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[Updated] Competitive OTK Rogue

  • Last updated Apr 26, 2022 (Kazakusan Change)
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  • 11 Minions
  • 15 Spells
  • 3 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: OTK Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 12000
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/20/2022 (Sunken City)
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The Good Old Rogue


As soon as a new rotation comes, I had to create a new OTK deck for the Rogue. This year, I built a very competitive deck base around the Swinetusk Shank, Reno Jackson  and an OTK with the combo empty deck + Guild Trader + Garrote + attack/draw. This 3 cards-basic combo deals 32 damage but can deal up to 62 damage, which is clearly enough to kill the tankiest Druid, Warrior or Paladin.

This deck is for you if  you like :

  • OTK deck
  • A non Pirate Rogue
  • Hard but rewarding deck
  • Diverse mechanisms (Weapon/Reno/Garrote/Deathrattle)
  • Many ways to win


Weapons and Poisons

The strength of this deck is it weapon Swinetusk Shank and its 6 poisons Paralytic Poison, Deadly Poison and Silverleaf Poison. This weapon will be our best friend in nearly every situation and you should always try to get it (go to the section Mulligan for more information). Indeed, it will provide to you with a very good cleaning (without taking any damage!) and most of all a very good drawing ! Each turn, with it you will be able to get rid of a minion and you will be able to draw one or even two more cards, emptying your deck for the OTK. You should always play around this card, succeeding by setting up this weapon is likely to give you a victory :)

Applying every poison give you a 8/8 weapon with immunity and draw two when attacking. However, be careful while using your second Silverleaf Poison : you will draw too many cards and you might not be able anymore to kill minions with your weapons! I usually use my second Silverleaf Poison either if my hand is empty (less than 4 cards) or if it's something like the T9/10 (and I want OTK in the next turn).


In order to set up the OTK, you have to draw all your deck while still carrying your weapon with the  Silverleaf Poison. Then, you just have to play the Guild Trader and your Garrote and to draw your Bleeds by attacking with your weapon. To increase these damage (for example against tanky Druid, Warrior or Paladin), you can add a Bloodmage Thalnos, Wicked Stab (Rank 3) or a third Garrote thanks to Ring of Tides (gotten from Queen Azshara). Here is some of best OTK to trigger (I will assume your deck is empty and your weapon fully boosted and that you can use more than 10 mana, since you have a Shadowscrafter Scabbs and Blackwater Cutlass):

Hence, for most of the match-ups, you will just need to keep 3 or 4 cards : Guild Trader, Garrote * 2 or even the Ring of Tides, that gives you a relatively cheap OTK.

Moreover, you don't have to fully empty your deck before doing the OTK, if next turn you can draw 2, 3 or X cards, it will fully work with X-1 remaining in your deck! (And you can always try a all-in if it is remaining more cards and hope to win)


There are 6 drawing spells: Gone Fishin', Silverleaf Poison, Sketchy Information and Sprint. The last one should be used with either a Preparation or Swiftscale Trickster for 4 mana. The Silverleaf Poison may also be used on your hero power weapon or Blackwater Cutlass in order to still draw 1+1 cards. Don't forget that Sketchy Information will proc only if you hadn't draw Bloodmage Thalnos and Treasure Guard.

Bloodmage Thalnos, Treasure Guard and Taelon Fordring also make you draw.

There are finally trading cards : Blackwater Cutlass, SI:7 Extortion and Guild Trader. This last one should always be in your deck since in this meta, there are many mechanics of destroying/killing/stealing cards from your hand (aka Mutanus the Devourer). The opposite is only vital if your adversary is a Pirate Rogue (because of Pirate Admiral Hooktuck). Warning: Trading does not decrease the number of cards remaining in your deck, but can be useful in late game to focus on a particular remaining card (as Guild Trader to kill your adversary).

The goal of this deck is to have drawn all your deck around the 10th turn. From my experience, I'm usually able to OTK my enemy around these turns. Moreover, if you have all your OTK combos in your hand, don't be afraid to mill yourselves in order to empty your deck.


Reno Jackson is very powerful against aggro, and in this meta is quite mandatory. However, as you might have seen, there are double cards in this deck! Indeed, there are 4 doubles for the Swinetusk Shank and its poisons synergies which are mandatory; 1 double for the direct damage for the OTK : Garrote. Finally, there are 1 double for Gone Fishin' this card is very powerful and since I usually keep it at the mulligan and it is used to find missing double, I decided to keep two copies.

