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Highlander Druid (Legend)

  • Last updated Jan 8, 2021 (Darkmoon Aggro Changes)
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  • 14 Minions
  • 16 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Highlander Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 15540
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/7/2021 (Darkmoon Aggro Changes)
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    NightKnight #142953

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Firstly I would like to say that If you guys do not have Kiri, Chosen of Elune it is fine. You can replace it with Solar Eclipse. The main reason for that card is it gives us Solar Eclipse and we can use that for Cenarion Ward or if you have 10 mana you can play Forest Warden Omu+playing anything for 2 mana but NOT spells (I recommend Hero Power) and just play Solar Eclipse then the Forest Warden Omu will refresh your mana crystals and you can play Survival of the Fittest. You guys might be wondering why is there Imprisoned Satyr in the deck trust me it helped me win a lot of games but you need to be careful when to play it though because if you have Animated Broomstick in your hand it is very risky to play Imprisoned Satyr. So make sure you guys play Animated Broomstick first. You guys might be wondering why is there no Acidic Swamp Ooze in the deck the reason is I don't see any EVOLVE SHAMAN in this season or in my server that much.

Mulligan Guide

SHAMAN: Swipe, Zephrys the GreatBEEEES!!!Wild GrowthOvergrowth and Wrath always try to keep removal cards. Same thing goes for ROGUE


DEMON HUNTER: Crystal PowerOverflowWild Growth and Overgrowth and Zephrys the Great make sure you guys have enough Healings. Same thing goes for Hunter


DRUID: I know this sounds crazy but keep Wild GrowthGuess the Weight, OvergrowthWrath and Overflow just try to draw Survival of the Fittest and Carnival Clown. The key to win is ramp as fast as possible and play Survival of the Fittest then Carnival Clown. The one who does this first should be the winner


PALADIN: Wild GrowthOvergrowthSpeaker Gidra, Lunar Eclipse and Zephrys the Great make sure you do not leave any minions on your opponents Board If not they are just gonna Buff them and it will be harder for you to kill later on


PRIEST: Guess the WeightNature StudiesWild Growth, Overgrowth and Elise the Enlightened make sure you just ramp and draw cards


WARRIOR: Zephrys the GreatNature StudiesWild GrowthOvergrowth and Kiri, Chosen of Elune when playing Zephrys the Great you need to play it wisely because most probably you need that for Rattlegore and (IMPORTANT TIP) sometimes when you play Carnival Clown after playing Survival of the Fittest you need to play around Bladestorm by Dealing some damage to your own Clowns using Wrath or Lunar Eclipse


MAGE: Guess the WeightWild GrowthOvergrowthInnervate and Speaker Gidra Innervate is to play around Counterspell if you have The Coin you no need


WARLOCK: Speaker GidraSwipeImprisoned SatyrOvergrowth and Wild Growth make sure you give enough pressure and as much Damage to the face before turn 8. Because he is gonna Twisting Nether. The best turn to play Imprisoned Satyr is on turn 7



There are 3 possible Win Conditions in this deck

1) Playing Survival of the Fittest and Carnival Clown especially ROGUE and DRUID cannot do anything with that.

2) Corrupted Cards. The best hand to copy using Elise the Enlightened is Zephrys the Great, Y'Shaarj, the DefilerDragonqueen Alexstrasza for more Value. Do also remember that what are the Corrupted cards you have played and your hand is not that full before playing Y'Shaarj, the Defiler.

3) Yogg-Saron, Master of Fate. I don't know whether this is really a Win Condition or not but it made me lose and win a lot of games at the same time.

Reason I don't run Acidic Swamp Ooze and Nourish is because I don't see any EVOLVE SHAMAN in this season or in my server that much. And Nourish is because It is not worth to gain 2 mana crystals or Draw 3 cards for 6 mana and you already have OvergrowthWild GrowthGuess the Weight and Overflow that is pretty much enough. And more over you have Elise the Enlightened which duplicates your hand.