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Turn 1 Front Lines OTK

  • Last updated Nov 16, 2022 (March of the Lich King Pre-Patch)
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  • 11 Minions
  • 19 Spells
  • Deck Type: Tavern Brawl
  • Deck Archetype: OTK Paladin
  • Brawl: Blood Magic
  • Crafting Cost: 8760
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 11/16/2022 (March of the Lich King Pre-Patch)
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CHARGE FORWARD and never give your opponent a chance to play the game! You want to draw through your deck until you can hit Frontlines (Order in the Court acts as 2 more copies) which will summon 7 Charge minions doing 30+ damage!

You want to go FAST since it might take many draw cards before you reach Frontlines and you still have more APM to do after playing it because you need to attack face with the minions.


If opponent runs Taunt minions (??) or Renathal you might need to highroll charge minions, but opponent at a flat 30 with no taunts, the lowest combination of charge minions still wins. Even if they do have 40hp and you are a little short, they can't play any spells without taking lethal anyway.

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