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FIAV OTK Warrior

  • Last updated Feb 21, 2022 (Fractured in Alterac Valley)
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  • 15 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: OTK Warrior
  • Crafting Cost: 13080
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/11/2021 (Fractured in Alterac Valley)
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Mega Salty about Paladin's The Immovable Object? Can't seem to blast past pesky Owltk warlocks quickly? Fret not for THE fastest OTK Control Warrior is here, with quick cycle, sustainability and a surprising easy push combo to close out games! 30 upvotes and I will write a detailed guide on piloting this deck.

Edit: Thank you for all the upvotes! It is swell to have the community supporting this deck and the nice reviews left in the comments!


The Deck

This deck, much like the traditional control warrior, is mainly based on gaining copious amounts of armor to stall your opponents, all whilst engaging in fast cycle to draw into your combo pieces. Unlike the traditional control warrior however, this deck does not normally go to fatigue and might have an issue with survivability with a just a bunch of Frost Spells if the meta shifts to a slower pace, but that's what tech cards are for.

The OTK Pieces

The OTK Combo relies on these cards which are essential to finishing your opponent. The pieces include a damage base of 9, cost reducers and damage multipliers A minimum of 3 cards and a maximum of 6 cards will do the job cleanly:

Captain Galvangar: The base damage. This is your Bread and Butter Finisher in this deck, you aim to draw him at all costs as the 9-attack charge is the base for your assault, all for the measly cost of gaining 15 armor. The deck literally has two copies of a card that instantly gains 10 armor, so at no point in the mid to late game would you be facing issues with the effect going off.

To the Front!: Another key piece in this combo to reduce the cost of your damage multipliers, a single copy of this card can already double the damage your Captain Galvangar can inflict.

Faceless Manipulator: A flexible Damage Multiplier or Defensive option in case your opponent drops a big minion which threatens your survivability. Playing 2 affords us the offensive and defensive capabilities in certain situations.

Battleground Battlemaster: A purely offensive damage multiplier for Captain Galvangar, which is why we only have 1 copy in this deck.

3 Card Combo

To the Front! -> Captain Galvangar -> Faceless Manipulator or Battleground Battlemaster

Total Damage: 18 Damage

5 Card Combo

To the Front! x2 -> Captain Galvangar -> Faceless Manipulator ->Faceless Manipulator 

Total Damage: 27 Damage

To the Front! x2 -> Captain Galvangar -> Faceless Manipulator -> Battleground Battlemaster in between both minions

Total Damage: 36 Damage

6 Card Combo

To the Front! x2 -> Captain Galvangar -> Faceless Manipulator -> Battleground Battlemaster in between both minions -> Attack -> Faceless Manipulator beside Battleground Battlemaster

Total Damage: 54 Damage

But you may be thinking: 'But Zenthonnnn how do we get to the cards above???' Fret not as this deck is full of cards which boost your survivability and aid you in dragging these cards out of the deck.

Sustainability tools

This deck relies on the following two categories to survive till you gain access to your combo pieces: Stalling Techniques and Removal. The final engine is a fast-cycle set which will be slightly interchangeable with the meta.

Stalling Techniques

Frozen Buckler: The card that gains you 10 armor off the bat, this can be used in combination with either an attack on a big minion using a weapon, or with other removal options which require big armor gain. Because it loses 5 at the next turn, it is still a viable option to use this card before attacking into a minion to negate the effect.

Heavy Plate: Gaining 8 armor is indeed a big bonus, but the card being able to flexibly cycle through your deck through tradeable is indeed a big plus.

Kresh, Lord of Turtling: a solid minion which grants you 8 armor on getting hit and with the weapon attached to it, will make for a solid inclusion in the deck


Lord Barov: This is the premium option to use as a definitive board clear along with the few AOEs in the deck. Use it on large minions which are harder to remove.

Rancor: In a sense, this card acts as both a stalling technique and also removal as one of the best cards to come out of Forged in the Barrens for Warrior. Combining this card with a Lord Barov drop would essentially wipe the board and gain twice as much armor as minions killed with this spell, increasing survivability.

