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sjow warrior god

  • Last updated Dec 20, 2014 (GvG Launch)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • 4 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 13360
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/11/2014 (GvG Launch)
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Hello guys just hit #1 legend on both NA and EU with this deck

proof:  http://imgur.com/QLaQbK4,wBtBe1d

frequently asked questions:

why 2 whirlwind?
right now the aggro decks run leaper gnome and clockwork gnome which makes whirlwind extremly valuable. Also muster for battle is staple for paladin now and lots of divine shields makes it even stronger. Also can be combined with 2 armorsmith for infinite armor and comboed with baron geddon and obviously acolyte of pain.

why dr boom? 

Best neutral legendary gvg has to offer 9/9 + 2 darkbomb in one card.

why no gorehowl with that much lifegain?

I prefer geddon instead as a 7 drop its better against aggro and since I run 2 whirlwind. Also we get less vurnable to harrison jones

Why no loatheb?

We run harrison instead. I stole the idea from the second warrior god kitkatz. Miracle druid and miracle is pretty non existant atm so loatheb loses value.  we need 3 5drops and a 5/4 compared to 5/5 is not that much of diffrence.

Subs for legendary cards. Grommash is the only real necesesity rest can be subbed for legendarys or high casting creatures with equal casting cost or gorehowl. if you dont have harrison I recommend loatheb. if you dont have alex or ysera play another big bomb not necesarry a 9 casting cost legendary.

Crafting legendar prioritys:
1. Grommash
2. dr boom (best neutral legendary and works in every deck pretty much)
3. sylvanas (its a very strong legendary and works in other decks)
4. rag ( same reason as sylvanas)

5. alexstraza

Decks and metas changes constantly but theese 4 has always been staples in warrior control.

Cards like geddon, harrison, faceless, gorehowl, troggzor, blackknight, loatheb etc are good/bad depending on the meta or what you aiming to beat.

Strong mu's:

Priest, hunter, handlock, shaman, paladin

weaker mu's:

mech mage, zoo, double combo druid but they are still about 50%

Mulligan guide top3 cards to look for:

mage: 1. fiery waraxe 2. armorsmith(keep cruel if you have coin+armosmith then coin armosmith into cruel) 3. acolyte 4. deathbite
warlock zoo: 1 fiery waraxe 2 deathbite 3 armorsmith 4 cruel
warlock handlock: 1 bgh 2 execute 3 acolyte 4 shieldslam
druid: 1 fiery waraxe 2 execute (for innervated stuff if you have cruel aswell, keep cruel otherwise not) 3 acolyte
rogue: 1 fiery waraxe 2. armorsmith 3. acolyte 4. deathbite
warrior: 1 fiery waraxe 2 deathbite 3 acolyte hard mull for theese 3 cards
priest: 1 fiery waraxe 2 deathbite 3 acolyte 4 execute hard mull for all except execute
paladin: 1 acolyte 2 armorsmith 3 fiery waraxe 4 whirlwind/deathbite
hunter: 1 fiery waraxe 2 cruel 3 armorsmith 4 deathbite
shaman: 1 fiery waraxe  2 armorsmith 3 acolyte 4 deathbite

Theres some things to keep togheter in some cases like shieldblock + shieldslam, armorsmith + cruel but if you are unsure usually just look for fiery waraxe, armorsmith, deathbite and u should be fine

check out my stream if you want to check the deck in action twitch.tv/sjow enjoy!

Latest update:

-1 shieldblock
+1 brawl

This update allows us to have 2x whirlwind and brawl without cutting any threaths.
nowadays u usually just turn 3 cycle shieldblock. A turn 3 heropower is just 3 less armor not a big deal. And having just one shieldblock allows us to win fatigue war more.