Nevertheless, Reno Jackson is still playable quite early in the game. To give an idea of the probabilities to activate Reno Jackson if there are n cards remaining in the deck, there are the probabilities :

n 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
p (in %) 100 100 99 96 92 86 80 73 65 57 49

 Moreover, those probabilities don't take into account the Trade and Dredge mechanics. Trade doesn't decrease the number of remaining cards but since they are unique, in terms of probability, it looks like the number of remaining cards has decreased by one! In addition, when you draw with the dredge mechanism Gone Fishin', you are more likely to draw one of the main cards of the deck, i.e. one in double! This card helped me many time to draw the last double in order to activate Reno Jackson! :D

So Reno Jackson is a great card in this deck and even if there are some doubles, it isn't an actual issue while playing!


All the remaining cards are for the tempo, mainly to survive in early and mid-game. All of these cards can be replaced depending on the meta.

Doomsayer : Very strong after Shadowcrafter Scabbs : you can play him for free and you are quite sure you will have a free turn! I usually use my free turn to play Reno Jackson + Queen Azshara (with Scabbs pasive, it costs 9 mana, exactly that you have after playing Shadowcrafter Scabbs). Then, you only have to draw your last cards and it's won!

Smothering Starfish : Initially, I put this card to hard counter the Twin-fin Fin Twin + Switcheroo Priest but actually this card is quite strong! Its whole-board silence is perfect and you have only Bloodmage Thalnos that is sensitive with the silence! In addition, it has a good body, perfect for the early game versus aggros.

Swiftscale Trickster : It is a good alternative to a Preparation and I use it most of the time on a Sprint.

Queen Azshara : Its condition is very easy with this deck and her Ancient Relics are quite powerful. When my game is well set up, I usually pick the Ring of Tides for an easier OTK or sometimes just to double (or even triple!) a spell. When I do not really need those additional damage, I pick the Horn of Ancients that usally worth its costs (Just do not use Crabatoa, it will destroy your beautiful weapon).

Shadowcrafter Scabbs : This card is overpowered. For 8 mana, you have a Vanish + 2 Jungle Panther and one Innervate each turn! You can use it to break the taunts of the enemy to face and finish them after, or just to give you an additional turn before your OTK.

[26/04 Update] DeathRattle

Thanks to your advise, I put the Sketchy Information that can be triggered with Bloodmage Thalnos and Treasure Guard in order to draw two cards! This mechanic is really cool to play and it is the reason why I can only use one Sprint in this deck! There is also Taelan Fordring who will to draw draw Reno Jackson first and Queen Azshara then, two cards that we want in our hands around the T6. However, Taelan Fordring can totally be replaced by a more useful one.

[26/04 Update] Poisonous Pufferfist

I really love the combo Pufferfist + Plague Scientist! Since having an equipped weapon all game long is your main goal, this combo only costs 6 mana and gives you a board clear. In addition, this is still an huge threat; the enemy has to kill your poisonous Pufferfist before playing another minions. Against tempo decks, this combo is the little thing that gives you a victory.


 During the early game, we will focus on equipping the [card]Swiftscale Shank/card].

Moreover, I like to keep Gone Fichin' (since for 1 mana you can choose among 3 cards),  Sketchy Information or combinations Preparation/Swiftscale Trickster + Sprint, if the enemy's class allows it.


Here comes some of the match-ups I have seen while playing different versions of this deck! For now, I do not necessarily recommend this deck to climb the ladder; there are too many Pirate Warrior for the moment in the meta (before 26/04/22) to be able to avoid them. Moreover, this deck is quite difficult and any mistake can make you lose your game. However, this Rogue is quite powerful against the other decks and is still

Silence Priest -- Quest Priest -- Pig Priest 100%/0%

They leave you draw as you want!! For the Quest Priest, I advise you to avoid to kill the Lightshower ElementalMo'arg Forfiend because of the Xyrela, The Devout. You do not need the whole combo, I usually keep Garrote * 2 +  Wicked Stab (Rank 3) to kill them.

Warrior Anti-Aggro 100%/0%

As for the Priest, you can easily draw. However, I advise you to keep to full combo (Bloodmage Thalnos + Guild Trader + Garrote * 2 +  Tidestone of Golganneth+ Wicked Stab (Rank 3)) to be able to deal 62 damage.

You should also be able to face with your buffed weapon to prepare the kill. Be carfull of Mutanus the Devourer, don't keep your Guild Trader in your hand.

