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Renounce Council

  • Last updated Apr 4, 2021 (Forged in the Barrens)
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  • 9 Minions
  • 21 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 11120
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/5/2021 (Forged in the Barrens)
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This deck is 10 classes in 1, and is very fun to play.  It is based around Renounce Darkness and Shadow Council.  It is not supposed to be competitive, however some inclusions make it more competitive than it seems.

Mulligan for Renounce Darkness and Shadow Council, if you have one of those in your hand then try to get The Soularium and Imprisoned Scrap Imp.  The interesting part of this deck is having to make up strategies on the go based on what cards you get, yet you can still win due to the buffs and/or cost reductions on your cards.

This deck contains a lot of low cost board clears and removal to help you survive until you can play one of the 2 main cards.  If you are not under a lot of pressure, then try to play Imprisoned Scrap Imp one turn and then either Renounce Darkness or Shadow Council next turn.  Also, a great combo is to play The Soularium the turn you are playing one of those cards as the transformed cards will not be discarded.


Remember that if you play Shadow Council first and did not have both copies of Renounce Darkness in your hand you can always play it later.  Another fun card you can play to change your deck is Arch-Villain Rafaam.


An interesting thing is that since there are so many wild cards, after you Renounce there is a high chance your deck will have no duplicates, or that after a few draws your no duplicate cards will be active.  This is why this deck includes Reno Jackson, Zephrys the Great, and Dragonqueen Alexstrasza.  They are neutral and are not changed by Renounce Darkness.


These cards have made the deck much more competitive, and Shadow Council has made the deck much more consistent as well.  So overall, this is one of my favorite decks that I try to update each expansion and I think that the new expansion made this deck much better.


Finally, this deck also includes Yogg.  It is a fun card and can save you in tough situations but can be replaced.  All warlock cards except the 2 main ones can be replaced for other warlock cards, but try to make them low cost.


If you have any questions or comments please post below, hope you enjoy this deck.