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Casino40 1.5

  • Last updated Oct 11, 2023 (Fall of Ulduar)
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  • 23 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Control Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 25000
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/25/2023 (Fall of Ulduar)
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 The Mage Deck You've Been Waiting For!

With the added new cards from the mini-set, this fourth iteration of the deck is finally ready to be revealed!

Enjoy your games as you discover your way out of sticky situations and find yourself coming up mind-bending, previously impossible and unseen strategies to win every match up.


Yes, with control tools such as sustain (Arcane Artificer, Watcher of the Sun, Ignis selected weapons + all the generated sustain) and removal (Star Power, Inquisitive Creation + all the generated removal) you will do well against any aggro deck and will outlast even the most dedicated of warriors.

You have a ton of consistent board presence and damage. You'll find it easy to stack up damage and alter your gameplan and win-condition after just a few games. This really is the most fun deck out there right now, and it's the only deck I play.

Yogg and Zola combo made this deck that much more competitive. Double Reverberations made it even more disgusting.



There are, in total, FOUR win conditions for this deck, if we don't count the win conditions you can generate (I once won with plagues and Helya, a few times by using Reeverb on Thaddius...)

The first is playing a bunch of high value spells that didn't start in your deck and replaying them with Grand Magister.

The second is getting off a, at the very least, 4 spell Sunwell and then following it up with Energy Shaper for potentially game-winning mana cheat spells.

The third is generating cheap damage spells and then finishing your opponent with something they could never have expected - a random cheap damage spell and Sif!

The fourth is generating a ton of removal and board clear cards, getting board advantage through Arcane Keyboard (which will spawn minions as you destroy theirs) and Nightcloak Sanctum. If you don't win by just out-valuing them at this point, get a windfury weapon from Ignis and just finish off the game.


Added Sir Finley, this is so you can get out of bad hands and dig for answers. Also, allows you to dig for Rommath on turn 10. Additionally, it allows you to dig your Rommath in your deck if you fear it might get removed from your hand. Possible addition of Taelan is possible to counteract Rommath ending up on the bottom of your deck. 

I'll write other possible variations with time. But yeah, the cards I substituted above are the ones that are not so necessary for the success of this deck.


Mulligan for low cost, no-combo piece cards you can play early on such as Vast Wisdom or Arcane Keyboard. All the cheap discover cards like Prismatic Elemental and Hipster are great too. Nightcloak Sanctum you ALWAYS keep, Arcane Artificer only against aggro or token druid. 

Arcane Keyboard should always be followed by Cold Case if you can curve it out naturally.

You will get rewarded for playing tanky and greedy when it comes to HP and armor with this deck!

When discovering spells, always keep in mind that your end goal is to get sick bonuses from replaying them with Magister. Thus, secrets are almost always a good pick because if you're lucky, your Magister can start to look like Mysterious Challenger.

Of course, always compare the cost of picking (and then having to spend mana on) a spell that will be truly useful LATER, as opposed to picking the spell that will give you a tempo swing in your direction now, but be useless later (e.g. targeted removal that gets randomized). This will only come to you with experience.

This deck, though seemingly random, is very consistent and rewards you for playing it skillfully. It takes a lot of forethought to do well with this deck, but your resources are practically unmatched.


Most importantly, never give up, this deck can comeback from the worst situations.