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(V2.0) Fatigue Imp - Encroaching Nerf

  • Last updated Oct 2, 2023 (Fall of Ulduar)
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  • 13 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Fatigue Warlock
  • Crafting Cost: 7680
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/20/2023 (Fall of Ulduar)
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Current Variant Win-rate: 15-2


Overall, this is an aggro/tempo deck. We take face damage where available and try to keep imps up always!

Early Game

Imp (and a little bit of demon) it up! Flood the board fast and try and profit from Impending Catastrophe or Nofin's Imp-ossible. We want to make our board as sticky as possible.

Mid Game

Keep up the tempo, present scary threats with Vile Library or Symphony of Sins. Focus on building your fatigue count and staying alive, early damage doesn't matter. Encroaching Insanity may seem like a do nothing, but will give stronger fatigue lovers (and a 7 face damage to them the second time around!)

Late Game

Imp King Rafaam and Crazed Conducter allow for board refills with a single card, eventually your opponent will run out and give up. If not CrescendoEncroaching Insanity #2 or leftover Symphony of Sins will finish it off.

Mulligan Guide


Don't Keep

  • Felstring Harp is pointless early on, it is better saving you with large fatigue, not 3 damage from a flame-imp
  • Imp King Rafaam needs infuse, however our board is constantly full of expendable runts, he will infuse in 2-3 turns easily
  • Both Vile Library and Impending Catastrophe in the opening hand, pick based on opponent and other imps


  • Don't waste a Crescendo! It's more valuable to us as face damage or destroying a late-game board than killing things early days. If against aggro then maybe use it.

  • Void Virtuoso is a demon (gasp! shock right?!), don't feel bad about using him with Nofin's Imp-possible early days. We've got another one and Felstring Harp for later use.

  • Don't be scared to take damage early, a fatigue here or Flame Imp there, you'll heal 6 from Felstring Harp passively anyway
  • BOO! Scare your opponent with burst as often as possible. Goad them into thinking your board is weak before buffing with our arsenal.

  • Pray for RNG with School Teacher. Pulling another copy of Crescendo or any imp-ness is so good here!!

  • Don't give up, you may have lost your imps for the 9th time, but you'll always get more!

In Memoriam - Lady Darkvein

The old combo piece of the deck before Symphony of Sins took her winrate away... Below is the old combo and swaps to make if you wanna try and meme a win but it is nowhere near as good currently. One day, she will rise again to deal near lethal with minimal setup.



  1. Ensure last shadow spell is Encroaching Insanity (can be previous turn)
  2. Play Void Virtuoso + Lady Darkvein + Defile for 26
  3. Remaining mana on Crescendo


Massive thanks to AntDecks for helping with the updates! Hopefully this deck will be reborn again to the win-rate