Minefield: A flexible 5-missile hit which is able to be used even if there are no minions on the board and your hand is at risk of overdraw.

Onyxian Drake: Essentially the new Shield Slam on a stick, this card is able to be baited out by hand disruption cards or serve to empty your hand in case of the need arising. The taunt that is associated with this card is a big plus such that you can drop this purely to face an aggressive board while holding on other key removal cards.

Overlord Saurfang: Big frenzy daddy is here to stay! This card serves purely for the added value of calling out Kresh, Lord of Turtling or Stonemaul Anchorman for armor or card draw. 

Shield Shatter: The newest AOE removal option available which is efficient especially when combined with either of the two armor gain options.

Rokara, the Valorous: While she may be one of the weaker hero cards in this expansion, she is great removing minions while pushing for damage. One swing from The Unstoppable Force is able to send a large minion back into the face of the opponent whilst her hero power, whilst unremarkable, is able to earn the sustainability you need while offing a minion on the board with Honourable Kill.


Art Class - Warrior's Dilemma

Warrior's Draw options...are honestly not the best ones, having to be heavily rely on the following which I had included in the deck. This set is in relativity to a meta where boards have mattered much more, where the Frenzy package definitely shines with some pirate tutoring.

Harbor Scamp: 2 copies are essential so that you may get your Stonemaul Anchorman out early.

Outrider's Axe: Another Forged in the Barrens card which I feel is really good if there was a meta where boards mattered, but is still a good weapon to use nonetheless.

Stonemaul Anchorman: solid card to use when there is a single target minion on the board, which allows for you to trade in and get a draw,

Tech Options

The following cards are situational includes which are suitable for the current metagame

Rattlegore: Now before you put me on a stake and scream about this monster being a 'tech option', hear me out. A 45/45 card worth of stats is amazing against the current onslaught of druid decks going for copious amounts of armor as the main thing they do not have is a good answer for a constant threat. At times, you may wish to switch gears and have one of your Faceless Manipulator copy this minion instead for a steady stream of damage, ensuring that you would hence be able to wear down their life totals. Other control decks mirroring us (if they exist at all) will crumble slowly as there truly isnt an efficient answer to him.

Rustrot Viper: I am seeing more weapons in the metagame, which is why I have swapped out Mutanus the Devourer for this card, while also having the tradeable function.


Try to find the following cards:

Against Aggro: Harbor Scamp, minefield[card], [card]frozen buckler, Rancor

Against Control: Harbor Scamp, Minefield, Rattlegore

Take note that these are my personal preferences, some opinions might differ on these mulligans.

 Substitute Options


- 1x Harbor Scamp

-1x Rancor

-1x Rustrot Viper

- 2x Minefield

-1x Rattlegore


+ 2x Snowed In

+2x Herald of Lokholar

+2x Cutting Class


These additions are only to be used in extreme situations if you are facing tons of druids who are able to ramp fast and take on their Kazakusan easily, sacrificing a little removal and endgame tactics for the opportunity to tap on 3 different avenues of draw power so as to reach your board clears and combo pieces. Warning though, this makes the deck much faster to a point where you may struggle to drop your cards, so ration them properly as you now have up to 11 opportunities to draw 17 cards, not including the tradeable cards.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I really appreciate the attention to this deck - warrior has been in a tough spot all year due to the dominance of Mage and Warlock's lack of interactivity, and the sheer aggression hunter provides. Sure we got Raid the Docks and maybe it was a perfect marriage between aggro and a glimmer of control, but look where that took us back to - the dark, dark ages of mean streets of gadgetzan where the most aggressive deck ran rampant, which is still happening today in wild. Also while the new mini set has been great in terms of breathing life into control decks, we have to be mindful that we can definitely be out-valued easily so do understand the matchups before committing removal easily.

Make no mistake though, this deck is tough to pilot and is still not the best one to use for ladder, I myself am still tinkering with the deck with an estimated 53% winrate from the lower ranks to finally hit diamond and it is tough with all the hyper combos out there dealing 21342526451 damage to my face. Hopefully we can be faster and maybe, just maybe, a little luckier.

Thank you once again for your support, happy laddering!