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Best Aggro Priest (85% WR Dia5-Legend)

  • Last updated Mar 19, 2023 (March of the Lich King)
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  • 14 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Shadow Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 10200
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 3/17/2023 (March of the Lich King)
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Hey everyone,
this is the best Deck at the moment to climb fast to legend. The Aggro Shadow-Priest is nothing special at the moment, but this is the best Version of it.. I went 17-3 (85% WR) from Dia5 to Legend. I wanted to let you know, that this is not my deck idea, but i haven‘t found it on hearthpwn with further guide Information. So I‘ll post some tips and how to play this deck :-)

Replacing 2x Brittleskin Zombie with 2x Mind Eater is the reason why this Deck is better than the more popular version. There are two big advantages: 

  1.  You are able to play better on curve for more pressure.
  2.  There are many shadowpriests on the ladder at the moment. If you copy their cards, you are more likely to win. I'm on 100% winrate against other shadow priests

Always keep minions with Undying AlliesShadowed SpiritHaunting NightmareIncorporeal CorporalMind Eater are great to keep. Against DK, i don't keep Voidtouched Attendant, because i need her later. Against Pala, keep Najak Hexxen and/or Whispers of the Deep.  Their Taunt and Big Minions will appear ;)

MOST IMPORTANT KEEP:Shadowcloth Needle

NEVER KEEP: Cathedral of AtonementAstalor Bloodsworn 

How to win:

  • Mirror: The Deck with better draw wins the game most of the time. Make sure, to push face and dont trade minions that often. Dont be afraid to drop Voidtouched Attendant on turn 1. The 1 or 2 hits, she makes, can decide the game. If you have Incorporeal Corporal  in Hand, play it and hit face next turn. You dont have to wait for anything. 
    • Tipp: Najak Hexxen + Whispers of the Deep is your strongest and most import synergy. If you steal a Shadowed Spirit buffed with Undying Allies, you can expect an immediate surrender. This works agianst many other matchups aswell. Steal an big minion against a deathrattle lock and they leave the game.
  • Second Win Condition: Especially against Blood DKs it can be very difficult to win. They have a lot of healing and removal. If they draw the right cards, you can't out tempo them. Therefore always keep atleast one Voidtouched Attendan. You can keep both aswell. The plan is to burst im down with Astalor Bloodsworn and one or two Voidtouched Attendant in one turn. Make sure to remove the minions on board the turns before to make astralors 14 dmg hit face (28 with one Voidtouched Attendantoder 42 dmg with two of them).

If I get some Upvotes, I'll add a few more matchups to the list. Sorry for my english and enjoy the game :)