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Anti-Evolve Silas Warrior

  • Last updated Jan 2, 2021 (Darkmoon Aggro Changes)
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  • 15 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Control Warrior
  • Crafting Cost: 14080
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/27/2020 (Darkmoon Aggro Changes)
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  • GerryL
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This is a CW that has OTK win condition with Silas as another.

This deck is very difficult to play, but it's really cool.

There are too many Evolve Shaman and double Kobold Stickyfinger wins a lot of games in round 5. I think the Warrior is the best class to play Kobold Stickyfinger because it is drawn by Ancharrr.

Even without Kobold Stickyfinger this deck is able to win vs Evolve Shaman thanks to all the removals of the CW.

In this replay there is what this deck would like to do vs Evolve: make it concede in turn 6 XDD https://hsreplay.net/replay/7kBuYiF7fuNZLe9itkL3wX  but it doesn't always happen unfortunately 

Stage Dive draws Kargath Bladefist or Kargath Prime



When you have enough armor the OTK combo is play Soulbound Ashtongue then Silas Darkmoon and Shield Slam up Soulbound Ashtongue.

To make that much armor you have to play Risky SkipperArmorsmithBloodsworn Mercenary on Armorsmith. In addition to hero power, other ways of making armor are EVIL Quartermaster, Shield Block, Kargath Prime. To keep your armor for the combo Bulwark of Azzinoth it might help

But in some matchups there will be no need for the combo to win and don't worry about playing combo pieces. Against Aggro just make armor and remove board. While against Warrior the most important win condition is stealing Rattlegore with  Silas Darkmoon and doing in the same turn Bloodsworn Mercenary .


To Play CW well you have to play the removals at the right time and you have to know how to dose them. Don't be afraid to take some damage to make your opponent play more before Brawl. But at the same time you don't have to be too greedy and keep all removals in hand. One thing I often like to do is play Bulwark of Azzinoth and the next turn do a full removal.

But the most important thing to make a CW work is to draw well with Battle Rage. Your dream in every game is to do Risky SkipperArmorsmithBloodsworn Mercenary on Armorsmith and Battle Rage to draw 5 cards. But use it in other ways too, the important thing is to draw !!! (e.g. Risky Skipper + Kargath Bladefist and  Battle Rage to draw 3 cards)


The general mulligan is: Ancharrr, Corsair Cache, Risky Skipper, EVIL Quartermaster, Minefield. If you already have Risky Skipper you can think about keeping Battle Rage. But the mulligan changes a lot from matchup to matchup.

VS Shaman just keep Kobold Stickyfinger, Ancharrr, Corsair Cache

1/1:   I changed Deathwing, Mad Aspect for Rattlegore  because I found Warlocks and Rattlegore  is indispensable. Then there are a lot of Combo Rogue that don't play neither Blackjack Stunner nor Sap and thus Rattlegore you win the game on the spot