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80% Winrate Zoo [Guide update]

  • Last updated Jan 3, 2021 (Darkmoon Aggro Changes)
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  • 22 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Zoolock
  • Crafting Cost: 4940
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/28/2020 (Darkmoon Aggro Changes)
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This is my first upload, if this receives 5 upvotes I'd be happy to do a guide for you all :)

Proof of winrate (couldn't work out how to make image show)

The upvotes were received, and now I shall attempt to make a guide that is at least above average.

Before I start I just want to say I'm happy this deck has received so much popularity recently, on deck list websites and youtube. I am however unhappy that I keep losing to the deck I uploaded myself :) 

So as zoolock you're essentially a full aggro deck, although it doesn't feel as bad when you need to trade as it does with a full face hunter (gross)

I've found this deck does well in almost all matchups, only struggling when the other player has enough clears in a row to stabilise and continue clearing everything you play.

Your starting hands against all classes and deck types will almost always be the same, and you have a few variations of your own playstyle in the following turns with Expired Merchant

Expired Merchant is fantastic when you find yourself wanting to draw cards, through discarding Hand of Gul'dan, getting two back and discarding again with Nightshade Matron
This easy card draw combo allows you to stay on the aggressive with several cards per turn since in the best case scenario is a post-poned 9-card-draw.

Another way I've found Expired Merchant to be useful is combining it with Flesh Giant or Revenant Rascal against when you'll be playing a bit of a slower game.
As a control player for the most part, I can tell you honestly that getting hit with Revenant Rascal 3 turns in a row is not what you want to see.

Don't be too concerned with using Soulfire on enemy minions. I found I rarely used it to kill the enemy hero, it was mostly for clearing taunts and other annoying minions to allow my other minions to stay alive, even if it meant a bit less damage that turn.

Wriggling Horror placements are important and can be the difference in winning or losing a game.
Buffing your standard minions rather than Kanrethad Ebonlocke and Darkglare I found is usually better because they're high targets for your opponents. They usually won't stick for very long, so if you can buff a Flame Imp and Voidwalker over those two you will have a better chance at having continued damage.
Another little mechanic against warriors is to actually keep your Tour Guide as a 1/1. Blade Storm can be devestating to us so having that 1/1 body on board as a buffer for the blade storm is so annoying for them to deal with.

Tour Guide in your starting hand is interesting. I usually don't look to start with this in my hand unless I know I can make a play with Darkglare . For me I like to play this card when I can follow up the following turn with Darkglare for an extra mana, to play two 2 drops on turn 3.
Your turn could look like this:
1: Flame Imp
2: Tour Guide and Voidwalker
3: Darkglare into hero power and Wriggling Horror

Darkglare is a super fun card, allowing you to play extra minions and get such an insane amount of tempo out. Two Darkglares on board combined with Raise Dead and Kanrethad Ebonlocke just spirals out of control forcing your opponent to just cry as they lose on turn 5.

For me, turn 5 was where the magic happened. Most of my wins happened on turn 5 when you start with 2 minions, Wriggling Horror , discard whatever is in your hand to allow for Wicked Whispers and just take them to pound town.

As with all decks, usually aggressive, you need to be careful not to over-extend against certain decks. If you're against priest, playing your whole hand of 2 health minions on turn 3 is just asking for Holy Nova
If you decide to over extend, usually playing more than 4 minions, make sure you have a decent back up plan. It can be very difficult to come back with this deck once your board is empty. It's possible, and I have done it, but it can be difficult because every turn you're looking for more cards to play they're just becoming more and more out of reach for you.

I hope this small guide was helpful for you all, feel free to ask any questions and leave any feedback for me - I am happy to edit and add in more to the guide if anyone wants some more depth on anything.

Good luck with the climb everyone :)