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Ekari's Queen Pip Priest Meta breaker

  • Last updated Nov 22, 2023 (Showdown in the Badlands)
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  • 9 Minions
  • 18 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Pip Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 12660
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 11/19/2023 (Showdown in the Badlands)
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Mulligan : 1x crimson clergy , creation protocol , location ,funnel cake
-- Win condition --
Against aggro - tempo with 0 mana thirsty guy , clear board with reno 
Against anything else - Pip + Love everlasting to copy 3(1) Mana Azshara spell , Play 2 collosal per turn pressure them until they run out of resource 

15-1 in legend against otk hunter twice. this deck is hard counter to it because 2 fanclub location seperating minions 

-- Main gameplay --

2xcrimson clergy + draw with funnelcake/ locations/ love everlasting + holy nova.... refresh mana crystal with Priestess valishj play multiple copies of thirsty guy.... play reno to clear board... play Azshara for 1 mana shuffle 5 spells or 3 mana get collosal... copy those with pip + love everlasting or copy the good collosal

1. Get atleast 2 crimson clergy + cake > draw almost the whole deck , discount the thirsty water guy and play early for pressure / copy it with another creation protocol or synchronize vs Aggro
2. Play love everlasting
2.1. Play Reno for free board after you drew almost all the card
3. Play Queen azshara get either 1 mana shuffle 5 spells or 3 mana get collosal
4. Copy the 3 Mana Collosal spell with pip + Love everlasting > Play the spell untill you get good collosal then just copy the 1 Mana collosal , 
5. Fizzle + synchronize for infinite deck 

Ideal fizzle ** 1 Pip, 1 synchronize, 1 collosal spells with love everlasting/1cost collosal, flash heal/silence
Ideal collosal** if you can get these just copy with pip after. Mage collosal > Neptulon > Shaman > DH . copy 3 mana spell with love everlasting + pip untill you can get those  

It's pretty strong but very hard to play. you can use fizzle to copy heal, reno, shard against druid // copy shuffle for infinite control stuff // collosal for infinite pressure

Free win against all aggro 
DK- Abit of advantage over them as they run out of resource to clear your board with thirsty guy + collosal, but probably the hardest matchup because you draw alot. 
Druid - Fizzle copy reno + collosal + silences
DH - Spam play the thirsty guy copy with anything you have , Pip for heal + thirst guy / collosal for pressure
Hunter - same thing as DH
Paladin - if aggro same as DH but control the board with reno, collosal  //if reno paladin copy shuffle 5 spells + reno = easy win
Mage - do anything for pressure and just copy collosal , copy thirsty guy, copy collosal with pip and just play 2 synchronize on pip. if they are running low 
Priest -  pressure them draw your whole deck but keep fizzle + synchronize for infinite pip
Warrior- same as Priest // if aggro same as DH
Warlock- same as Mage, keep reno to get rid of the Sargeras portal

Paladin(aggro): (he bm'd me XD)
Mage : 
DK plague (turn 4 helya): 

Edit: +1 shard of naruu , -1 idol's adoration 
Vs new OTK hunter : 


Note: if you want to go with the 1 mana shuffle 5 path you need to Pip location/flash heal + crimson clergy for draw. because it will mess up your fizzle. colossal is way easier to play with right now 

Note2: Against hunter get weapon from Queen then pip silence + heal or light it burns
They won't be able to OTK you. and you just win by using the weapon to kill them. seperate minions with locations

Edit: + finley , - idol's adoration