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85%WR Vigormortis' Miracle Warlock

  • Last updated Jun 11, 2021 (Wailing Caverns Set)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Pain Warlock
  • Crafting Cost: 4560
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/8/2021 (Wailing Caverns Set)
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Once again, I would like to thank the community for all the feedbacks!
Sharing off-meta decklist and to hear people having fun and success with them (even at a competitive level!) is a thing that really makes me happy! Much love xoxo

VoD (Italian PEGI18)

10/10 audio quality much power such regret 

About me

Hello, I'm Vigormortis, with another fabulous creation for you here!

I play since beta and got to legend pretty every month with offmeta decks (reno priest with double shadowform, very hybrid hunter, miracle shaman etc) and won some local tournaments (I actually won a final with a Moorabi keleseth spell shaman).
Creator of Willow warlock and other shaenigans.

Currently LF a partner to do YT content on a monthly basis - a format like deckdoctor or smth - IT/EN - feel free to add me in game Vigormortis#2439

The deck:
op bullshit


Pretty ok huh? Can happen even in t3, or in this case t4 into refull t5 after hysteria.
It feels like I'm breaking Hearthstone, but this deck is really fun to play so I'm sharing...

+10 Mulligan guide
+20 Deck guide
+30 Video Comm
+40 Gul'dan nipples pic


The deck plays as a miracle archetype (your board interaction is pretty limited, big swings), so mulligan priority doesn't change much between matchups.
Stealer of SoulsDarkglareKanrethad Ebonlocke are deck's main targets. One mana cards also tend to be useful.

I've put Mankrik instead of a Brittlebone Destroyer to try it but it feels pretty bad and most of the time it's a mulligan noobtrap (9/10 not a keep).



Priest Ez, you can lose if they have everything in first 10 cards
Demon Hunter I think it's even (low sample), you can lose to insane tempo swings with weapon, you win vs combo
Shaman Their 3 mana spells are not balanced for board control in zoo matchups. Hardest matchup (40-60)
Warlock Imho weaker than priest
Druid You lose only to very early gibberlings if you play correctly
Warrior Always won vs rush, you must play smart vs control
Rogue You can lose to frenzy combo, it's a game of speed rather than damage
Mage never lost yet (you heal a lot)
Hunter I'm far over but I think it should be pretty even, a very fast start should be hard to beat (but they mulligan thinking we are control)