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Legendary Stealth Rogue

  • Last updated Feb 16, 2022 (Fractured in Alterac Valley)
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  • 10 Minions
  • 18 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Stealth Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 6840
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 2/16/2022 (Fractured in Alterac Valley)
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Whats up guys, long time no see! I just wanted to update some of you that still follow me here with what i have been playing lately. for those who dont know me im well-known for building off-meta Rogue decks usually tempo/aggressive ones that are sucessfull and i have been doing it consistently since almost beta, i have over 20k wins with Rogue nowadays.

Ok so, i've been playing this deck for quite a while now actually, it's been way back ever since Nitroboost Poison was not even nerfed yet (this is one of the main reasons people stop playing with this btw), but what i found is that nitroboost poison was still a key card and you cant play the deck without it, but because Jalexander said the card is dumbster tier everyone trust him and the deck is instantly dead, that's the truth.

Unfortunely i deleted stats of the past ofc it's tuff to keep it forever lol... but i problably have over 1000 games with this deck already, i recorded only stats from last 3 seasons (133-91 59% overall W) but what i wanted to show is my climb from yesterday where i just farmed druids hahaha i was literally 14-0 at some point against them. I had a really insane start with a 39-7 score enter the legend at rank 2857 and climbed to 1230 in couple hours with the winrate always around 75% ~ 80% at the end of the day i got a 49-16 75% winrate.

Alright, about the deck, i used to play with Doctor Krastinov and 2x Prize Plunderer before Drek'Thar[card] was a thing, you can still do it but i noticed a considerable increased on the winrate after putting him in the deck,i was flirting between both for a while but then i just started using drek'thar only.

The playstyle is very similar to the old Stealth Rogue but without Steeldancer (unfortunely cant play this card anymore, it's still really powerful better than nerfed Jandice for example but too slow and conditional for current hearthstone), you have Coerce to deal with Taunts or major threats, Dad'thar on curve quite often i win the game at turn 5/6 after playing him on curve and OFC Nitroboost Poison to finish off games as quickly as possible due to Preparation helping us playing it for free and corrupt. It's a very satisfying playstyle that's why i keep playing with it for such a long time and dont get tired, very skilled deck because of the Passage/Cutting class turns, you have to really think about your turns ahead and do a lot of maths with this deck. there is some tricky plays like Preparation + Swindle before playing a 3 drop (Greyheart Sage or Mankrik) to try to draw Nitroboost Poison and corrupt it at same time, you always have to think about how to corrupt it best without losing too much tempo, ofc  you can always use preparation than play a minion to easily corrupt it as well. Mankrik try to always use your card draw after playing him it's a keep in 100% times even against face hunter, mankrik preparation + swindle turn 3 is a play i do relatively often i also save the Cutting Class alot of times because of him and Nitroboost Poison.

About mulligans, you obvsly always keep a 1 drop Spymistress / Worgen Infiltrator and Sneaky Delinquent, you can consider keep Greyheart Sage with cheap stealth minions already or with the Coin. Drek'Thar , Mankrik and Self-Sharpening Sword are always a keep no matter what but try to dont keep both 3 at same time you prefebly want a good curve, consider keeping a Deadly Poison if you already have the sword as well.

The best opener possible in most of the matchups that are not face hunter is Preparation + Self-Sharpening Sword + Nitroboost Poison + Spymistress or Worgen Infiltrator . this way you can start building the weapon at turn 3 and most likely win the game at turn 6/7 or even 5 depending on the matchup.

Talking about matchups. As you guys problably already noticed Face hunter is almost impossible to beat with this i often concede to them at turn 2 or 3 but you guys gonna see my winrate is posivite against Hunter right now it's because of the Quest Hunter was very popular yesterday and that deck have a hard time dealing with stealths (they only have Explosive Trap and Bola Shot) and the huge weapon, that's why im positive against them just wanted to point it. It's definely not impossible to beat Face Hunter but you gonna get frustrated very very often and conceding at early turns because it's a stupid deck lets be real here.

Demon Hunter seems very unpopular right now, almost not even worth mentioning but i only faced a quest one yesterday and it was a easy game, not even close since he was not running viper. Btw i believe Lion's Frenzy DH is kinda poppin but not many people are playing it.

Druid is your best matchup by far, almost impossible to lose because of how greedy their deck is and they start to play the game very late usually, struggle hard to keep rampin and clearing your board at same time, so a good curve of 1, 2 ,3 drop is your best way to beat them consistently, like i said i was with 100% winrate against them yesterday only lose to a Onixya turn 3 highroll as you can see here https://hsreplay.net/replay/rDxMDZLh7YAircKgUAMGqd , that's how you ever lose to Druid, highroll, other than that you gonna win 99% of the times.

Mage i honestly dont know how im positive against them, Ping mage is not a easy matchup like really not, they can easly deal with the stealths they usually gain a shit ton of armor and develop a lot of tempo at same time, the Quest/OTK mage variants are almost free win tho, just like druids.
Priest i found Miracle Priest one of the hardest matchups even with the two copies of Coerce if they have the perfect highroll and everything it's almost impossible to beat because of the Mount and Divine Shield shenanigans, i feel like you only have a chance against unexperienced players that tend to not pilot it correctly, it's a tricky deck.
Shadow Priest i didn't face any tbh but i bet it's a very equal matchup if they dont have a insane start, they are not as consistent as Face Hunter. The new Dragon Priest im positive against them but doens't seem a comfortable matchup at all.

Paladin there is only Libram paladin right now as far as i know and this is a tricky matchup because their early game is very consistent with minions and buffs you usually going to ignore it but at same time it's good to deny the buffs with the dagger for example. Coerce is a key card in the matchup and one of the ways you can actually kill them, OFC Cariel hero is very troublesome but i have won many times even after they play it, it's a very enjoyable matchup IMO.

is mostly quest these days from what ive seen and you just farm them, it's your second best matchup because they dont really have defensive tools, some of them run hero scabbs but its too late, the new SI:7 card can provide some annoy highrolls but i didn't had any problems with it yet, keep in mind you usually use a coerce for the bigger lady informant one i think , so if they highroll with the new SI:7 card it can be game sometimes but that's liteally the only way or if you have a really really bad hand and the opponent the perfect curve with skulker + step etc. Almost free win matchup.

Shaman i was surprised only faced 3 shaman yesterday, Quest Shaman ive played a TON against this deck already it's quite frustrating honestly, very busted deck and ofc one of the hardest matchups as well because they have literally everything.

Warlock i had to check myy only lost to it because i didn't know what to say honestly, i guess the new card can be very annoy when you looking for lethals at late stages??? lol you guys can check it out here https://hsreplay.net/replay/H5RBkuMiakxLaQ6iwwYpVm but come on, warlock is a free win just becareful with what you use your Coerce gotta save it for the taunts or for the right moment, one of your easiest matchups UNLESS they run viper.

Warrior last but not least , the hipster class, played very few against warrior for obvious reasons terrible class, quest warrior we are favored (already was before the nerf) and Control warrior they need to draw bulwark or run viper, that's about it, the armor gain is not enough to keep up with the insane consistent damage we can do, just never EVER overcommit the board for their Rancor.

Proof : https://imgur.com/a/iMuqRS6gg


But yeah, that's it hope you guys give it a shot, like i said i just wanted to share it because it's the only reason i keep playing HS these days tbh, very satisfying experience and worth giving a try imho. Have a good one everyone, stay safe and GLHF.