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Mill Rogue ft. Far Watch Post

  • Last updated Mar 29, 2021 (Forged in the Barrens)
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  • 12 Minions
  • 17 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Mill Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 7780
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 3/30/2021 (Forged in the Barrens)
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  • Emdon
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Here is my guide to use this deck and some pointers on why I chose Far Watch Post to add a little more spice to the Mill Rogue Archetype

Before that... Here's a question for you, why play Mill Rogue when it's a hard deck to maneuver and has low win-rate-%?

Answer: Because it's a different kind of adrenaline rush you get when you win via fatigue against your opponent and you get to laugh at them PLUS see their salty post in the internet after being milled to death. 10/10 will continue to troll ladder with this deck.

The Guide

You basically have nothing to do on turn 1 and 2 except to hero power and ping their faces just for laughs. If they have some cute minions on the board then remove 1 health minions with weapon or just slam a doomsayer early on turn 2 or 3 to delay the game a little bit.

If your opponent somehow has a BIG BOARD full of minions and lethal in on its way in the next turn or 2, then you play the usual Vanish + Doomsayer combo to buy you an extra turn while you figure out how to continue to annoy your opponent. It can be something like this: Preparation => Coldlight Oracle => Vanish => Doomsayer. That's a total of 9 mana, a board clear and milling your opponent (probably).

Kind reminder: The experience Rogue players also knows Preparation + Vanish + Doomsayer = 6 mana. The extra 4 mana (if you're on 10 mana) could be used to play Oracle to burn an extra 2 cards from your opponent's library.

Addtionally, Malevolent Strike, Cloak of Shadows and also Evasion are there to help you survive the game longer against mid-range / combo / control decks. Let's be real.. Mill Rogues has been traditionally been smashed by aggro decks for all these years. This deck is an anti-control & anti-combo deck.

The process of milling your opponent:

For ALL Wild Mill Rogues, our best friend is Coldlight Oracle. This is your NUMBER 1 source of milling your opponent to death!

Tips on how to properly anger and mill your opponent...

When your opponent have 8 cards in hand and it's your turn play Coldlight Oracle to give your opponent 10 cards in hand and a card burn in the beginning of his/her turn.

When you play Coldlight Oracle, always followup with either Togwaggle's Scheme, Lab Recruiter or a Shadowstep. This will make extra copies of that awesome card in your deck to further instill pain to your opponent's brain in the turns to come.

Don't self burn. It's not healthy, always check how many cards are in your hand and how many cards are left in your deck AND your opponents deck.

Face damage is NOT important, board control is. So, always trade your minions with your opponent rather than going face (Unless it's one of those super rare cases you win by minions-to-face-damage via Mill Rogue). The damage that is most important to your opponent's face is Fatigue Damage which will escalate very fast once they are out of cards.

NEVER play the first Coldlight Oracle unless you have a few combo pieces in your hands or you're confident enough to manage with the last copy if the first one dies on board.

NEVER play Coldlight Oracle unless you can BURN your opponent's card (max card in hand is 10, any extra cards drawn after 10 is burned).

Some combo play to use based on the cards in this list

[3 mana] Brann Bronzebeard followed by [3 mana] Coldlight Oracle (Both players draw 4 cards for more fun and possible opponent milling) and [2 mana] Lab Recruiter on Coldlight Oracle for another 6 Oracles being chucked in your deck for greater fun! (Note if you have shadowstep, use it on the murloc). So that's a total of 8 mana combo. Or you can just play Brann early in hope it survives until the next turn for the Oracle-Recruiter combo.

Brann Bronzebeard followed by Antique Healbot for a nice 16 health refreshment. Antique Healbot + Zilliax for an instant 14 hp (8 hp from Antique Healbot's battlecry and 6 hp from Zilliax magnetic ability with Healbot to make a 6/5 lifesteal minion with rush and divine shield is a good minion on board).

If you keep a Coldlight Oracle that has been shadowstepped, you'll have a 1 mana Coldlight Oracle in hand. Let's say it's turn 10, you can play Brann [3 mana] + Coldlight [3 mana] + Coldlight [3 mana] + Coldlight [1 mana] = [10 mana] and both players draws 12 cards! Wow! You might burn some cards of your own (like some copies of murlocs your copied earlier in mid-game) but, your opponent is burning cards to the point of no return! Brann Bronzebeard is a traditional activator for Coldlight Oracle and it can also work as a "soft taunt" in some situations.

You can use Togwaggle's Scheme on Lab Recruiter or Lab Recruiter on another Lab Recruiter to have a possible unlimited cards in your deck and see your opponent burns to death via fatigue damage. [REMEMBER: You can use Preparation with Togwaggle's Scheme].

When your opponent has 10 cards (Most probably you played a cool murloc to do this), and they have one or more minions on the board you can either Sap to destroy a minion or Vanish and destroy your opponent's board. While you're at it, play Doomsayer too to buy you an extra turn for even more milling punishment!

About Why I Included Murloc Tastyfin
This card helps you to dig your Oracles out of your deck when it's nowhere to be found. To me, this card is better than Elven Minstrel because it's drawing a specific card in your deck that you need to mill your opponent.

About Why I Included Malevolent Strike
Look, having tested this card to have a discount of mana because of copies of Coldlight Oracle in the deck is OP. "0" mana to destroy an opponent's minion will be a thing after you have multiple copies of Coldlight Oracles in your deck.

About Why I FEATURE Far Watch Post 
This card would make your opponent have a bad day with their cards costing 1 extra mana to play. It will disable combo decks and other control decks perfectly when you play Coldlight Oracle early (before they have 10 cards in hand) to mess up their rhythm. Moreover, this card can act as a "soft taunt" early game because the opponent would really like to get rid of this card as soon as possible after you play it. It saves you 4 damage to the face early on.

TECH Choices:
Skulking Geist to destroy Jade Druid players
Swap backtab with some some good cheap minions for early board control




Happy Mill Rogue-ing everyone!

p.s. I sincerely apologize for all future players who will be a victim of this deck in WIld Format