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Reno Thief Rogue - Feeding Hungry Tess

  • Last updated Jun 18, 2021 (Stealer of Souls Removed)
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  • 19 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Reno Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 18380
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/17/2021 (Stealer of Souls Removed)
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Reno Thief Rogue is a deck where you are "feeding" your Tess Greymane over the course of the game by playing different cards from other classes. Compared to regular thief rogue the main advantage is powerful survival tools in Zephrys the Great and Reno Jackson, and with many high quality bounce effects rogue can replay these and other strong minions. You don't always need the Tess lategame to win, sometimes you win just by surviving against aggro or with tempo into Zephrys lethals, but the Tess Greymane lategame is one of the most fun and unique aspects of the deck, and it will be different each time which gives the deck a ton of replayability. To go into the Tess lategame, you will play Tess Greymane and then Togwaggle's Scheme on it to have many copies in your deck. Each one should have extremely powerful effects from all the cards that fed it earlier in the game. You can play Tess earlier in the game and bounce her too. An additional advantage of Zephrys the Great in this deck is you can try to manipulate him to offer you board freeze effects like Frost Nova or Blizzard, and then your lategame Tess Greymanes will freeze the enemy board each turn. Another powerful lategame is to try and get Ice Block with Shadowjeweler Hanar, which makes Tess Greymane keep protecting you for one more turn in the late game. You can keep playing her and spamming Ice Block until your opponent loses from fatigue. Overall this deck is fun in that each game you will have a very fun and different endgame while also having a low curve and good survival tools to stand a chance to survive to the lategame against aggro.


Card Guide

Shadowstep - Great bounce effect for key battlecries
Armor Vendor - Good anti aggro tool
Dragon's Hoard - A legendary minion to feed Tess Greymane
Secret Passage - Dig for specific answers
Togwaggle's Scheme - Use it lategame on Tess Greymane
Wand Thief - Discover a mage spell to feed Tess Greymane
Ambush - Defensive Secret
Bamboozle - Great with understatted battlecry minions
Cheat Death - Great on your battlecries.
Clever Disguise - 2 spells to feed Tess Greymane
Doomsayer - Good anti aggro tool
Mad Scientist - Thins your deck and gets you a secret
Plagiarize - Cards from your opponents deck can help feed Tess Greymane, just be careful about hand size so you don’t mill
Shadowjeweler Hanar - Amazingly powerful card that can generate tons of secrets for Tess Greymane
Swindle - Card draw
Tenwu of the Red Smoke - Bounce effect for key battlecries
Vanessa VanCleef - Steal a powerful class card to feed Tess Greymane
Zephrys the Great - Great card for lots of situations and can discover a powerful class card like Frost Nova that Tess Greymane will keep replaying
Blink Fox - More cards for Tess Greymane
Brann Bronzebeard - Double your battlecries
Coerce - Hard removal
Kazakus, Golem Shaper - Great card for value, removal, and tempo
Dark Iron Skulker - Decent board aoe rogue doesn’t have better ones
Shadowcaster - Good on powerful battlecries
Flik Skyshiv - Great card that can autowin you the game vs Shudderwock and mill rogue
Grand Empress Shek'zara - Look for a key card from your deck
Reno Jackson - Great anti aggro
Mutanus the Devourer - Combo disruption
Tess Greymane - This card makes for an incredibly powerful lategame
Dragonqueen Alexstrasza - Can get you class dragons so Tess Greymane makes larger boards



After the Barrens miniset, Mutanus the Devourer has helped the deck a lot vs combo as you can keep bouncing him and combine him with Brann Bronzebeard too. This is one of those decks that I will keep updating every expansion, and if anyone has any suggestions on it or general questions or comments write them below.