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Barrens Combo Rogue

  • Last updated Apr 15, 2021 (Forged in the Barrens)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Miracle Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 8760
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 3/30/2021 (Forged in the Barrens)
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Rationale & General Play

So glad that there's been interest in my combo Rogue list! 

4/15 POST-NERF UPDATE:  The Pen Flinger nerf really hurt the extra reach that helped the deck finish matches.  I think pure miracle like this is going to see a hit, especially with the Jandice nerf on top of it.  I don't really think Rogue deserved to get hit more than Paladin and Mage :( 

I don't plan to update this list further but I think the core miracle cards will still have a place in Rogue, but we'll need new ways to push damage, right now in the form of Tenwu of the Red Smoke + Alexstrasza the Life-Binder or through cards like Oil Rig Ambusher.  Some other package is going to have to come in, and I've been enjoying a Secret-Miracle hybrid list recently.

Good luck out there!!  If I develop a new tempo list I will be sure to post it.

Current Rogue Package Options: Secrets, Combo/Miracle, Stealth, Weapon, Value, Watch Tower

Rogue is very much in a mix and match state where you could combine two packages and experiment with the results.  This deck is majority Miracle Rogue with some Tempo/Value/Shuffle inclusions.  I built this list on Day 1 and have modified it each day until I settled on this list for now. 

Our goal here is to pop off with draw, during which we create tempo, clear the opponents board, and maintain a healthy hand size. Field Contact is our cheaper, better Gadgetzan Auctioneer, allowing us to draw multiple cards in one turn.  Discounts from Efficient Octo-bot allow more cards to be played, leading to more cycling.  Ticket Master & Mankrik synergize with miracle, providing extra board pressure. Kazakus, Golem Shaper and Jandice Barov are critical tempo cards, with Jandice being the prime target for Shadowstep. Wicked Stab (Rank 1) is really a non-combo Eviscerate or 2-mana Fireball- these combined with stolen/discovered damage cards are the primary finishers.

When I was first introduced to Rogue 4 years or so ago, I was told it was a finesse class.  The deck is not as simple to pilot as a standard tempo or aggro deck, but is so fun once you get the hang of it!  Please don't let the current abysmal win percentage on HSReplay deter you- I've played for hours today and am at a 69% WR. Props to Reinan23 for his Rogue expertise and I'd like to credit JAlexander for this newest list.

Current Stats

Card Selections


Secret Passage is great for a sticky turn where nothing looks good.  Try to clear out as much as you can to thin your deck so you can draw into your Field Contact and Swindle. Opponents are terrified of Field Contact because of the massive draw you can get off of him.  A good target for Shadowstep if you want to continue the draw train next turn or it will surely be killed.  If you don't get at least 3 cards drawn off contact, it's not being used well.  There are many cheap battlecry and combo cards to enable field contact, especially after a cost reduction from Efficient Octo-bot. Be careful about your order for Pen Flinger and consider hand size so you don't overdraw!

On these field contact turns, your board and hand can easily fill up- you may need to Backstab or Prize Plunderer your own minions to make more room. 

Ticket Master is a new addition.  You should be able to get a nice board of cute Plush Bears and threaten with more board presence.  I love the bears so I'm happy to add this in, even though there is anti-synergy with Secret Passage with this and Mankrik.  Mankrik was originally removed but makes for a good replacement for Scabbs that also has cycle synergy.  3/10 is pretty fat and can put in some work.


Backstab is not a popular choice right now, but I thought it was important to maintain another 0-cost activator in the event that Efficient Octo-bot hasn't discounted the 1-cost cards.  In reviewing replays, having Backstab was more helpful than some other choices. Please see the substitutions for alternatives.  With so much draw, sometimes it's also good to be able to throw it out to thin the deck off of Secret Passage if necessary, but it almost always finds an enemy to strike, activating your combos.  

Brain Freeze is great for removing mid sized minions or freezing something scary until you can deal with it.  Ending a cycling turn with Prize Plunderer can take down large minions, especially with Shadowstep.  


Octo-bot is an ideal Turn 2 play that can be self-proc'ed by using Backstab or Pen Flinger on it if necessary, but most classes can't deal 4 damage on T2 and would rather proc it before you draw again.  At best, you get a discounted hand for later combos and early tempo. At worst, your opponent has to go out of their way and waste resources to deal 4 damage.  Less effective when played in the mid-late game unless you proc it yourself.

Wand Thief and Vanessa VanCleef do a great job of finding extra damage or the tools you need to get through another turn if you're not drawing the way you'd hoped.  Swipe some damage or a strong minion from your opponent- nobody is playing around Vanessa right now, plus she is just COOL!  


The first two cards I put in the deck when building were Jandice and Shadowstep because they are OP good together.  Jandice's 5-drop pool is small and good.  The worst thing you can get is still Blood Herald but there are so many more great 5 drops.  Abusing Jandice-Shadowstep often leads to a win. There are several other good targets if you can't combo these together, but this is the best.

Kazakus is just an all-star card.  The Golems provide incredible, flexible tempo, especially with Gromsblood (duplicate).  On curve Kazakus into Greater Golem is what we want.

Cult Neophyte is a new addition to tech against Mage or stymie spells, potentially giving us the advantage we need to push damage.

Not much to say about Wicked Stab-  it's a better Eviscerate.  If you end up going to Turn 10, it's an insane amount of unconditional face damage.  Combine these with Pen Flinger pings to deal the damage you need to face or minions.  Note:  I really hate this card, I think it's toxic, but the damage from SI:7 Agent wasn't getting us there.


ALWAYS KEEP: Kazakus, Golem-Shaper, Mankrik, Ticket Master, Efficient Octo-bot, Swindle. Wand Thief and Cult Neophyte not bad keeps in most matches

SOMETIMES KEEP:  Backstab, Brain Freeze  (vs. aggro)

Field Contact, Jandice, Cult Neophyte (vs. control)


Backstab > Guardian Augmerchant 

Mankrik or Vanessa > Tenwu of the Red Smoke

Ticket Master > Far Watch Post for more delay

NOVAThor1905 suggested using Alexstrasza the Life-Binder with Tenwu as a wombo combo for damage or healing- suggest you try it!


Vs. Control Warlock

Vs. Aggro Rogue

Vs. Lunacy Mage #1

Vs. Lunacy Mage #2

Vs. Lunacy Mage #3

Vs. Secret Paladin

Vs. Celestial Druid

Vs. Spell Damage Shaman

Vs. Kibler with Old List

Please feel free to make further suggestions for change & feedback on missed substitutions, if a variation is working much better than this, etc!  I hope this guide helps you pilot the deck better!