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[Guide/Legend] Enrage ETC Warrior

  • Last updated Mar 1, 2021 (Vol'jin Patch)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Enrage Warrior
  • Crafting Cost: 7820
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 2/11/2021 (Darkmoon Races)
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This is my version of Enrage Warrior, with E.T.C., God of Metal package as OTK finisher, but still, have Kor'kron Elite finisher as all version of Enrage Warrior.

2021/3/2 Update:

The first-day legend with x11 star bonus in march, EZ farming Rogues.


I feel pretty good with this deck, this got me a 1st-day legend in January, a 2nd-day legend in February, and currently, I'm playing in the top 1000-1500 legend. Have 65% WR in around 300 games on this version, I think this one with the ETC package is more stable especially vS control decks such as priests and warlocks, to have a full ETC combo as 42 dmg OTK that's mean you literally can win all matchups.


there are some games I played on the phone, so on the computer stats are approximate.

I regularly clean decks so don't be surprised to see 37-19 when it actually 300 games, besides, I change between Annhylde and Garrosh so you see different portraits.

General Gameplan & Mulligan:

Enrage warrior is strong cuz he can play both aggressive and defensive, there are 3 types of gameplan: Aggressive, Counter-Attack, Defensive.

Aggressive: This is a gameplan when you playing vS Control or OTK decks such as Duel Mage (Mozaki Mage), OTK Demon Hunter (Lifesteal Demon Hunter), Priests, Control Warriors, Galakrond/Quest Warlocks, Cheese Paladins.
Keep: Corsair Cache, Ancharrr, Sword Eater/Reaper's Scythe + Cutting Class, ETC combo pieces especially E.T.C., God of Metal when facing warlocks, Kor'kron combo pieces when facing OTK DH.

Counter-Attack: This is a gameplan when you playing vS Tempo/Board-Swarm Aggro decks such as Token Druid, Zoo Pain Warlock, Whirlkick Rogue, Tempo Demon Hunter (Soul DH/Fel DH), Pure/Broom Paladins.
Keep: Ancharrr, Risky Skipper is a must keep, Sky Raider/Armorsmith if you have Ancharrr or Risky Skipper, Bloodboil Brute if you have Risky Skipper(must keep vs Druid/Zoolock), Bomb Wrangler(must keep vs Rogue).

Defensive: is a gameplan when you playing vS pure Face SMOrc Aggro decks such as Aggro Rogue(Stealth/Weapon), Aggro Shaman, Face Hunter, Secret Mage.
Keep: Sky Raider, Armorsmith, Ancharrr, Risky Skipper, Sword Eater.

Win Conditions & Combos:

We have 2 win condition in this deck: 1st one is the ETC combo and 2nd one is the Kor'kron combo, here are some common situations:

with E.T.C., God of Metal:
E.T.C., God of Metal + Inner Rage + 2x Bloodsworn Mercenary + 2x Animated Broomstick is 5 minions under 3 ETC for 30 dmg, more if opponent have 2 attack or less minion.

E.T.C., God of Metal + Inner Rage + Shield of Honor + 2x Bloodsworn Mercenary + Animated Broomstick is 6 minions under 3 ETC for 36 dmg.

with Kor'kron Elite:
Kor'kron Elite + 2x Inner Rage + 2x Bloodsworn Mercenary that's 24 dmg finisher, if you have coin, + Shield of Honor is 33 dmg OTK.

There are a lot of different situations, sometimes you need to combine E.T.C., God of Metal with Kor'kron, sometimes you can deal additional dmg with 0-mana Bloodboil Brute if there are 7 damaged minions on board. Additionally, if you have minions that can go face, go face with them for additional dmg cuz it will still count as rush minions under Animated Broomstick.

count for lethal always when you have at least ETC and Animated Broomstick in hand, the multiplier for lethal is x2, x4, and x6, don't miscount and miss the lethal.

for Defensive play vS aggro decks, you can have Risky Skipper + Armorsmith + Bloodsworn Mercenary (+ Sky Raider or another Armorsmith) for 10+(20+) armor and 2 (3) dmg AOE.

