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To legend with quest resurrect Priest (Alterac ...

  • Last updated Dec 11, 2021 (Fractured in Alterac Valley)
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  • 13 Minions
  • 16 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Quest Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 13200
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 11/23/2021 (Deadmines)
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Well, I'm back in Legend with this deck but to be honest I'm not sure it's a long-term proof that the deck is solid. It's a proof that this deck destroys paladins :) I climbed from diamond 3 to legend with this build of the deck. During that climb I faced 9 paladins and won 8 times. Also, it seems players make a lot of mistakes while adjusting to the new meta. I won 2 games against warlocks who milled their combo.

I changed the deck 3 times in december:

1) before Alterac, removed Entrapped sorceress and put another Devouring plague (thanks to TrashOG who suggested it).

2) with Alterac, replaced the 2 Priests of An'she by Spirit Guides, one Mo'Arg by Xyrella, the Devout. And also the Desperate Prayers by Gifts of the Naaru (thanks to Phoesias for the suggestion).

3) when I realised Paladins where everywhere, I removed the 2 Clerics of An'she and put another Shard of the Naaru and Auctioneer Jaxon because she is gold in this deck with 2 trade cards. I also exchanged 1 Hysteria for Najak Hexxen, an incredible card against paladin - this last change really weakens the resurrection effect and I will change back when quest warrior becomes popular once again (and I'm sure it will).

Most of the legendaries are not key in this deck so don't rush to craft any of them if you want to try it !


November comments:

I just reached legend with this quest priest deck. This was NOT an easy climb : I changed it a ton of time but this particular build went from D5 to Legend without a single change.

To build the deck I focused on 2 purposes : quest progress and high defense. And I wanted no dead card against quest warrior because it's everywhere. This is why there is no Mutanus and Priest of An'she instead of Ogremancer.

You have 3 different strategies and the key to climb is to know which one to apply against each deck of the meta. I started my final rush once I applied strategy n°3 against Pirate warrior (more than half matchups during the climb, I think, but I have no stats - I play on my phone).

Strategy 1 : You don't care about the quest. Against aggro. I still keep the quest for the rewards, though. You just exhaust their resources and win. These are the easiest matchups. Quest rogue is more difficult because you can't rely on your big taunts and you need a lot of defensive spells from your discovery cards. Another key action is to get a 6 mana elemental killed before he completes his quest.

Strategy 2 : Rush the quest and pray. Against quest mage, quest warlock, quest shaman... You need to be lucky to win but this deck has the tools for quest rush and it works sometimes. These are the worst matchups but all of them are winable. Quest warlock is the worst, I think you can't afford more than 1 turn without quest progress. Quest mage was unbeatable before the nerf but now it's a bit easier than warlock.

Strategy 3 : The quest is the win condition but you don't have to rush for it. Against quest warrior. You have two 5, 6, 7 and 8 drops in the deck and you never save the first one of each for quest progress. Once you get 2 big deathrattles killed, the resurrected detahrattle minions will give you the time to complete the quest. Usually this matchup concludes when you have less than 5 cards in your deck (if you win it :-)).

I hope these tips help a few priest players, enjoy.

Here are some possible replacements.
- The nameless One is not key in the deck. You can replace him by Maiev Shadowsong or Multicaster. Multicaster is actually vey cool once you have played both a Shadow and Light spell but what I don't like with him is that he's difficult to play against quest warrior (same reason as Mutanus). Holy Nova can also be a replacement.

- Priest of An'she can be replaced by Ruststeed Raider.