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PizzaPokerGuy's 3 Star Masters 0 Epic, 0 Legend...

  • Last updated Oct 24, 2013 (Beta Patch 3937)
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  • 12 Minions
  • 18 Spells
  • Deck Type: None
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 1000
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 10/22/2013 (Beta Patch 3937)
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Some of my followers of Twitch.tv/pizzapokerguy87   asked for my deck I’m currently using.  I hit threestar masters with this deck. Also, with the influx of beta keys going out and the eventual release of the game the fact that this deck has 0 epics and 0 legendaries makes it easily obtainable for new players.

In my opinion this has a strong early, mid and late game for the priests and just for the record I was playing priest before it was cool.

Deck includes 14 basic, 10 commons, and 6 rares.

1 x (Silence) essentially serves 2 purposes. One, to ignore taunts with your super attack/health combo. Secondly it has the ability to neutralize all threats from buffs to deal with your few minions.

2 x (Inner Fire) A must have for your minions. This will be the bread and butter of this build. You must have two of these no real way around it. Essentially the goal is to survive till you get one of these in your hand then end the game in two turns.

2 x (Power Word: Shield) Two reasons to have this. The card-draw, as well as works great with divine spirit to start dealing massive amounts of damage. Helps to keep Northshire Cleric around as well to keep your card draw up.

2 x (Northshire Cleric) Card-draw and great early game stats make this card perfect for priests. If you happen to get this on turn one it can turn into a rough and ugly game for your opponent.

1 x (Shieldbearer) This card is here just for its high HP value. If you get this card early on it can become a real problem. Very few classes can deal with a 4 HP to a card that can be healed. Its high early HP makes it a great card to protect you early on as well as stack with your HP stacking attack combo.

2 x (Divine Spirit) Doubling your high HP characters are essential for this build. It allows you to do your combo and deal “tons of damage”.

2 x (Shadow Word: Pain) gives you the early game control you need. Also, as far as taunt minions go very few have higher than 3 attack for the early/mid game so allows easy clear to deal with and allow your wombo combo to go through to the hero.

2 x (Lightwell) This card might as well say unofficial taunt. At the very least it will draw out a silence. It’s high HP and ability to heal for 3 makes it near impossible to destroy early game. Even if it is destroyed typically requires several cards. High HP is great for the wombo combo as well.

2 x (Shadow Word: Death) Essential to maintain your board control. This basically will get them to waste spells buffing a creature and usually an entire turn dropping a 5-10 mana card to deal with you while you only have to use 3 to clear it. This in my opinion needs to be evaluated carefully about when to use and when not to use as you have several other options for board clear with silence into shadow word pain or mind control.

2 x (Thoughtsteal) This is a great card to have. Two cards for one are just wonderful. It is math after all. Also, added bonus of getting insight of opponent’s deck is nice. With this deck you will be low on minions and usually this helps get you a few more.

1 x (Mass Dispel) Draw one card is nice and late game silence for those moments where you need multiple silences. Not a must have, but sometimes may save the day with a nice holy nova to clear a bunch of low cost buffed minions.

2 x (Lightspawn) Added 1 HP in patch made this card a lot more desirable IMO. It stacks okay with your spells, but when u buff it unlike your other minions when it takes damage it will lose attack. Downside though certain classes hard counter Lightspawn as well as just a silence, but doesn’t require inner fire to get its damage out.

2 x (Holy Nova) Board clear and heal. Just a must have for those boards that get out on control with a lot of low level monsters as well as to heal yours back up.

1x (Venture Co. Mercenary) a very strong minion. The ability for this not to be silenced and lose its strength is great. Makes them have to at very least use one or two cards to deal with it. If it survives your in a great spot.

2x(Argent Commander): one of the best cards in the game. Charge and divine shield is too good of a combination to pass up. Just think of it as a spell card and you’ll understand how OP it is. Spell: deal 4 damage and leaves behind a 4/3. I think I made my point.

1x (Frost Elemental) Often the only thing you need to do is for one turn freeze their one big minion to get yours out and this card allows for it. Idk how many times it has saved me. Again, its nice to have a card which silence won’t effect as well.

1x(Sun Walker): Divine shield taunt. I mean that’s the only reason. Lately I haven’t been liking this card all too much and am going to look back and see what I could replace it with. Its HP works nice for a great late game wombo combo as well.

2 x (Mind Control) The late game has arrived and we have most likely won once this card comes into play. In an even game with equal cards and equal health and no minions on board pretty good chance you have won at this point because of this card. Great for those pesky legendary cards which we have none of in this deck by just stealing them away haha.

**Side Note**

As any good player will tell you as the game changes and the META shifts so should your deck. I am constantly making slight alterations to all of my decks, but for new Hearthstone players I believe they should without a doubt try this deck out due to its low starting cost.

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