Risky Skipper + Bomb Wrangler (+Bloodsworn Mercenary) can be endgame for Rogues and Zoolocks.

We will talk about more combos later below.

Card Selection & Replacement:

Let's in-depth look at some cards in this deck and find out the roles they played.

1. Risky Skipper:
Best card in the deck, combine with Armorsmith you can go defensive, combine with Bomb Wrangler you can go Aggressive, a very flexible card so you should use her to maximize your value. No replacement for her.

2. Sky Raider:
Best choice for 1-drop now in tempo warrior works well with aoe from Risky Skipper for additional 1 dmg and setup for Bloodboil Brute. Also, the pirates in the current standard are pretty good, the best minions from him are Risky Skipper, Hench-Clan Burglar, Hoard Pillager, Captain Greenskin, Sword Eater. Dread Corsair, Southsea Captain, Southsea Deckhand, and Skyvateer is also pretty good pirates. Kobold Stickyfinger can win easily the game vs Rogue for Self-Sharpening Sword or Control Warrior for Bulwark of Azzinoth.
Sky Gen'ral Kragg is the worst one, but I don't know why I always got him.. never lucky I guess.

3. Shield of Honor:
A really flexible card, best minions to put this on is Warmaul Challenger or for lethal finisher on Kor'kron Elite, also you can use it on E.T.C., God of Metal to pull maximum damage, or on enemy minions to make it take one more hit for lethal if enemy minion doesn't have a lot of health.

4. Warmaul Challenger/Bomb Wrangler:
Best 3-drop, first one best combine with Shield of Honor or Inner Rage, the last one is the best minion combine with Risky Skipper. The first one can trade Darkglare/Crabrider/Whirlkick Master or other core cards hard to remove currently or behind a taunt, even kill one of Jandice Barov's minion if you guess right. The last one can clean the board with bombs or deal damage to face to set up lethal, play her or better combine with Risky Skipper the turn before Mage's combo begins can force them to wait for one more turn cuz Arcane Missiles or Ray of Frost can pull out 2 bombs(or more if under Risky Skipper) that could kill Gadgetzan Auctioneer, Sorcerer's Apprentice or even Mozaki, Master Duelist to ruin their combo. Can Replace them with EVIL Quartermaster.

5. Lord Barov:
Must-have card, the only full clear removal for critical situations, best combine with Risky Skipper or Animated Broomstick. No replacement for him.

6. Sword Eater:
Perfect 4-drop for any warrior, combine with Cutting Class or Inner Rage(+Shield of Honor) + Bloodsworn Mercenary for taunt defense and strong minions vs Aggro/Tempo decks, sometimes can save you from Aggro Rogue's lethal.

7. Reaper's Scythe:
Both removal and aggressive card, perfectly counter Jandice Barov, and can set up lethal with 4(8) additional damage to the face, also pretty good if drawn by Corsair Cache, 12 dmg is huge. Also really good combo with Cutting Class, draw, and removal, or you can even keep the spellburst effect when facing tempo/aggro decks to force them to play around it and not play too many minions.


vS Demon Hunter:

OTK Demon Hunter(slightly favored matchup):
You should go full aggressive, pressure him on board. Don't try to armor up to avoid lethal, that's useless. Also, you can play Bloodsworn Mercenary on Warmaul Challenger with Inner Rage/Shield of Honor cuz now OTK DH doesn't play silence for 1 mana(Consume Magic), but you should play around it doing Shield of Honor/Inner Rage only with copy(Bloodsworn Mercenary) cuz they can discover it using Illidari Studies.

Tempo Demon Hunter(Fel DH, Soul DH)(favored matchup):
Counter-attack, Risky Skipper + Armorsmith/Bomb Wrangler should do the job well, just pressure him and finish him with E.T.C., God of Metal or Kor'kron Elite, that's shouldn't be difficult.

