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The Deck that Rules the World

  • Last updated Dec 18, 2014 (GvG Launch)
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  • 21 Minions
  • 7 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 10600
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/12/2014 (GvG Launch)
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Hello. My name is Spacetime, up until recently, I have played Hearthstone competitively and have achieved top 100 in several seasons. I have been as high as rank 4 during the mid season, and finished top 50 a couple of times. I took last season off, as I was getting a bit bored of the meta and how things had become in the game. (Hunterstone). With the release of GVG, my excitement to play the game has been reignited. 

I have spent tens of hours theoryeocrafting (sp?) deck ideas trying to land on something that I feel would be on top of the meta. I tried building decks with all classes, and eventually came to a class I felt if built perfectly would be the top contender for the current meta. This class was paladin. Paladin received better cards than any class in the game. And I don't mean this in terms of single cards being stronger than that of other classes, but more so paladin received cards that finally have good synergy within the class itself.

Before GvG, Paladin greatly lacked two things. The first was any sort of real synergy with its hero power. Barring gimmicky and inefficient buff cards, Paladins didn't really have anything to choose from that really made its hero power stand out. Quartermaster, one of the best cards to come out of the entire set, single handedly made the paladin hero power one of the strongest in the game. Just the threat of this monster forces your opponent to keep your SHK's cleared every turn in order to avoid massive value from Quartermaster. In combination with Paladin's other best card, Muster for Battle, this card is just absolutely insane. 

The second thing paladin lacked was any sort of real early game. Sure, they had access to any neutral minion that all classes did, but outside of Harvest golem there was really nothing of value late game versions of Paladin really had access to. Paladin has fairly weak card draw, so including cards of low value caused you to gas out faster than other control decks would, thus resulting in you just getting completely crushed during the later stages of the game. Also, paladin was extremely weak against really fast decks. Barring Wild Pyro equality plays on turn four (which became weaker with the deathrattle flood in Naxx) and Consecrates that usually didn't clear everything, Paladin had no real way to slow the board before getting in range of finishers. Two cards were released in GvG that completely remedied these problems. Those cards are Muster for Battle, and Shielded Minibot. Both of these cards are insane for their costs, and almost always result in value for the Paladin of some kind. Whether it be getting crazy value from Muster with Quartermaster, or Minibot just being one of the most annoying minions to deal with, Paladin's weaknesses got severely lessened with the addition of these two cards. 

All of this being said, I finally landed on a decklist to begin my climb into the December season. My winrate from rank 16 to rank 4 (just really started playing again today) has been around 80%. There is really no bad matchup that I have yet to find, but obviously Hearthstone is a card game, thus no deck can win every time. But enough talking, I give you Spacetime Paladin: The deck that Rules the World. 


EDITED 12-18-2014.

(-1 Coghammer=+1 BGH)

This decision was made for two reasons. The removal of Coghammer was due to me finding too much of a weapon flood too often. When I build decks, I try to go for as much consistency as possible. The amount of times this would conflict with Muster was too high to warrant having it any longer. And its ability, though controllable some of the time, sometimes buffs things you don't want buffed. All in all it was too inconsistent and I decided to trade it for BGH. BGH is a staple in this meta IMO. The popularity of Dr. Boom and the increased number of handlocks make him necessary in control decks.


(-1 Guardian of Kings. +1 Antique Healbot). This decision was made for a few reasons. He is better against hunter and anything really fast due to his cheaper cost and larger heal. Sometimes you want to draw no other card in hearthstone other than a healbot. And on turn 10 you can Healbot+ Belcher, Senjin, Consecrate, Truesilver, etc. With Guardian you were just playing guardian and most of the time hero power. I still like the one guardian, as a 5/6 body is a thing, and it still heals for 6 which is relevant. 


(-1 Sneeds, +1 Baron Gheddon) 

Sneed's, while probably my favorite Legendary in Hearthstone, has gotten cut for now due to the higher level of aggro matchups. This deck somewhat lacks things to go along with equality, and with Baron you can board clear and present a 7/5 all in one turn. Most equality combo's usually result in you ending your turn having developed nothing too exciting. With Baron you are putting a huge threat in play that requires a fast response. Also he gives you another BGH target to defer heat from Boom or visa versa. Granted it gives your opponent another BGH target making it more useful, Barons ability is really what he is for. Most minions that have immediate effects are pretty good, and Baron has nice synergy with Equality. It can be a bit bad with hero power, but you can usually use any existing SHK's to soften their board to 2 hp to help Baron out. 

So far I like these thee changes. It has made harder matchups somewhat easier, and the deck's matchup against control is still incredible. Anyways. Happy Hearthing!