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Lady Celestial APM Druid Updated

  • Last updated Aug 23, 2021 (Incanter's Nerfs)
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  • 6 Minions
  • 24 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Mecha'thun Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 9320
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/19/2021 (Incanter's Nerfs)
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8/23/21 - Update Below


 Hi everyone!!  I've been having success climbing w/ this deck.  There are a few versions out there already, but this one has been working for me so far -- even in this crazy meta.  Having said that, the Incanter's nerfs happened yesterday, so the meta could still shift.  PLEASE CRAFT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

I'm kinda sick of The Demon Seed already.  I'm not saying it's a counter to that deck, but it does give you a decent chance.  You can often out armor their damage long enough to smack them in the face (or use Mecha'thun to win).   In most of my games so far, I don't even need Mecha'thun.  Currently I'm rank D3.

I'll try to add more info because this deck is a little complex, but it can be very forgiving so you don't need to play flawless.  



Against Aggro: I'm usually looking for Oaken Summons, Wrath, and Lesser Jasper Spellstone.  

Against Control: Look for Oaken Summons and Overgrowth.  I'll often keep Celestial Alignment as well.


Card Replacements:

You don't need Lady Anacondra to play this deck for a few games, but she makes the deck better.  A lot of times I don't draw her till the late game and she doesn't make a lot of difference, but sometimes she can just create crazy turns.

I'm thinking about trying a second Spreading Plague  -- the concern being you won't be able to kill your minions to finish the game.  But often times you win w/o needing Mecha'thun anyway.

You could add another Naturalize, but I haven't needed it.  I'm also thinking of trying one Solar Eclipse because it is a Nature Spell.  

I'm also going to experiment w/ Poison Seeds.  I think you can use it for the Mecha'thun combo, but I need to test it....

I've had great luck against aggro.  Ok vs Warlock.  I haven't lost to a Pirate Warrior yet - and other similar decks.  I play on mobile, so I can't give stats.  but I'll try to post an update soon with some card explanations. 

Have Fun and Thanks for checking in on this awesome deck.


8/21/21 UPDATE

- Lightning Bloom, - Wrath, + Innervate, +Biology Project

Ok, so I tried some changes and struggled a little....yeah, this will struggle against a lot of aggro decks.  I finally lost to a Pirate Warrior, but I'm still undefeated against Odd Hunter.  I'll explain my card choices below. 

The main goal of the deck is to play Celestial Alignment and do broken things.  Usually I win by sticking a wide board and using Branching Paths to finish them off.  Mecha'thun is really a backup plan.  If two or three of your 5-draw cards are at the bottom of your deck, Mecha'thun prob won't work unless you have a lot of armor.  I did overdraw 8 cards once and still won.



Innervate - I put this in to play Celestial Alignment a turn early.  If you've already played it, you can use Innervate to help empty your hand w/o losing mana.

Lightning Bloom - I took one out because you really don't want to play it till after you play Celestial Alignment.  Otherwise, you (prob) won't be able to play anything next turn.

Biology Project - Be careful with this one, since it gives your opponent mana as well.  I put in an extra to play Celestial Alignment a turn early.  After Celestial Alignment. I try to play these right before I play a the second one to make their mana 0 again.

Lesser Jasper Spellstone - I'm using these for early removal against aggro.  Against control, these can help when they're upgraded.

Naturalize - I almost always save this for the Mecha'thun combo.  But if you need it, use it.  

Lunar Eclipse - This card may be unnecessary, but it feels good in the deck.  

Ferocious Howl - These feel like the last cards in the deck, but the armor gain and card draw feel great.  I tried taking one out, but I put it back.

Branching Paths - Against aggro, you usually want armor.  Against control, you can often use +1 attack on a wide board to win.  Don't use this for card draw if you want to use the Mecha'thun combo.

Injured Marauder - Your only target for Oaken Summons, before Celestial Alignment is played.  Don't keep this in your opener, but playing it on turn 4 isn't terrible.

Oaken Summons - Always keep vs aggro.  Against control I'll often keep it as well, but sometimes I just look for Celestial Alignment and Overgrowth.

Overgrowth - Against  aggro, I'll play this on turn 4 if I don't have a better play.  Against control, I'll prioritize playing it to hopefully play Celestial Alignment next turn.

Lady Anacondra - She def helps with all of the nature spells in the deck.  Play her after Celestial Alignment.

Nourish - Normally you play this the turn after Celestial Alignment to gain mana crystals and start an APM turn (meaning play and draw lots of cards in one turn.)

Spreading Plague - Still running one for now, so wait for a lot of minions before you play it if you can.  I may try two again to test.  It can simply shut down aggro, but against some decks it's pretty useless.

Celestial Alignment - The main card for the deck.  The idea is to play this and survive to the next turn.  Then play as many cards as you can on the next turn.  Two of them is necessary.   The second one is handy to keep your opponent's mana down.

Overflow - Two of the three 5-card draw cards.  You could try 2 Ultimate Infestations instead, but this one is a nature spell.  

Kun the Forgotten King - This card just feels right.  Usually you refresh your mana crystals, but sometimes against aggro you can choose armor.

Mecha'thun - If you draw thru your deck and you can clear your hand and board, play Mecha'thun and Naturalize as the final two cards to win.

Ultimate Infestation - The third 5-card draw card.  


This deck definitely takes some practice.  But if you have the cards, give it a shot.  I'm having a blast playing it.  I'm still trying to reach legend....I'll try to post another update soon.


 8/23/21 - UPDATE

- Ultimate Infestation, - Naturalize, + Malygos the Spellweaver, + Poison Seeds

Yeah, these cards probably should have been in the 1st version of the deck.  Apparently you can use Poison Seeds to trigger Mecha'thun - plus it clears your board, so you don't need Naturalize.  This also means you could try a 2nd Spreading Plague, but I'm still running one for now.

Malygos the Spellweaver replaces Ultimate Infestation.  You could replace Overflow instead, or run two Ultimate Infestations and no Overflows.  I'm not sure which card is better here.  The point is to only run two of these cards because Malygos the Spellweaver will (usually) draw some cards for you.  And it won't overdraw your deck.

There is still room for a change or two.  I'll probably try Solar Eclipse...maybe take out a 1-mana spell.  Good Luck!