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My take on Questline Shaman (70% WR)

  • Last updated Aug 19, 2021 (Incanter's Nerfs)
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  • 15 Minions
  • 15 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Quest Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 5760
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/19/2021 (Incanter's Nerfs)
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So I've been playing this deck at around ~2000 legend and I've been winning a lot more than I've been losing (my record is 24-10 versus a diverse pool of classes - everything except Warrior actually). 
Since my deck is somewhat different than the most popular versions out there and my playstyle is also a bit different from what I often see from opponents playing this deck, I thought to write this guide.

About the deck
We run a lot more 'discover' cards: Entrapped Sorceress, Marshspawn and Panadaren Importer. Instead we do not run some underwhelming spells like Investment Opportunity or some situational ones like Primordial Studies or Feral Spirit. Higher curve and more discovery (+ possibility to discover high-cost spells) means that we don't run out of resources so easily (which happens a lot to other builds of this deck). Pandaren Importer is there for two reasons: (a) discover some of those situational spells that we have cut from our deck and (b) offer better early game curve as we do not really have any other 2-drops. It seems superior to Wandmaker to me. Finally, by cutting some non-nature spells we significantly increase the chances to draw 2 cards from Primal Dungeoneer (and very often drawing the Canal Slogger is the difference between life and death)

We don't rush to make progress with the quest as overload is bad and messes up our future turns. Instead we look to make some good tempo+value plays early (playing stuff like Marshspawn and Entrapped Sorceress) and aim to finish the first part of the questline a bit later on a single turn or on two consecutive turns. This fully negates the overload effect (as we unlock all our crystals) allowing us effectively to cheat quite a bit of mana. A powerful play for example could be: t1 the quest, t2 coin Marshspawn, t3 Primal Dungeoneer (see, no rush to play overload stuff) and then t4 Diligent Notetaker into 2x Lightning Bloom into Serpentshrine Portal into Entrapped Sorceress - cheating 5 mana and unlocking all those 5 crystals in the process
For the second part of the quest, it really depends on the match situation as well as the resources we have in our hand. On later turns overload is less punishing, which allows us to make  steady progress with the quest, but ideally we'd like to set up for another such 'miracle' turn which we end by casting Overdraft, to get the 3/3 on board and unlock once again all our crystals.
For finishing the quest there is often a dilemma: which overload spell to use to complete it and which to save for next turn to double up
Other comments: Charged Call is a great play when it can give us an 8-drop as very often we get offered Al'Akir the Windlord. Combined with a previous discovery of a Rockbiter Weapon or Totemic Reflection, this can be an alternative win condition.

Great keeps (always): The quest, Pandaren Importer (especially when going first), Entrapped Sorceress, Primal Dungeoneer and if on coin also Marshspawn
Good keeps: Guidance, Lightning Bloom
Situational keeps: Diligent Notetaker if you already have Bloom + a plan for a big mana cheat turn and a curve till then
Versus Hunter: Perpetual Flame (always), Canal Slogger (only if you can curve into it on t4)

If you have any feedback, you are welcome to comment below. Enjoy;)