Aggro Demon Hunter(favored matchup):
Nah this one should be very easy, you can never lose, they just can't over tempo you cuz your minions are better, Risky Skipper is an endgame for them.

vS Druid:

Clown/Guardian Druid(slightly unfavored matchup):
Full aggressive, if they have Guardian Animals on early turns you should find your E.T.C., God of Metal combo to finish them, but mostly they just kill you with their big minions under Survival of the Fittest buff. Winnable, but depends on the druid's hand (do they have ramp cards and Guardian Animals/Overflow)

Token Druid(Gibberling/Spell)(favored matchup):
Counter-attack, Risky Skipper + Armorsmith/Bomb Wrangler are must-keep, clear and hit his face should probably win the game.

vS Hunter:

Face/Secret Highlander Hunter:
Defensive, Risky Skipper + Armorsmith and play around his secrets when clearing the board is the key to win, he will soon run of out cards in hand cuz lack of drawing, so you just maximize your value and play defensive and you will win, sometimes need to go face instead of trades to set up a possible lethal.

vS Mage:

Mozaki OTK Mage:
The same as OTK DH, but they do have Devolving Missiles to counter your Warmaul Challenger. Also, Risky Skipper + Bomb Wrangler can delay his combo cuz bombs can kill his Mozaki, Master Duelist or Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Spell Damage Mage:
This is one is similar to old Freeze Mage, so you should armor up when pressure him, removing all Spell Damage minions from the board and he just can kill you cuz it's not enough damage.

Reno Mage:
Quite unfavored, if you win you win if you lose you lose, they are so rare in the ladder so it's not a big deal to lose against them. But in many situations, your E.T.C., God of Metal combo should finish him.

vS Paladin:

Ramp Paladin:
Full Aggressive and pressure, if he got High Abbess Alura or Nozdormu the Timeless then you can't do anything, if not, you should probably win.

Broom/Pure Paladin:
This is one is unfavored in the popular version of Enrage Warrior, but favored in this one because of E.T.C., God of Metal, yes they do have big taunts with Divine Shield, but your E.T.C., God of Metal doest care about this, they can't raise their health above 30 so you can always kill him with 6 minions E.T.C., God of Metal combo.

vS Priest:

Dragon/Miracle/Control/Highlander Priest:
Unfavored cuz Mindrender Illucia, if no Mindrender Illucia they have no chance

Resurrect/Big Priest:
No Mindrender Illucia free win.

vS Rogue:

Aggro/Weapon Rogue:
so Kobold Stickyfinger from Sky Raider can easily win the game, but in most situation, you should Inner Rage/Shield of Honor on Sword Eater can copy him to get a wall of taunt with a divine shield that can be devastating for a rogue.

Whirkick/Secret Rogue:
The favored matchup, keep removal for Questing Adventurer and Edwin VanCleef and finish him with Kor'kron Elite or E.T.C., God of Metal combo is the main gameplan.

vS Shaman:

Aggro Shaman:
so rare to see, in most situations are favored matchup, counter-attack gameplan.

vS Warlock:

Pain Zoo Warlock:
Easy matchup, your Risky Skipper + Armorsmith or Lord Barov can clear his board easily and your Kor'kron Elite/E.T.C., God of Metal combo can finish him cuz he do damage to himself.

Galakrond/Quest/Control Warlock:
if Tickatus doesn't burn the core cards you win, If he do you lose. Go full aggressive to pressure him early, don't give them time to play Tickatus.

vS Warrior:

Enrage Warrior:
Mirror matchup, you should always win if they don't pressure you too hard in the early game cuz you have E.T.C., God of Metal combo to finish him.

Control Warrior:
Bad unfavored matchup, but there is a chance to win, go full aggressive and you can have enough damage to finish him with Kor'kron Elite or E.T.C., God of Metal.