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(GUIDE) Dragon Legend in 2 Days

  • Last updated Feb 23, 2024 (Pre-Rotation Buffs Patch)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Dragon Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 9600
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 2/21/2024 (Anniversary Patch)
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Just hit Legend in just 2 days with my Dragon Druid! 🐉✨

It was incredibly easy with this deck.

Pure dominance and control throughout the game.

If this gets enough likes, I'll create a detailed guide.


EDIT: Since this is getting likes, I'll make a guide here for you on how to best use the deck!

First of all: You need to figure out (or at least guess) whether your opponent is Aggro or Control before the mulligan (this deck essentially revolves around your mulligan for your chances of victory).

Second: This is a Tempo Dragon deck, okay? (play key cards at the right time or accelerating their timing).

So let's go to the mulligan!

Like any deck, your mulligan will depend on your opponent, but in general, your best hand would be 1x Splish-Splash Whelp, 1x Desert Nestmatron, 1x Spinetail Drake, 1x Dragon Golem (with the coin). Your turn 4 will be very strong, and if you can get the Time-Lost Protodrake before that turn and your opponent doesn't have a minion on the board, it's the best alternative to combo it instead of Spinetail Drake with Desert Nestmatron.

There are some cards you might want to hold onto as well since the mulligan is really important in this deck. Here goes:

Option 1:

Hold this hand to buff your Dragon Golem and the other dragons early on.

Important tip: Aquatic Form is a very strong card to get Sunken Gardens in this mulligan (as well as the rest of the match).

Option 2: 

You should hold Take to the Skies if you're facing control decks like Blood Knight, Priests, and Warriors (otherwise, hold Amber Whelp instead of Take to the Skies against aggro decks for your turn 3).

Option 3:

This is one of my favorites! Summer Flowerchild is a card you'll always want to play on turn 5. You'll also always want to draw at least 1 Dragon Golem and play it on turn 6 (especially if your opponent is aggro).

Important tip 2: Hold your coin. It's extremely important and makes all the difference for your victory. You can play Dragon Golem with Innervate + Coin on turn 5 if you played Take to the Skies. Most decks won't have an answer to your wall of golems with this combo.

What you need to avoid in the mulligan:

Now let's talk about other cards (in the game):

  • Astalor Bloodsworn - This card is fantastic in this deck. It deals 2 damage, gives you armor, and besides that, 14 spread damage. How to play with it: There are two ways, you can play it on time (turn 2 and 5, if it comes early) just to cycle and quickly get the 8-cost card OR play for the effects. When to know whether to play for time or for effects? It depends on your hand and your opponent. It is a key card against control decks because any 1 damage can make a difference in your victory. Aim to cycle it against controls to maintain pressure and quickly get the 8-cost card. Against aggro, you will prefer other cards and keep them to play for their effects.
  • Cactus Construct - This card is really cool! You might want to discover deathrattle minions on turn 1 that make you draw a card and play it on turn 2 (drawing two cards and having bodies on the table) and also might want to find cards that return minions to your hand (useful to combo with Dragon Golem, PS: any Dragon Golem that returns to your hand you can fill the board again). Some of them are: Bloodmage Thalnos, Celestial Projectionist, Gold Panner, Loot Hoarder, Saloon Brewmaster, Youthful Brewmaster, and especially Whelp Wrangler. The Whelps are dragons that you will hold to play yours Dragon Golem and fill your board. Against aggro, Watcher of the Sun is an excellent card to have. Sometimes you also get an Astalor Bloodsworn with it, which is excellent. You will have 2 of them in that match.
  • Fye, the Setting Sun - You might want to keep her in your mulligan against aggro decks, but I really do not recommend it. This card is extremely strong if you play it costing at least 5. It has a lot of life and already enters hitting. I really love her, it makes aggro give up. Tip: Do not hesitate to play it. If you think it's time to play it, then it is. (Do not wait for it to cost 0 mana).
  • Alexstrasza the Life-Binder - You will always want to hit 8 damage to the enemy (if you have to use it to heal yourself, it's because you are 90% likely to lose). If you suspect that your enemy has a spell that will give lethal, use it to heal yourself, otherwise use it offensively (Extremely useful against controls). Tip: Do not feel reluctant to play it on turn 8 or 9 even with your enemy full of armor or life (after all, you will have an 8/8 on the board for him to deal with).
  • Ysera the Dreamer - This card has generated many wins against control. Always the choice if it comes with Amalgam of the Deep if you are facing controls. Its spell Nightmare +4/+4 is very strong with any 1/1 minion on your board (especially in conjunction with Fye, the Setting Sun to give you healing). But really the best is to clear the board with the spell Ysera Awakens. It's very satisfying to see that bunch of demons or paladins dying by 3-cost card. The dragons serve more to give you more golems.

Strategy against warriors and priests:

Tip 1: Deal as much damage as possible as soon as possible.

Tip 2: Value your low-cost dragons. You need to avoid taking a Brawl or Badlands Brawler and being without a dragon in hand. Make your enemy spend the area removals on these smaller minions and then fill your board with golems. Repeat that. Repeat that again. Cards like Bladestorm remove all your golems only with 2 mana (play a minion with lower life along with your golems to make it difficult for your enemy).

Tip 3: Do not give up. When it seems like you might lose, you find a dragon that changes everything. (I've won matches on turns 14/15/16).

I believe that with this guide, you can achieve legend quickly and easily like I did. Understand your opponent, play calmly and wisely!

Any other questions, ask me in the comments!