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D5-Legend Highlander N'zoth Lock w/Tickatus

  • Last updated Nov 30, 2020 (Darkmoon Faire)
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  • 23 Minions
  • 6 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Mill Warlock
  • Crafting Cost: 21420
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 11/30/2020 (Darkmoon Faire)
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Whaddup my wild Hearthstone buddies,

I'm a casual player who only plays on my phone, so I don't have any official stats, but this is my own variation of a Highlander Lock deck that I climbed to Legend with in a few days from D5. I probably only lost about 15 games or so. I'm pretty sure I went through D3 and D2 with only one loss.

I can build a guide, but with the meta it's pretty simple. If you are playing against druid, mage, lock, warrior, demon hunter, pally or rogue assume you are playing against an aggro deck and mulligan for board clear and low cost cards to include: Zephrys the Great, Defile, Dark Skies, Kobold Librarian, Mistress of Mixtures, and Fire Breather. If you have other clearing cards or zephyrs you might want to keep Reno Jackson, especially if you have coin, but often against agro you won't make it to turn 6 if you don't have clear. Aggro druid with the right draw has killed me by turn 4 many times. Also with agro, if you can clear 2 1/1's at turn 2 with defile, do it. I can't tell you how many times i left 2 1/1's up and it ended me when I could've cleared. 

Against lock it seemed to be a higher chance of disco lock than tickatus lock, which is insane to me, but if you are facing a tickatus lock usually the first one to activate Tickatus wins. I only won one game in a mirror match when I activated Tickatus 2nd, because I got better value and was lucky enough to use him with Bran on turn 9. 

Against control you want to activate Tickatus ASAP. Tickatus here has insane value but don't get hung up on doubling him or using him more than once if you are needing to stay alive. This deck has many ways to double his effect: Felosophy (doesn't matter if you get +1/+1, just use it to double Tickatus against control), Brann Bronzebeard+ tickatus, Tickatus + Zola the Gorgon. I did play against a Jade Idol druid and I happened to use Felosophy on Tickatus -> Brann Bronzebeard behind a taunt (he couldn't clear Bran) -> Tickatus +zola for a burn 10 and 2 more Tickatus, he couldn't shuffle Jade Idols because I would just burn them and he forfeited. You could also happen to get Tickatus from Raise Dead, but I never depended on that, though it did happen once.

Raise Dead is an insane card. Use it early to get back the best minions you've played. Also I use it as a buff against Counterspell with secret mages, and against Oh My Yogg!. Most of the time, getting it cancelled allows me to play the spell I need to clear. 

Kobold Librarian is always good for turn 1

Mistress of Mixtures is always good for turn 1 into druid, discolock, odd pally and other aggro decks. It's a solid 2/2 and allows you to use your hero power twice for free more often than not. 

Dirty Rat can break up combos. I don't mulligan for it ever but it has saved me against agro because it's a huge taunt, especially if aggro druid only has 1 card in hand which is most often a spell. I try not to use it unless I know I can clear what comes next, but desperate times call for desperate measure. Using it on a Raza priest and getting Raza the Chained out is almost a guaranteed victory. Pulling Spawn of Shadows is just as useful as it destroys their OTK. Using it against a lock is risky but you can pull out Tickatus and then feel safe after you clear. It is a great combo breaker.

Gnomeferatu has won my so many games. Use it whenever you want, but against a priest try to wait until they use Lorekeeper Polkelt and you will likely burn Shadowreaper Anduin, especially if played with Brann Bronzebeard. I can't say how many times someone has conceded after this little guy burned an essential card. 

Kanrethad Ebonlocke has won me at least one control game. He doesn't seem super important in the deck, just a minion with a late game effect. 

Zephrys the Great is key. I always keep him. You have to be aware of the cards he gives. For example if you want a Hex, play him on turn 6 into a big priest that has a minion out with deathrattle. If you play him on turn 5 you won't get Hex unless you play him at the end of your mana pool. On turn 10 if I want hex, I burn 4 mana first, then use him. If you are lucky and have Brann Bronzebeard down you can get the card you need twice. But more often than not, he is for wave clear. Turn 5 he gives you lighting storm for example. Just be aware of the cards he'll give based on the mana you have left after you use him. A zero cost Silence can be great in the right situation. I will also not hesitate to use Raise Dead if zephrys is the only minion in my graveyard.

Doomsayer also is awesome. I don't typically mulligan for it, but if it's in my hand against aggro I will keep it if I have other useful stuff. Using it on turn 2 against aggro is good, or behind a taunt. Also be aware if you drop this guy against control for a free turn they may Dirty Rat what is in your hand. 

Brann Bronzebeard is great. Don't be afraid to put him down if he is the only minion against aggro. They usually will focus him and not your face. But get value with him against control. Use him with Gnomeferatu, zerphrys the great, Zola the Gorgon, Kazakus and especially Tickatus for devastating effects. 

