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legend: 64%wr / 47 games so far - Undead Curse...

  • Last updated May 30, 2023 (Festival Buff Patch)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Curse Warlock
  • Crafting Cost: 13440
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/26/2023 (Festival Buff Patch)
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  • Taus
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So I was experimenting long time with Curse Lock in current meta and finally I think a made good one. Have Fun trying.

Testing now in legend: -2 Drain Soul, +2 Opera Soloist

Very importan: CAUTION ! Don't play Lady Darkvein early to push dmg unless you really need aoe clear becouse her ghost can be ressurected by Infantry Reanimator and wiff on ressing Rotten Applebaum or Dar'Khan Drathir can cost u the game, healing a lot of dmg.






vs DK blood : wanna draw early, put minions on board to stall, play 2-3 abyss cards, ressurect Darkhan or Applebaum to maintain full hp, snapshot Lady Darkhan and 1 more abyss card, after abyss counter is 4dmg+ play 2 curse card a turn, use lady darkhan(abyssal wave) + shallow grave to give them 3 curses

vs Frost DK you wanna draw/mulligan applebaum, play any 3 mana minions, clear board with defile, play Applebaum asap, if u ressurect applebaum / darkhan you won, they cannot keep up with 19hp(reses applebaum) swings

vs green DK most importan card is basically defile, you clear board with it easy, abyss wave or Gigafin ends the match for you

vs pala - defile kills all the 1hp / divine minions, tether their big minions, gigafin wins u the match

vs undead priest early minions are important, defile clears their reborns, but like frost dk Applebaum is most important cuz its 12 hp swing with animator they cannot go thru it

vs ctrl priest u need to play well and try to ressurect darkhan, try to snapshot lady darkhan, same like blood dk try to play 3-4 curses cards, when 8+ turns play 2 curses every turn depends how many card space he has, syphony can help u deal some extra dmg, darkhan + res him + curses from snapshot should win u the game, unless u dont get dirty ratted or steamcleaner ur syphony or snapshot xdd

vs dh relic = auto win, u clear their big minions with lady darkhan(abyssal wave) + defile/shallow grave, curses + darkhan just kills him

big dh is tricky, but try to res applebaum to not to die vs 8/8 inquisitor, try to pressure him asap with early minions and curses as much as possible

vs warlock imps just clear with abbysal wave and defile ez, vs thaddius try to pressure him with curses and minions as much as possible

vs warrior abyssal wave discounted from shadowborn or gigafin ends it, tether their big minion for example remornia or Anima

vs mage dont let them have a lot of deathborne minions, curses + darkhan gonna kill him, curses go thru alibi

vs hunter defile + abyssal wave, dont let them spread the minions on board

I don't know what else to write :) Most of the matches play 2-3 abbysal cards early, later play 2 abbysal cards every turn, they needs to play it or gets 11 dmg and you follow up with another one, lady darkhan(abbysal wave) + defile/shallow wave usually ends the game.

If u feel like Tether and Drain soul underperforming - swap them for anything you feel like would help: astalor, more draw