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(40) All you need is Quest (+guide)

  • Last updated Jul 4, 2022 (Castle Nathria Pre-Patch)
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  • 10 Minions
  • 29 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Quest Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 12280
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/30/2022 (Castle Nathria Pre-Patch)
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Thanks for your 13 votes, guys! Ukraine loves you! And guide is here.

Overall picture

This deck shows very good winrates on three accounts until Diamond 3-5. It is good in aggro match-ups because of tons of aoe-effects and freezes. It is good against control match-ups because of strong late-game potential thanks to the Command the Elements quest. Its only weakness atm i see is Quest Priest.

In the guide i talk about:

  • mulligan strategy
  • tips for key cards
  • possible improvements to the deck build

Mulligan strategy

So lets see what cards to keep in mulligan phase.

Azsharan Scroll - Almost never a keep. Some exclusion is possible if you are against control deck and have Scalding Geyser too. Just to combo those cards for immediate value. Still not worth in my oppinion. You want to see Azsharan Scroll in midgame or when desperate.

Command the Elements - I found only one case when you throw away your Quest. Against Demon Hunter. They are all aggro in this meta, so can't be too careful.

Investment Opportunity and Windchill - Never a keep against midrange and control decks, because it's just a draw, so same as throwing a card away. Also Windchill often ends up freezing your own totem just to have something. But can be very good keep against aggro.

Lightning Bolt - It's strange, but for me it is almost never a keep. I always want some aoe instead of single-target damage.

Scalding Geyser - Good keep against aggro. Still, a littlebit meh keep, overall. Well, something like 50x50 to be fair.

Perpetual Flame - Almost always a keep. Since almost every class has early-game stuff, PF is insane for many reasons, as well as progressing your Quest.

Sleetbreaker - Your most strong turn 2. Always a keep.

Charged Call - Your late game, so no. It is very rare case, when you throw away this card just ot have something on the board.

Feral Spirit - Your most strong turn 3. Good keep against everything.

Lightning Storm - Must keep against any aggro opponent. Good keep against any deck which like to flood the board. Overall, it's not a mistake to keep it against any foe.

Radiance of Azshara - This card became debatable overall, but i will tell about it below. As for mulliganing, it turned out to be never a keep.

Canal Slogger - Always very sensitive choice, i even don't know how to describe it... But i know for sure it's good keep against almost any deck IF you have coin. Against aggro, well, often you want just aoe and aoe. Still rushing and healing are good tools against aggro, so... Yeah, hard choice here with Slogger.

Hex - Never a keep against anything.

Wildpaw Cavern - Must keep if you are on coin. Good keep in every other case. It is your strongest turn 4, because card is broken overall. Four mana gives you 9/12 in stats with freezing and stuff.

Command of Neptulon - Strongest turn 5, so almost always good keep, especially on coin. Against aggro, well, it depends what other cards you have in mulligan. If you have enough aoe, it is awesome keep against aggro.

Don't Stand in the Fire! - Must keep almost always, as turned out. Even against control. You just guaranteed clear their any board with only 1 overload.

Glaciate - Strictly late game, so throw away.

Krag'wa, the Frog - This card became too debatable, so... Well, almost always throw away, because it is combo card.

Bru'kan of the Elements - Good keep if you really sure match will start at midgame and will be long. In other cases, no keep.

Prince Renathal - Thank you, but no.

Multicaster - No keep, because it is combo card.

Queen Azshara - Nice keep against control, and very bad against aggro.

Tips for key cards

Deck overall is very sensitive to your choices. But there are some things, as far as i can think, are very 100%-ish.

Queen Azshara - You always pick 1 mana draw 2 cards. Even if your deck became more fat with crap spells. Hey, it's draw. And this deck likes (and lacks) card draw very-very much. There are some unique cases, where you pick weapon and deal 10 damage to opponent's face - but it's very rare.

Krag'wa, the Frog - Try to combo this with the card choosen from Queen Azshara. Definitely try to combo this with a Sunken Scroll. And i promise, don't be greedy with this cuteugly frog here. In 90% i was late, when i decided to wait.

Glaciate - For those who underestimate the power of this card. This can become Abominable Lieutenant and eat something good even frozen. This can become Ozumat and flood your board with free 1/3 minions. This can become Mo'arg Forgefiend with useful taunt and 8 armor. Or this can just become Al'akir acting as frozen taunt against board.

Charged Call - This card as well as Quest Shaman archtype became viable after mini-set, which brought Neptulon. So just do some double-neptuloning after quest complete and clear easily biggest minions. Other choices from CC are not that viable. But, hey, good old Lokholar still has its windfury. And Deathwing is 12 hp, so harder to clear. So just highroll and have fun.

Wildpaw Cavern - As we all know, this card is pretty broken, so try by all means get it up in early-mid game. Against any class.

Perpetual Flame or Lightning Storm or Don't Stand in the Fire! - Don't rush with board clearing. You have 40hp and healing in your deck. This allows you to be a littlebit greedy and tricky with their boards. Wait 1-2 turns, then aoe. If ofc you sure opponent's minions won't have hp buffed.

Radiance of Azshara - Don't be greedy with this card, don't save up cards to combo with it. Not worth. And i'm removing right now RoA from the deck build. But if you happen to have it, just throw it on board when you can. It's really rare when you have opportunity to max value from it.

Possible improvements

Almost a week after i reinvented this deck. I don't play on high ranks, and Diamond 3-5 is always enough for me. So instead of hardtrying i tried to have fun and played on other accounts and low ranks. And i see now several very good improvements to this deck build.

Remove Krag'wa, the Frog - Yea, this not very often gets value. You always have your insane late game, if you finished Quest. And you don't need any more, especially for 6 mana.

Add Ambassador Faelin - Well, it seems no control deck these days can't live without the cute dude. Not much dredge we have in deck, but, hey, we have it and can discover it. So this card quickly became musthave.

Remove Radiance of Azshara - Hmm, i thought it is good to have all that tripple element value this provides. Especially in the deck, where only several minions and mostly spells. But, no. Practice shows it is very rarely can combo with something good, because, well deck lacks draw. So this card become unneccessary.

Add 1 Overdraft or Novice Zapper or Bloodmage Thalnos First gives draw and flexibility with your overload. Second give more quest progression and ability to clear 4hp minions. But I personally prefer Thalnos because of draw, but which is better you decide.

Maybe remove Hex x2 for School Teacher x2. This i think about atm and do some testing. Teachers can highroll very hard, and it's some body on the board. But minus is that those 1-mana casts won't progress Quest. But still there is not rare situation, where you just sit with Hex whole game, so, yeah.

Maybe add Doomhammer? I tried them in early testings of this deck, but i didn't draw weapon enough, so i just tired of it and removed it. But if you are good in drawing weapons, this can be really awesome for clearing small minions. Still, there are lots of weapon removals in meta atm, so this idea depends on your rank, your opponents, your likings etc.


Thats it! Thanks for reading! If you have some ideas, throw them in comments, it is very useful and i always answer. Maybe together we will build really powerful deck! And if i will have ideas, i will add them into this guide.