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Fasst Ass Aggro Durid

  • Last updated Jan 27, 2021 (Darkmoon Races)
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  • 15 Minions
  • 15 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Aggro Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 2040
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/22/2021 (Darkmoon Races)
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  • Lucero
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The core advantage of this build is that Resizing Pouch allows for a pretty consistent usage of 1-2 more Embiggens than are normally playable by using it with one mana left. Every once in a while you are presented with a Wisp, Lightning Bloom and Desk Imp, but for the most part, you will get offered an extra Embiggen

Extra Embiggens means more consistency buffing Shieldbearer, which is your board's sole defender. In matches where you don't draw Embiggen early, Resizing Pouch guarantees Embiggen. In matches where you do draw Embiggen early, extra copies really gives you staying power into the late game. It also really empowers your Gibberling and Intrepid Initiate turns. 

Core of the deck:

Arbor Up - might seem slow in this deck, but once you blow your hand, you are often left wishing you had high cost cards on which to spend your mana. Now you have one such card. Also, sometimes you get a copy of Lightning Bloom from Resizing Pouch, which let's you play this on turn 3. Plus, it pairs nicely with another new addition detailed below.

Crabrider - another unlikely addition, but a 2-mana 1/4 with rush and windfury is good at face value. Now buff it to a 3-mana 3/6 with rush and windfury. Then you Lunar Eclipse and cast Power of the Wild and Adorable Infestation, and suddenly this is a very beefy boi.

Embiggen - makes the big bois

Resizing Pouch - allows you to play 4 copies of embiggen, or find lightning bloom for early power turns, or even moonfire for stealth rogue. This card also enables you to go into the late game with no hand. You'd be surprised what useful 5-8 drops you get from it. Getting Sphere of Sapience, which I have done at least three times, is also super beneficial. Please note that Resizing Pouch into Moonfire lethal is very pleasing.

Gibberling - go wide!

Intrepid Initiate - important early game card. nice even without a buff.

Shieldbearer and Bonechewer Brawler your board protection and the high health minions of the deck. These are the MVPs.

Voracious Reader -  your only card draw unless you get something lucky off Resizing Pouch.

Lunar Eclipse - not an obvious choice in this deck, but it gives aggro durid a minion removal and pairs quite nicely with our other spells, allowing combos that clear a minion, but still buff our board (free Power of the Wild or discounted Arbor Up). You can also pair it with Resizing Pouch for interesting combos that might generate specific answers you hope to discover. No guarantees, but sometimes worth a shot.

Power of the Wild and Savage Roar - wouldn't be aggro durid without these. Adorable Infestation also goes in this group.

Meta-dependent and tech:

Cult Neophyte - slows your opponents a tad, and can save your board when used to block a Consecration, Plague of Flames, Breath of the Infinite, etc.

Acidic Swamp Ooze - weapons are everywhere, and keeping a weapon removal seemed like a good idea. Since we no longer need a pirate combo with our weapon removal, why not a bigger minion that can get downright scary after a few Embiggens?

Guardian Augmerchant - allow a minion to trade without dying or ping an opposing minion.

Wriggling Horror - my stats suggest he could be swapped out with other cards depending on your meta. 

Animated Broomstick - if you can go wide and buff, broom is nice to deal with an opposing aggro board.

Swipe - I like swipe in the deck, but you could consider cards like Soul of the Forest, Solar Eclipse or Rising Winds.

Beaming Sidekick is in the deck to buff your Gibberling who has yet to activate spellburst; however, Kang_Diaz reports success swapping the card out for Argent Squire. He hit legend with a variation of my deck, and given that divine shield can allow a minion to act as another removal to protect important minions, this seems like a wise substitution. 

You might consider swapping for Knife Juggler or other summoning minions. I feel like given the Arbor Ups, there might be room for Dreaming Drake to add a bit more board protection. Angry Chicken might even be viable, given all the minion buffs in the deck. Have fun with it! 

(yes, I know I spelled druid incorrectly in every instance. This is a tribute to a famous druid from early WoW. Cat durid is 4 fite!)

Mulligan guide:

Generally speaking, you ideally want Embiggen or Resizing Pouch in your opening hand. Gibberling or Intrepid Initiate are the other desirable cards in your opening hand. Never keep Shieldbearer. You want him buffed. Except against other aggro, I recommend against keeping Crabrider as well.

The god hand is Gibberling, Embiggen and Resizing Pouch with The Coin.

Against aggro, hunter, rogue, or the like, you might keep a copy of Lunar Eclipse. Obviously if you are running an ooze, keep against shaman, rogue or warrior.

Against rogue, you want to go wide. Rogue has answers for single minions, but not many. For this reason, Gibberling is better than initiate against rogue (backstab bad).

Against paladin, you want initiate or Crabrider in your opening hand. Mulligan Embiggen against pally to find a minion unless you already have initiate in hand.

Warlock can be zoo or control, so it's a tricky mulligan. I usually go for the standard hand in this one (as detailed in the first mulligan paragraph).

Against priest, you want an answer to their 3 health early minions, so keep lunar if you get it, and look for initiate. Or if you have the makings of a fast hand that will allow you to burn, you can go that route too.

Against demon hunter or non-demon hunter, you are in a race to the finish. You want to go wide early. Initiate is a little better against demon hunter than Gibberling due to his hero power.

Shaman is another tricky mulligan because burn/spell power, totem, evolve and even murloc are all out there. Generally, I keep Crabrider in this matchup.

This is a make it or break it deck. You want to go fast, so there isn't really a different strategy against control. In fact, against control you want to try to go even more balls to the wall to end the game early. Caveat: Against buff decks, make smart trades to control board!

Update: the deck is so so. I had some epic and fun matchups. Sometimes I won in 3 minutes. Sometimes I won in 9-10 minutes (it can last into the late game if played properly), but overall, there are simply too many bad matchups in the meta. Paladin is bad, priest is bad, shaman is bad, warlock is generally bad, although I won a fair against lock as well. Just certainly not a deck to try to climb ladder. 

Update 2: actually, who knows. Maybe I just hit a bad streak of pallies and priests. After looking at the stats, except for those two and shaman, I had winning records. Shaman didn't feel bad, just went 1-3 against them. Still only have 30 games under my belt and currently sitting at 47% WR, which ain't enough. I'd certainly recommend playing around in casual before taking it to ladder. 

Update 3: Nearly 200 games and I am at a 58% win rate. The latest versions are running around 62% winrate with 70 games, and I climbed to diamond 3 with it currently. Hoping to hit legend with my homebrew, but who knows!