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Vol'jin 'thunlock

  • Last updated Jun 29, 2021 (Stealer of Souls Removed)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 14 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Mecha'thun Warlock
  • Crafting Cost: 9080
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/30/2021 (Stealer of Souls Removed)
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 Hey Everyone!  I know there are plenty of versions of this deck, but I wanted to show what's working for me.  Please CRAFT AT YOUR OWN RISK!  This is one of my better performing Wild decks in legend, but I've only been successful crawling out from dumpster.  I haven't been able to crack 1000 yet.

I think most of you know by now how this deck works.  Since they nerfed Hysteria, I've left it out.  It's just a little expensive now, and Hemet, Jungle Hunter no longer removes that card from your deck.  (I'm not sure Hemet, Jungle Hunter is necessary so feel free to drop him.)

I think the key to this deck is running as many 1 drops as you can.  That way you can keep your hand size down.  Backfire and Free Admission can fill you up quickly.


Card Explanations:

Target Dummy - The best 0 drop to use for the combo.  Plus, it has taunt so it can help against aggro.

Armor Vendor - Cheap armor gain.

Glacial Shard - Cheap Freeze - remember you can freeze their face too.

Kobold Librarian - Cheap card draw.

Mistress of Mixtures - Cheap healing. 

Plague of Flames - Easy removal. 

The Soularium - Mainly an emergency card, but you can use it late game to draw your final few cards if necessary.  Occasionally this has happened to me.  Not necessary, but very beneficial imo.

Tour Guide - Underrated.  It's hard to explain, but running 2 feels right.  It's very versatile - often I'll wait till the next turn or maybe never to tap after I play him.  Every scenario is a little different.  I almost never hang on to it though.

Defile - Great removal.  Always running two.

Drain Soul - Last two cards of the deck.  This replaced Hysteria for me, and it's felt great so far.  Of course, you can sub in other cards listed below.

Backfire - Card draw.  Be careful about filling up your hand.  I try to play Free Admission first if I have both in my hand.

Dark Skies - This one maybe could be subbed out for something cheaper, but often I find this card useful....especially with the coin.

Free Admission - Great card draw.  I like running two because they tutor minions and can give you Hemet, Jungle Hunter and Reno Jackson!

Cataclysm - Needed for the combo.

Shadow Hunter Vol'jin - Also needed for the combo.

Hemet, Jungle Hunter and Reno Jackson - Not needed for the combo.  Not sure if they are needed at all.  I know there are debates about running Hemet, Jungle Hunter and/or Reno Jackson.  I've tried it every way and I prefer having both in there.  But I'm not sure either one is necessary.  Certainly try the deck if you don't have those cards.  Hemet, Jungle Hunter only feels bad when he's at the bottom of your deck (of course).  But it feels like he wins more games than he loses.   Often after I play Hemet, Jungle Hunter, I've noticed that I will have a "turn to kill" because I need more mana.  And playing Reno Jackson on that turn usually ensures you the win.   

Mecha'thun - The BIG GUY!!


The Combo:

It's simple.  First, make sure you have a Target Dummy in your hand.  Then I'm trying to play Hemet, Jungle Hunter on turn 7.  Play Reno Jackson on turn 8.  Also, play any other minions so they don't disrupt the combo.  On turn 9, play Target Dummy, Shadow Hunter Vol'jin on the Target Dummy (or any of YOUR minions), this will pull Mecha'thun from your hand.  Then play Cataclysm for the win. 

If you have to wait till turn 10 for the combo, you can use any 1 drop instead of Target Dummys.

There are exceptions to these steps when you have to play around secrets or hand disruption.  I'll try to keep a Plague of Flames to help against Counterspell.  Maybe an extra minion for Explosive Runes or if you are concerned about Dirty Rat or Mutanus the Devourer.


Card Replacements:

You could swap out Drain Soul, Dark Skies, Hemet, Jungle Hunter and Reno Jackson.

Cards to Add:

Sphere of Sapience - I haven't tried this one in awhile, but it could be good.  I think it is best used in combo decks, just not sure there is room for it here.

Bloodmage Thalnos - Great card.  Combos well w/ defile, but that's still not worth running for me.  Plus it's a 2-mana minion - can't use it in the combo.  

Runic Egg - Not a bad card.  I tend to have hand size issues so I don't like it.  Just be careful if you run deathrattle draw cards.

Unstable Felbolt - Great card, but it can get stuck in your hand if your opponent doesn't have any minions on the board.  It's just not versatile enough for the deck imo, but you can try it.


Mulligan Guide (rough):

I may post a better mulligan guide in a few days.  Usually you are looking for Hemet, Jungle Hunter and card draw.  Against aggro, keep your anti-aggro cards -- Armor Vendor, Mistress of Mixtures, Glacial Shard, Plague of Flames, Defile, and Dark Skies if you have the coin.   Good Luck and Have Fun out there!!!