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Definitive Control Warrior

  • Last updated Sep 30, 2023 (Fall of Ulduar)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Armor Warrior
  • Crafting Cost: 7040
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/22/2023 (Fall of Ulduar)
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In the days of the classic C'Thun Warrior when Brann Bronzebeard into Ancient Shieldbearer could swing an entire match in your favor with 1 HP remaining. Even if your boss monster was countered, you could still manage to stall the game out long enough to win with fatigue damage. Running a card as slow as Justicar Trueheart was justifiable. Back then, these decks could only be described with 1 word; dominant. That is of course before they were intentionally power-crept out of existence once Jade Druid and Pirate Warrior came to town. Since then, the Warrior class has received many options to simulate that power over the years, but despite Blizzard's attempts to replicate that level of relevance in the most fair and balanced way possible, control/armor based Warrior decks have remained much too slow and always left you with no reliable way to actually WIN the game. Cards like Drywhisker ArmorerIron Hide, Dr. Boom's SchemeRancor, and Heavy Plate that just symbolize the mediocrity of Control Warrior. The fact of the matter is; stacking armor can no longer win you the game (unless you're playing Druid). Until now.

This list functions like a truly authentic Control Warrior thanks to the latest additions of Igneous Lavagorger and Tidal Revenant from the Sunken City Mini-Set, Weapons Expert from the Castle Nathria Mini-Set, Astalor Bloodsworn from the March of the Lich King expansion, Razorfen Rockstar from the Festival of Legends expansion, Odyn, Prime Designate and Craftsman's Hammer from the Titans expansion, and most recently Sanitize from the Titans Mini-Set.

Sanitize was the card this deck needed desperately because we now have access to AoE removal based on armor WITHOUT REMOVING IT *cough* *cough* Reckless Flurry *cough* to go along with the single-target removal based on armor provided by Shield Slam and Onyxian Drake which also works well with Igneous Lavagorger because you can never go wrong with a beefy 4 mana taunt minion. (Shoutout to Sen'jin Shieldmasta).

Obviously Odyn, Prime Designate is the ace-in-the-hole that gives us the ability to win games that we needed. Astalor BloodswornBash, and Tidal Revenant are also there to provide even more pressure with damage while simultaneously stacking armor. Captain Galvangar for game or even Brann Bronzebeard into Captain Galvangar for 9 mana is another excellent win condition to have available to you.

Craftsman's Hammer allows us to include a nice little weapon support package as well with Corsair CacheUpgrade!, and Weapons Expert. Having a good weapon to rely on (another thing Control Warrior has been lacking) is huge considering the number of counters for minions and spells running around as opposed to weapons. Obviously there are weapon and armor counters, Harrison Jones exists and Platebreaker will break your plates and your heart, but not many players are willing to run those specific counters over the more widely applicable ones like Blademaster Okani.

Furthermore, Shieldmaiden is an often underutilized generic support card that you can confidently play as fodder into the ever-present Mage secrets Objection! and Explosive Runes. If it doesn't get countered, you get yourself +5 armor and an expendable 5/5 body.

Overall a solid, fun deck with an identity and a purpose.