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Highlander Quest Mage

  • Last updated May 8, 2021 (Forged in the Barrens)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Highlander Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 13660
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/8/2021 (Forged in the Barrens)
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Highlander Quest Mage by FoodNotGod

          I got bored of playing plain Highlander Mage and Open The Way Gate Quest Mage (the better quest of the two Mage quests imo) and decided to blend the two into one deck to play in the Forged in the Barrens Wild Format. It isn't saying much, but on my first run I tried this deck out in practice mode, going 19 and 1, 10 wins in normal and 9 wins in expert, sadly getting faced to death by Paladin, which may be a point of reference; face Paladin may be the tough opponent in this endeavor. I did learn something interesting when I played against Demon Hunter that I wanted to point out as a word of caution; it doesn't matter if Illidari Inquisitor is frozen when your opponent attacks with his face, he will still attack your face.

          This deck hasn't rolled through Wild Ranked yet, but the mulligans should be relatively simple. Keep low cost minions like Armor Vender, Zephrys the Great, Doomsayer and Wand Thief. In most cases your best bet is to post a Far Watch Post on the board against opponents like Murloc Shaman and Rush Warrior to slow their 'curvestone' roll.

          There are different approaches to your strategy at hand. One combo that works well both ways with the spell Cabalist's Tome is to either cast it after dropping Arcane Artificer or casting the Tome and playing Emperor Thaurissan the next turn after. A great card to play mid game is Ogremancer, granted your opponent doesn't have a sizeable board. Using Ray of Frost to freeze individual minions slows down your damage being taken. 

          The main objective of this deck is to get the spell from the finished quest Open The Way Gate and cast it after dropping Archmage Vargoth at turn 9 or 10, then using your Conjuer's Calling on Mana Giant or Molten Giant. Of course Alexstraza works well with this combination considering you may be playing against a bulked up Armor Druid.

          My humble opinion concerning our hero of the Deck, Kazakus, is to always play him on turn 4. Reason being is you run the risk of not getting polymorph all minions on spell cost 10 and potentially throwing the game. The cost 5 spell is well picked with combos like gain 7 armor and draw 2 cards. If by any means you prefer to go for spell 10, I would recommend doing so against non-face decks. 

          Overall it's fairly easy to cast at least 8 spells that didn't start in the deck. Banana Buffon can be used to buff your Taunt minions. My overall impression of playing HS off and on for almost 7 years is to not buff the crap out of a single minion, and of course avoid buffing minions that are damaged to avoid getting executed by Warrior.

          There are a few cards I would recommend switching out and trying different cards in their place. The ones I can name right off the bat as worthy replacements are Archivist Elysiana, Ice Block, Eater of Secrets and Power of Creation. I stand firm with Pyroblast staying in the deck despite its heavy mana cost.

          I wanted to point out that this deck doesn't have board stall-like cards such as Frost Nova/Blizzard and also doesn't have any draw mechanics other than the ones taken from Kazakus, Zephrys and various spells. The overall formula seemed to be too clunky with draw and stall-like cards that you can easily obtain from the discover mechanic. If anything, Reno can always be played as tempo, if not what he is notorious for.

          I can't say I have a general idea of how this deck will do seeing that it's going to start at the mere rank of 5 Silver, but I can imagine it will struggle against Mill Warlock and Silver Hand Recruit Paladin. The next few days or so I will spend logging a gaming journal to track the wins and loses, preferably 100 games played. If it turns out the deck doesn't do better than a 55% win rate, I would suggest not making the effort to try this out.

EDIT: The intent was to play 100 games, but after doing so poorly after 10 games played, I decided against playing the full 100. I'm not claiming that Questlander Mage doesn't currently work in the current Forged in the Barrens Meta, but this specific made deck may not be choice for racking up wins. I'll go ahead and list the opponents I played against for educational purposes. 

Odd Cost Rogue - Loss

Scrapyard Resurrect Priest - Loss

Obelisk Quest Priest - Loss

Dragon/Highlander Made- Loss

Strength In Numbers Druid - Loss

Basic Shaman - Loss

Raid The Sky Quest/Highlander Mage - Loss

Buff Paladin - Loss

Mill Rogue - Win

Uldum Theme Mage - Loss