Dark Skies is great against aggro. Just be wary of secrets that cancel it out. Also don't be afraid to use it even to clear a few amount of minions or if it doesn't clear all minions. It can be used with Defile for great effect, just be good at 3rd grade math. 

Zola the Gorgon is awesome, use her on any minion you want. Against agro it could be a 2nd Doomsayer, Kobold Librarian or even a Gnomeferatu, just put the minions down if you don't have any other option!

Cascading Disaster is good, better against midgame and control, but also it can come in clutch against aggro. I don't usually get the triple effect against aggro, but even after using Zilliax you'll get to kill at least 2 minions. 

Eater of Secrets is my tech card. There are a ton of secrets in the meta right now. Getting rid of 2 secrets vs a secret mage usually always wins the game. I will keep this in my hand against a mage, but not for any other class. I probably won half of the games against secret mages. 

Fire Breather is awesome. I would keep against druids and odd pallies. He can't be negated, you can double him with Felosophy which you should do if you have it against aggro. Be sure to not lose this guy to Voidcaller. I lost one game against an aggro druid because I used Voidcaller since his board wasn't too scary and then I tried to clear with voidcaller and pulled firebreather like a noob (but as I say, I play on my phone and my kids' attention trump hearthstone wins).

Kazakus is also awesome. I find myself wanting 1 and 5 cost spells the most in this current meta. 1 cost spells that do 2 damage to all minions and 3 damage, or rez one friendly minion, and 5 cost that clear with 4 damage to all minions, and 5 damage, or rez 2 friendlies. You can use him for card draw, and if you are playing into locks or big priest or big anything, get a 10 cost board clear. Transform them into sheep and the rest doesn't matter. I often prefer to rez three minions here than to clear 6 sheep, because I'll often get taunts rezzed or even a minion I want again with Zola the Gorgon.

Voidcaller is tricky. He is a must for the deck but you don't want to pull Tickatus or Fire Breather with him. Often if I'm playing I'll use Voidcaller then use Felosophy if Tickatus is at risk to get a 2nd Tickatus. but typically you want to pull Voidlord, Enhanced Dreadlord or Mal'Ganis. Funny enough he has been way more help than a hindrance. 

Reno Jackson- self explanatory. Use him early to get better value. So many times I've held on to him just to lose to a Leeroy Jenkins or some other card I should've realized they were going to play. 

Khartut Defender is awesome in the midgame. It protects your face up to 3 times and heals you for 6. Also great value with N'zoth the corruptor since N'zoth can pull 2 of these guys even though you only played 1

Tickatus is the center of the deck against control. If you burn 10 cards it is 99% a win as long as you don't use him when you are in danger of dying.

Lord Godfrey also is awesome, he clears board and activates tickatus. Mostly used against disco locks and odd pallies, maybe against a secret mage. If you make it to turn 7 against aggro you most likely will win especially if you drop this bad boy. Against control don't hold on to this. Use it just to activate Tickatus if you can. 

Siamat is also a sticky minion. If you are playing against aggro try and decide if you want taunt+divine shield vs windfury+rush. Don't give him rush and windfury and kill him on one minion, you may want rush +divine shield. He also activates Tickatus, so use him for that effect as well. 

Enhanced Dreadlord is awesome, a taunt that gives you life steal with his follow up minion. Use to activate Tickatus, or pull with voidcaller against aggro for an almost garanteed win. 

Twisting Nether is definitely a control card. I used this mostly against big decks and other locks. It also activates Tickatus.

Voidlord is almost always a guartanteed win against agro if you pull him with Voidcaller. Just a good late game card and early game card pulled from voidcaller. I don't usually want to use Felosophy on him unless I have no other choice.

Mal'Ganis can save you against a lot of decks. Raza priest comes to mind. It will slow his damage for one turn before you can use Bloodreaver Gul'dan. I see a lot of decks pulling him out but I like the immunity he provides late game, plus the awesome buffs to your minions. I do love using Bloodreaver Gul'dan one turn before him, then pulling him for free with a voidcaller if you can afford to do it this way. He also can activate Tickatus, he's rarely a bad turn 9 play

Bloodreaver Gul'dan is the reason I love to play warlock. If you can get to this stage against Raza the Chained Priest you'll most likely win. That is true against most decks in this meta. I love this card.

N'Zoth, the Corruptor also wins against control. There are so many control decks in this meta and he is great against them. I don't even mind if he gets pulled by Dirty Rat because he is so sticky. You can also get him back from Raise Dead or Zola the Gorgon.

Overall, this deck is versatile and fun to play. Feel free to move stuff around for your own playstyle and as the meta changes. Have fun and stay Wild!


This is my first post so don't judge me to harshly. Also I'm super casual and I'm sure there are a ton of better choices, but hey, it got me legend again.

Hit me up with any suggestions.