Paladin Meca -- Paladin Control 90%/10%

My favorite match-up! They don't have real threat before the T10 and so you can draw and trade their board as you want. However, in order to counter their Lightforged Cariel, I advise you to keep the full combo (Bloodmage Thalnos + Guild Trader + Garrote * 2 +  Tidestone of Golganneth+ Wicked Stab (Rank 3)). Caution! This combo doesn't deal 54/2 = 27 damage but 32 damage since you are dealing ten odd tic of damage! This is the reason why this match-up is so easy!

However, be careful of a potential buffed Mr. Smite, don't stay low whereas you have a Reno Jackson (speak with the voice of experience) !

Warloc Meule 90%/10%

Once again, you can draw and buff your weapon a you want. Be careful of Mutanus the Devourer, don't keep your Guild Trader in your hand.

Warloc Curse 90%/10%

SInce you are drawing a lot of cards, you just have to handlock you hand (or to keep 9 cards) to completely counter this deck! Then you just have to play some cards and to draw by your self as much cards and you will be able to ill them very soon in the game.

Druid 80%/20%

Most of the druids are just farming their mana and so leaving you gathering your poisons! They usually become a threat around the turn 6/7 but you can handle any of his minion until you can kill them.

However, you have to keep every combo cards ( Bloodmage Thalnos + Guild Trader + Garrote * 2 +  Tidestone of Golganneth+ Wicked Stab (Rank 3)) to be able to deal 54 damage (without the weapon). I advise you also the face with your weapon in order to avoid them to get over 54 hp/armors since they have a lot of taunt minions.

Hunter Control -- DH control 70%/30%

Since they aren't as aggressive as the spell's version, you can easily survive until being able to kill them. Remember they can't heal so don't forget to try to face (once your weapon is well buffed).

Rogue Tempo  70%/30%

Your healing and OTK makes you stronger. Try to follow the tempo and be careful of Mutanus the Devourer: don't keep your Guild Trader in your hand.

Warloc Murloc 60%/40%

This deck isn't really aggro, its peak of power is around the T6/7 once they have buffed their Murlocs. Just focus on getting the board clear, and it will be ok!

Mage Meca 70%/30%

This match-up really depends on the early game : i.e. who will have its best combos first. Be careful of the Fireball.

Deathrattle Rogue 60%/30%

Quiet easy match-up in the beginning of the game but then they can very easily kill you with its Naval Mine and Humongus Owl! Be careful to your HP (you should never be under 17hp) and most of all, do not play your Doomsayer otherwise they will put their Naval Mine !!!! (speak with the voice of experience).

Shaman Freeze 50%/50%

If you can handle their freeze, you will win, otherwise not!

Hunter Face -- DH aggro 10%/90%

The hunter spell has so much damage that even Reno Jackson is not enough to survive. Likewise for the DH aggro.

Pirate Warrior 0%/100%

I have never won a game against this deck. I hope after its nerf it will less played...

Ideas for replacement?

Sir Finley Mrrgglton : Very useful to get a heal or armor (vs. aggro) or fireball/additional damage (against tempo decks) or even draw (against late decks). A little warning here, don't use it at T1 or you will not be able anymore to get a weapon from your hero power! Sometimes poisons have to be used on your hero power weapon, especially versus aggro deck!

Yoink! : It is really a card that I love and that can really have its place in this game, especially in the early game when mana is important.

Vanessa VanCleef : I find this card quite powerful. Versus aggro, it has a nice body and gives you a (generally) good card to your board. Versus late decks, it can provide you the best cards from your opponent, as some playable hero, and can give you an easy win!

Auctioneer Jaxon : This 2 mana seems to be a very good idea in this deck since there are 3 trading cards, and could be even better with more! However, I havn't tested Auctioneer Jaxon since I don't own it ... yet! :D

Rustrot Viper : This card completly fits in this deck but I didn't tested it yet, it can easily replace Doomsayer, Smothering Starfish or Taelan Fordring. To be tested :D

Spammy Arcanist : I really love this card, a Defile with a minion! I work very well with Filletfighter : for 6 mana, you have a 1hp-minion and the possibility to damage another one before doing the Defile .

Shroud of Concealment : Since there are many minions in this deck, this card can be useful. However, I find it quite expensive and when drawing you usually prefer all but minions! It can work very well with a Doomsayer to get a free turn but it seems quite unlikely...

One of your ideas? :)

Thank you for reading this and thanks to Stampella who convinced me to write this guide!


Updated cards (26/04)

Deathrattle synegies : -sir finley/-vanessa/-sprint for +Treasure/+Taelan/+Sketchy

Board clear :-blackwater/-spammy for +puffer/+plague

-Wicked replaced by +Doomsayer