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Legend Secret Miracle Rogue

  • Last updated Apr 26, 2021 (Forged in the Barrens)
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  • 14 Minions
  • 16 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Secret Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 12600
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/17/2021 (Forged in the Barrens)
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Hey y'all GamerPanda here.  I reached Legend today (4/16) with a 79% WR (22-6) climbing from D5-Legend.  I had some incredible games and wanted to share the list.  After the nerfs to Pen Flinger and Jandice Barov, I kind of abandoned the pure miracle list that received a lot of good attention on this site at the beginning of the expansion because Pen Flinger just isn't worth running anymore, though Jandice is still good at 6 mana.

I saw a list on r/CompetitiveHS about a secret miracle hybrid, altered it, then got some inspiration from a JAlexander stream, and added a couple card choices of my own to get this list. 

UPDATE 4/26: Sorry I haven't been paying too much attention here but we did hit +35 so I've added the replays as promised.  Tried to keep it to the most recent matches.  Thanks for your support. :)

Deck Summary

This deck operates very similarly to straight miracle rogue with multiple options for draw and removal, creating a board as we remove the opponents, until we can deliver the final burst damage or they can't clear us anymore.  We can use multiple bounce effects to continually generate value (Shadowjeweler Hanar), generate tempo (Jandice Barov, Greater Golem, Mankrik), or burst damage with the Alexstrasza the Life-Binder - Tenwu of the Red Smoke - Alex wombo combo.  Secrets provide us with a continual advantage of draw, removal, and a sneak bamboozle.  Slower start but powerful mid game with a goal of closing it out by 10 mana.



The miracle core is not very big- all we need are cheap battlecry and combo cards to support it. Mankrik will always be a good choice in any deck that cycles rapidly like this one.  I'm seeing Swindle run without Foxy Fraud in many lists and it's still effective on its own, especially with the discounts from Octo-bot.  Octo-bot on 2 is the ideal play as most classes can't deal the 4 damage to, leading to an eventual proc.  In the mid-late game you can self-proc with Prize Plunderer.  Aim to get at least 2 extra draws off of Field Contact, and you can even Shadowstep him to continue drawing next turn.  Mankrik is also a good target for Step.


Although Rogue got no secret support this expansion, the secret package does a great job of providing value, draw, removal, and confusion, giving us time to draw and make it to our mid game power turns. 

Blackjack Stunner is incredible for removing deathrattles or scary minions for next to nothing, and sometimes nothing after Octo-bot, and also triggers Field Contact.  With the miracle style, we often have a secret ready to play to activate it.  Don't discount stunning your own Jandice or Golem back to your hand if you have no other targets/freedom to do so for more pressure.

Hanar may not be essential but does a great job of forcing removal and causing chaos.  You can coin Hanar on 1 if you have a secret to play on 2 and very few decks will be able to kill it before you get a couple secrets in.  Otherwise I would wait until the mid-late game to get multiple secrets off, especially looking for Ice Barrier against Aggro or some of the new strong Paladin secrets.  Step Hanar to continue the secret train next turn and it will be a real pain for your opponent to deal with.  Watch out that you don't use all 5 secrets before Hanar!  Keep note when you have 1 left and do not play it without him unless you have to.

Dirty Tricks is obviously good in a draw centric deck, Ambush for easy removal can catch an Ogremancer off guard or fortify your board when you're ahead.  Not great when you've lost the board.  I love the 1x Bamboozle- it is unexpected and 4 and especially 5 drops are really good right now.  Can also help transform Jandice or one of her summons!


Recently changed Backstab to a Preparation- Backstab seemed to be underwhelming and the Prep works great as a 1 of to get a secret out for free or to combo with Swindle.  I think it will make a better impact than Backstab.

I don't think anything is a bad step in this deck.  Jandice is the optimal target still, but also great on Golems, Plunderers, Stunners, you name it.  If you use Tenwu of the Red Smoke in the early-mid game and step him, you've already got your 10-mana 16 damage combo ready.

Freeze and Plunderer take care of a lot of threats, I think these will be commonplace in Rogue so long as miracle remains popular.  With the Jandice nerf we don't have any competition for the Golem to drop on 5. The ideal curve for us is Mankrik > Kazakus > Golem > Jandice in the mid game, then big draw or secret turns as we pressure/chip face.

Kazakus is still so good that it's just something we have to run.  Best combo is usually Divine Shield/Duplicate or Lifesteal/Duplicate or X/+2/+2.  Golems are a great Tenwu or step target, especially with the +2/+2 (Wildvine) golem if you stick a board.  Tailor it to your needs- sometimes Rush or Taunt are the best way to go, and Poisonous + Deal Damage auto-kills 2 random enemy minions!

Passage is really there as an emergency button when you don't have a great play.  I think it's not as essential as it was previously but does a good job of bailing us out for now.


The Pen Flinger nerf necessitated another form of reach/burst damage.  Tenwu and Alex fill this spot and Wicked Stab is still an auto-include for crazy burst damage on 10 mana.  You do have to get a total of 2 mana discounted from Tenwu and/or Alex to do the combo on 10, either by Octo-bot or Shadowstep (most likely on Tenwu).  While I usually don't have to get this combo off to win, it may be a win condition against control.


Always:  Mankrik, Kazakus, Golem Shaper, Efficient Octo-bot, Swindle.  Can keep 1 secret if you don't have a better keep- especially Dirty Tricks to get the draw.

Somtimes: Shadowjeweler Hanar with a Secret on Coin, Prize Plunderer, Brain Freeze against aggro or Paladin in general.

Never keep Alex, Tenwu, or Jandice- too slow and you will draw into it!  I also don't like keeping Field Contact- better for a mid game turn/draw into it later.


Sparkjoy Cheat, Wand Thief, Swashburglar, Yoink!, Ticket Master, Cult Neophyte (though Mage popularity is way down it could still be good).

There is no good sub for the legendaries other than Mankrik who is free anyways!


Vs. Miracle Priest

Vs. Control Lock

Vs. Lunacy/No Minion Mage

Vs. Aggro Buff Paladin

Vs. Secret Miracle Rogue (Mirror)

Vs. Face Hunter 1

Vs. Face Hunter 2

Please try it out and let me know your feedback, but I think the deck is doing a great job as of now!  I'd be happy to do a full write-up if this list takes off.  Please leave a +1 if you like the deck!  I'll add replays at +35 and review the guide/add matchup specifics at +55.