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Quest Priest

  • Last updated Oct 7, 2021 (Demon Seed Ban)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Quest Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 13380
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 10/7/2021 (Demon Seed Ban)
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The latest patches have brought a slight slowdown in the meta, weakening the impact of combo decks, high speed and various wizards, this has shown me the way for a return of Quest Priest, which is proving extremely solid every beyond my wildest expectations. There are several versions out there, but after weeks of testing I'm convinced I've found the right build.

The gameplan is quite unusual for a priest, but substantially is to play on the curve and respond to the opponent until the completion of the quest (which often resolves unchallenged as there is not much hand disruption in the meta).


Card choiches

The 2-3-4 Package

Pandaren Importer is the card we want to see right away, in T2 it puts body and allows you to make discovery of a piece to use later, it is great in early and late game, and basically the flagship creature of the deck. Cult Neophyte is my choice as backup, almost no one uses this card preferring something else at this cost and it's not clear to me why: it's a great body at T2 to counter pirates and hunters boards, it slows down wizards and spells and it's not completely useless in late game, I tried many other solutions (including watch posts or spells) but none convinced me as much as this one. Renew and Condemn (Rank 1) act as support: the first is essential to make discovery by taking time, on the second you will soon realize how much you need to clean the board before entering in control. If Venomous Scorpid is another must have on the style of panda Archdruid Naralex is a recent test of mine that I find very useful, especially when it provides an AOE or a 7/6 dragon at cost 4 that often turns out to be a game changer. Royal Librarian and Rustrot Viper are two excellent utility cards, NEVER heavy in hand: the second copy of the librarian I replaced with the Nameless One, which acts as an efficient breaker (if you don't have it, the librarian is fine). Xyrella needs no introduction, it is simply the card that most often wins games, reversing them – and after numerous tests I think the health restore package is adequate.

The 5-6 Package

Here the choices are extremely simple as far as I'm concerned, just choosing the best ones: Ogremancer put after an AOE or open field is absolutely devastating, and more importantly, it almost single-handedly solves some critical issues of the deck. Lightshower Elemental is one of the most beautiful priest cards and absolute core of the deck. Taelan Fordring gives protection and speeds up draws to end the quest.

The 7-8 Package

If Soul Mirror is an easy entry, a card that has made history and that never makes the opponent feel comfortable to overextend, different is the choice of the second at cost 7: currently I'm using Mutanus The Devourer, which is in itself extremely solid and sometimes ends games by itself eating the quest champion from the opponent's hand. The issue of Mutanus is its lack of usefulness against aggressive decks, games that are often resolved on the edge in the battle for the board: in this case it can be replaced by a copy of Elekk Mount, possible solution if the meta should shift. Mo'arg Forgefiend is the choice for the 8 mana cost, protection and armor waiting for the final fireworks (many lists play Primordial Protector, but I find it absolutely inconsistent).


Notable exclusions

Spot 2: Wandmaker, Far Watch Post, Serena Bloodfeather, Loot Hoarder. Far Watch Post and Serena are the only decent choices, but it's simply more solid the cultist pair, having 3 in attack is not a negligible thing in this meta, as well as being able to slow down wizards that are a pretty tough matchup.

Spot 3: Mindreader Illucia, Mankrik, Flightmaster Dungar. Illucia has become completely useless after the last patch, at least for a deck like this, Mankrik is definitely little more than a filler, Dungar is a non-trivial choice and often the 10 lp of cure are decisive, but Naralex remains the most sensible choice.

Spot 4: Crossroads Watch Post. A widely used card in several lists, but turn 4 is too important not to be reactive.

Spot 5: High Abbess Alura. It can be an interesting choice and you can swing the middle turns very well, however it forces you to change the spell department too much, and the curve is too delicate to do it safely.

Spot 7: Elekk Mount. (Wise) choice in an aggro meta to replace Mutanus. It only has the disadvantage of having to have pieces on the board to play it efficiently, and that doesn't always happen.

Spot 8: Primordial Protector. It was a choice of the very first post-release lists, in my opinion wrong, it is a win more card that often leads you to nothing but defeat, since at high turns you have a vital need of protection.



The mulligan is very simple for this deck: look for pieces 1-2-3. The cards we want right away are panda, sorceress and scorpid, but it's not recommended to formalize, even spells that are not immediately useful. Keeping a card at cost 4 is also sometimes right, especially in the case of the librarian that you can swap. Having a smooth curve not only allows you to manage the board in view of the midgame, but gives you time to find the rest.



Favorable: Control Warrior, Control Priest, Deathrattle Demon Hunter, Ping Mage, Buff Paladin, Shaman, Taunt Druid.

Comsì comsà: Token Druid, Hunter, Secret Paladin, SI7 Rogue, Quest Warlock.

Unfavorable: Quest Mage, Garrote Rogue, Pirate Warrior, Combo Demon Hunter.