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Octavian's 79% WR (22-6) - Scoundrel MVP

  • Last updated May 6, 2021 (Forged in the Barrens)
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  • 12 Minions
  • 18 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Control Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 13200
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/5/2021 (Forged in the Barrens)
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Hey guys,

If you want to reach Legend - play this deck.

Started at Rank 5 ( 0 stars) - Ended Legend ( 2853 ) with 79% WR (22-6)

If this arouses interest i can make a guide (  mulligan and game plan vs other classes).

Southsea Scoundrel is insane if you learn when to play her. 

Proof of Legend and deck stats

Wow .. thanks guys. My first deck on first page.

As promised, here are some tips to consider:

First of all -> mulligan vs DH, Hunter, Rogue, Shaman :

Against these classes the gameplan is simply to heal as in the late game you will overwhealm with your value generated cards from Draconic Studies for example. 

There are a lot of good cards to keep here :

Serena Bloodfeather, Venomous Scorpid, Mankrik, Xyrella [/card](if paired with [card]Desperate Prayer), Desperate Prayer, Renew, Holy Smite and/or Hysteria.

Against Rogue the following strategy never failed and won me every game i got to use it:

After they play Alexstrasza the Life-Binder and use Shadowstep [/card]on her, use [card]Mindrender Illucia. 99% of the time, on their next turn they will combo Alexstrasza the Life-Binder with Tenwu of the Red Smoke for 16 dmg. By playing Mindrender Illucia you just use Tenwu of the Red Smokeon her and then play her again (so he won't take advantage on any of your cards)  . GAME OVER :)

Mulligan vs Druid

You can either face a token druid or a clown druid. No matter the situation, I mulligan as if it is token : Xyrella, Desperate Prayer, Renew [/card]and [card]Palm Reading to search for Holy Nova or Condemn, Holy Smite, Venomous Scorpid and Mankrik.

If you discover that it is a clown or big druid, search for every possible spell to discover extra Hysteria, Shadow Word:Death and Shadow Word:Ruin (best option).

Mulligan vs Mage

This matchup is a tough one. Just look for as many spell generatig cards as you can and discover as many healing spells as possible. They have 6 high burn cards (Fireball, Apexis Blast and Mask of C'Thun). You objective here is to survive these 6 cards. If you'll have enough heal and you will do your math right, you will auto win the game.

Keep Desperate Prayer, Renew, Palm Reading, Venomous Scorpid and Mankrik.

Mulligan vs Paladin

As you already know, they will always have Turn one - First Day of School into Turn two - Crabrider :(.

The first thing you need to figure out (and fast) is if they are Libram or any other variation. It's very important to see when you will have to use The Nameless One.

-If they are Libram and you have The Nameless One when they use their first and/or second Libram of Wisdom, then you silence them ASAP. If they already used 3+ Librams just hold your guy and wait for the second opportunity (when they invest all their Lady Liadrin generated librams on 1 target).

-If they are NOT Libram then you will have more flexibility when considering using The Nameless One. Targets: Crabrider [/card]and buffed minions. If they play [card]Nerubian Egg, just wait for your opponent to put a Blessing of Authority on it and only then silence it.

Very Important:

1.Search hard for Focused Will with your cards that generate spells!! 

2.Use Draconic Studies only when you feel that they have an Oh My Yogg! in play. It's the only spell you can afford wasting (apart from the coin, of course).

I would keep: The Nameless One, Serena Bloodfeather, Holy Smite, Hysteria, Mankrik, Venomous Scorpid, Renew [/card] and [card]Draconic Studies (just for the reason mentioned above).

Mulligan vs Priest

As you may already know, these games are long with huge amount of value.

Mulligan hard for Southsea Scoundrel!! Other cards: Venomous Scorpid, Mankrik [/card] and [card]Raise Dead.

Game plan: Be very patient and make the most out of every card you have. if you feel that taking 10 dmg this turn and keeping Soul Mirror will make your opponent commiting more minions next turn --> do that! The Priest with more cards wins!

Mulligan vs Warrior

The most important card: Hysteria - be very smart when you use it.

Just like the example above, i prefer taking 8-12 dmg this turn, only to make him commit more minions. As they will buff their hand, look to discover Shadow Word:Death and Shadow Word:Ruin

Almost always try to use Soul Mirror on their Troublemaker. It will force them to commit resources into killing it and you will save some face dmg.

Be patient! Let them play their minions and keep killing them.

Mulligan vs Warlock

Although i managed to win 2 out of 7 games, this matchup is a nightmare.

Your strategy is in 2 steps : Make the most out of your Southsea Scoundrel and look for as many cards that generate other cards (more Raise Dead, Draconic Studies, Palm Reading and Onyx Magescribe).

Strategy to try:

Keep Soul Mirror until they have played Tikatus, or even better Tikatus + Y'Shaarj the Defiler. After that start using you Raise Dead cards and hope to hit Tikatus- make the matchup even ;) . Other than that , be the hunter rather then the hunted.Don't commit your minnions in the early game. let them attack because with so many healing solutions, it will only tickle you. The real battle is in the late to fatigue game. Make the most out of your resources.

I mulligan hard for Southsea Scoundrel and Raise Dead + every card that generates other cards/value later.


And now a few words about Southsea Scoundrel:

Before discussing how do i play her against other classes i need to point out the obvious advantages of this card:

1. Gain value with the card you discover from your opponent deck

2. They will be at least 2 cards nearer to fatigue (more if you discover copies with Raise Dead)

3.If played at the right time you have a chance of burning cards from your opponent's deck.

vs DH, Hunter, Rogue, Shaman & token Druid - I rarely play it unless my HP is stable as every card counts for this decks so i don't want to give them value.

vs clown Druid & Warrior I play her in 2 different scenarios :

either play it when the have 9 cards so they will burn one when their turn starts or play her for tempo and control the card they draw so it has minimum impact if played given the state of game from that moment.

vs Priest - I try not to play any other minion befor her so i can have more copies with Raise Dead. Priest have a hard time making their game with full hand so this way you will force your opponent to play some cards that otherwise he wouldn't, just to avoid burning others. Your opponent will not make the most out of his value cards, he will have a hard time playing cards that generates other cards so you will be in a spot where you control the game. 

vs Paladin - the only time I play her is for tempo AND if he has no/few minions and 1-2 cards in hand

vs Mage - I try to play her before any other minion (as i do vs Priest), I wait so they have an almost full hand (it will happen fast due to their draw cards) and then i try to burn some of their cards. I NEVER choose (Fireball, Apexis Blast or Mask of C'Thun) because these are my targets for my opponent to burn. Instead, with a full hand i give them either other drawing cards or i take advantage of something useless for them in the next turn, such as Brain Freeze, Font of Power or Primordial Studies). 

Your objective is not to take value cards but to burn the important ones (if possible)

vs Warlock - your purpose is either burn some cards (preferably Tikatus, Lord Jaraxxus or Y'Shaarj the Defiler) or get the first two for your own use. The odds in this matchup are not in your favour but it's not unwinable.

Don't forget!! Even if you're not able to make them burn cards, you will still make them be with at least 2 cards closer to fatigue. Also they will make mistakes with a full hand, being afraid that you will use another Southsea Scoundrelon them.

Hope this mini guide helped and once again ... thank you for the interest you showed.