for it.

3. Dark Alley Pact: Powerful, but on curve your hand isn't *usually* big enough to make this worth it, so I cut it.

4. Envoy Rustwix: I love him so, but he's just too slow. Sometimes I add him back in for fun though :)

5. Opera Soloist: Good removal, but you often have a fairly sticky board so I found she wasn't usually going off. 

6. Ignis and Forge Package (Probably Watcher of the sun and another): Could be fun, late game you've often got plenty of health to spare, so a big Ignis weapon could be very fun, and Warlock got a new Forge card more recently than most other classes.

7. Dragonqueen Alextrasza: I find she's often too slow, big minions in this deck need more immediate impact, but she's very close to being included. For fun and for value.

8. Sylvanas, the Accursed: Probably great, but don't have her. Note that you're often shuffling stuff into your deck so you might interrupt your infuse.