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Best Rogue Deck in Wild? 53-14 (79% WR in Diam...

  • Last updated Mar 2, 2021 (Vol'jin Patch)
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  • 22 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Odd Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 8160
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 2/11/2021 (Darkmoon Races)
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I hit with this deck legend twice (this and previous month) and I like it so much, that I want to share some thoughts about it. Honestly I think, that this deck is better than Kingsbane and its just the best deck rogue has in wild.

It is an aggressive deck with a high skill cap compared to other aggro decks and does not depend so much on the right draw like others imo. The winrate is very high (see proof below), when you mulligan correctly and know how to beat the other deck. 

I think, that Sinister_Me's list, that runs Tinkmaster Overspark and double Sinister Strike for EVIL Miscreant, is worse for two reasons: first, you don't need a card against big priest, you are anyway winning; maybe against Voidlord it would be decent, but you don't face much slow Warlocks in the current meta and the bigger question is imo, if you can really pull of the transform effect as you need it, when you have an aggressive board (what is the whole point of this deck). Second, you are missing two 3-mana cards, that can corrupt your Nitroboost Poison and give you much of the flexibility you need with the two random lackeys. I don't want to write here in detail why EVIL Miscreant is such a strong card, just point out, that my winrate with this card in the starting hand is at 100%. 


I will give a guide for 5 upvotes. I will write down the guide in parts, so be patient, if you are missing something or ask in the comments below, if something is not clear.

I will give a mulligan guide for 15 upvotes.

Why better than Kingsbane?

First of all - I think this deck is more consistent then Kingsbane Rogue. You don't have the high roll potential, but you will always have your weapon and because of that you can plan way better your future turns. Like you can notice in the matchup stats down below: I never (!) lost to a rogue and most of them were Kingsbane. Of course - in such a matchup most likely the better player will win - but besides that I think consistency is key and here shines the power of EVIL Miscreant because he can give you taunt, what is key in this matchup, and on top the lackeys will fuel your Prize Plunderer, so you can remove their taunt Dread Corsair.

Matchup - Strategy: 

Secret Mage:

The toughest matchup in the current meta besides Odd Warrior (just insta concede). You have to know, that you can not compete for board. You will always (!) lose it. So the strategy is to rush down the mage and trade only to protect your value 3-drops (Vulpera ToxinbladeHench-Clan Thug). You often can not play around secrets. If you lose your value 3-drop to Runes, you will probably lose the game, but if you don't play it on curve, you will lose anyway. But most likely the small things - when you are actually able to test for a secret - are key to win. It gives you 2 more damage when your Deadly Poison gets countered and not your corrupted Nitroboost Poison. Or not playing your charge minion into Runes, when you can drop something else before, will maybe give you lethal, before the mage outvalues you. The same is key to consider, when it comes to your carddraw spells. Or to test for Flame Ward before you play minions. Note: If the mage has set an Iceblock you will probably always lose. You can never pop and survive the next turn, because tempo and going face is so important in this matchup. But no win will be as sweet as against a secret mage ;)

Raza/ Big Priest: 

Raza is insta win. Nothing more to say honestly. Big Priest can feel like a threat, but its a very favorable matchup. I just lost once to an opponent who got extremely lucky with his draws. Basically they need Shadow Essence on turn 4/5 into Scrapyard Colossus and perfect early removal. I know - it always feels like they have, but the statistics prove, that this is not the case. And everyone who played Big Priest himself knows, that this deck is just about rolling the dice (maybe except the mirror) and against a deck that kills you at turn 5/6 you better roll good xD


I already pointed out some things about this matchup above and it's basically a race, which the better player will win every time. Even against a high rolling Kingsbane (weapon and buffs already in hand) you will always win, when you think about your and his (!) plays. That means most of time you will have to answer the question: how can I kill him before he does? As a rule of thumb: early clear his board favorably to make sure, he cannot buff a minion, till the point you can set up lethal. Knowing when to switch for face is crucial. And most often you will rely on your card draw, to find that buffs you need for the missing damage. That means, on turn 5/6 often it is better to go for the Secret Passage then to play a minion (even a good one) without direct impact on the board.

Warlock (Reno/Pain):

Imo this is either way a favorable matchup: against Glarelock it is basically a race till turn 5 and the biggest mistake is too much trading because the moment they get out their giants, you need to have lethal. They will need to have about 10-12 hp for their gameplan and this an amount of damage Odd Rogue can easily set up. Important issues you always should be aware of: they can freeze your face with Glacial Shard or set a small taunt with Voidwalker, so be prepared to play around this stuff. Against control (mostly Reno) builds you should win, as long they don't have Voidcaller into Voidlord. Reno on turn 6 is too late - no need to worry about that.

Paladin (Odd):

If the Odd Paladin draws well, you lose. No doubt about that. This matchup is all about board control. You have to kill every dude you see, so that they can not buff it and trade into your minions. You are a bit quicker on the board, so dictate the trades till you threaten lethal and you will win if they don't draw into Muster for BattleQuartermaster and establish a board.


If it is an Odd Warrior, spare your time - concede. If anyone ever won against an Odd Warrior with Odd Rogue please leave a comment below :) But I can only imagine a horrendous amount of misplays that would lead to such an outcome. Against most other builds you should be favourite. Pirate Warrior means beating down his board and you win, because his deck is all about snowballing and you are earlier online (you don't have to find your weapon ;). Control means inflicting damage as much and as fast as possible. Killing only stuff, that gives him potential value plays like Risky Skipper or Armorsmith. I'm always excited about the high damage output of Odd Rogue: you can setup 20 damage and more for next turn and your opponent hardly has an answer to everything: your weapon, your wide board, your high stated minions. 

Mulligan Guide:


In general it is more important to think about the plays you will be doing on turns 1, 2 and 3, then to look for specific cards. I never hard mulligan with this deck, but try to curve out well. Most of the time you will hp on 2, so first of all you want and need (!) an agressive 1-drop and a 3-drop. EVIL Miscreant is a bit awkward, because you never want to play him for tempo and coining on 2 means you can not hp, so I most often play him later.

  • Of course always keep Tour Guide (best 1-drop!) with Deadly Poison. Knowing that you will have a big weapon soon, you can consider keeping Cutting Class on coin.
  • If you already have a decent 1-drop (Pirate for Patches or Spymistress) you want Hench-Clan Thug or Vulpera Toxinblade. (EVIL Miscreant only on coin with Tour Guide.)
  • I always keep Leeroy Jenkins on coin. If you have a good 1- und 3-drop already, you should keep him going first too.
  • I just keep Nitroboost Poison with a 3-drop and decent plays on 1 and 2, so most of time I will pass on this one. This card is better, when you already established a board.
  • I never keep Secret Passage, but I'm not 100% sure about this, because this card has a really high wr in the starting hand. I suppose it's a win more card, because the first 3 turns are so crucial for this deck. And if you are able to passage on 4 it's often very good, but only, if you are already ahead on board and face damage.

Some Matchup considerations:

  • Against Mage you should consider their hp and not give them Southsea Deckhand as a free ping. Prize Plunderer is a different story, because this is no face damage from hand and wasting tempo on this minion is in your favor.
  • Against Priest I always keep Loatheb. If it is a big priest you often counter Shadow Essence and win. 

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