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Guide | Yogg Spell Druid | 9-1 (D10 to D5) | DMF

  • Last updated Nov 17, 2020 (Darkmoon Faire)
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  • 7 Minions
  • 23 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Spell Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 6940
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 11/17/2020 (Darkmoon Faire)
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My greetings. My name is xClusive, and I spend my time on Hearthstone primarily creating my own decks. The remainder I like to spend on decks from other deck builders. I have the most fun when making a variation on an already established archetype, tweaking it when new expansions arrive, and just overall having fun with my own creations.

Speaking of having fun, this deck, oh boy. Since it's extremely early into the new expansion, I of course won't make a claim about its success. What I can tell you however, is that I picked this on ladder and went 9-0 straight, only to lose to one hyper Aggro Demon Hunter. This compelled me to share the deck with you, as I am very open to changes and the experience of others with this deck.

Yogg Spell Druid leans on a previous build, that employed the combo of Exotic Mountseller with several low cost spells, such as Bogbeam and Ironbark. As it turns out, Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse fit in really well in that deck, while using Yogg-Saron, Master of Fate as your potential finisher. Usually however, ramping and making full boards while the opponent is on 4 mana does the trick.

Win Conditions

The deck has 3 win-conditions, with one of them being questionable.

  1. Ramp & Swarm
    This is the main goal of the deck; ramping up fast to your power turn 7, while the opponent is in your rear view mirror with a lousy 4 mana to spend. Once the board is set, and your opponent is unable to remove said board, Savage Roar(s) come in for the kill.
  2. Ysera
    When swarming isn't happening, most likely to poor draw, ramping will also enable an early Ysera, Unleashed. Combined with our draw engine, you'll see those 7 dragons on board within no time.
  3. Yogg-Saron
    If all else fails, praise Yogg! Because of our large amount of spells in the deck (23!), Yogg will be active in a mere few turns. Don't be afraid to drop him if he's all you got at any given point.

General Strategy & Mulligan

As mentioned above, the main goal is to swarm the board as fast as possible. This makes our strategy quite simple, and our mulligan even more so. You need ramp! Always keep Overgrowth and Breath of Dreams. If you have Overgrowth, you can keep Lightning Bloom. If you have both Breath of Dreams and Overgrowth, you can keep Ysera, Unleashed and/or Exotic Mountseller.

See where I'm getting at? Obtaining the ramp cards is vital to our gameplan. Don't be seduced to keep cards like Kiri, Chosen of Elune, or Crystal Power to eliminate some early minions. We are NOT a Control deck. If we don't find ramp, we lose. To help you a bit further, I have set up 4 buckets of our cards down below, to explain the importance of some of them. You NEED cards from bucket 1, and only if you have them, you can keep cards from bucket 2. Bucket 3 cards can be kept ONLY if you have a copy of each card from bucket 1. Never, never keep cards from bucket 4.

  1. Breath of Dreams, Overgrowth
  2. Lightning Bloom, Nature Studies, Glowfly Swarm, Emerald Explorer
  3. Exotic Mountseller, Ysera, Unleashed, Solar Eclipse
  4. Crystal Power, Ironbark, Lunar Eclipse, Bogbeam, Savage Roar, Kiri, Chosen of Elune, Overflow, Yogg-Saron, Master of Fate

Card Choices & Notable Synergies

  • Lightning Bloom: Essential to our deck, works great with pushing Ysera after Overgrowth. Is also a 0-mana spell that is good for Mountseller.
  • Crystal Power: Valuable healing card, or a good chip-damage card for enemy minions. 1-mana spell for Mountseller.
  • Nature Studies: Can grab you some good value. Search for Overgrowth if it's not in your hand, or other low cost spells for Mountseller.
  • Breath of Dreams: Still one of the best cards for Druid right now, even if there are only 3 dragons in the deck.
  • Ironbark: Becomes 0 mana when you have 7 mana. Great card for Mountseller, or a good aggro-stopper on big minions.
  • Lunar Eclipse: As all spells, best used when doing the Mountseller turn, but can be used to chip away some damage at your enemy's hero's dispense. Combo with Lunar Eclipse for 6 damage.
  • Solar Eclipse: Great card to combo with Breath of Dreams, Glowfly Swarm or Savage Roar.
  • Bogbeam: Becomes 0 mana when you have 7 mana. Great card for Mountseller, or a good tool to do some damage to minions.
  • Savage Roar: One of our win-conditions. Mind the combo potential with Solar Eclipse.
  • Kiri, Chosen of Elune: Mostly in here because I love this card. I'm not sure if it's good enough, but can fill up turn 5 mostly.
  • Overgrowth: Our main ramp-engine.
  • Glowfly Swarm: A swarming tool.
  • Emerald Explorer: A solid dragon with Taunt, and good stats. If you're lucky, it will grant you another Ysera.
  • Exotic Mountseller: One of our main win-conditions. The 3-mana Beast pool has some bad minions, but also some much needed Taunts. And remember, every minion becomes deadly when you have Savage Roar in hand.
  • Overflow: Nutty card. Best played after dropping Ysera.
  • Ysera, Unleashed: Druid's best card. There, I said it.
  • Yogg-Saron, Master of Fate: Because PRAISE YOGG!

Strategy vs. Meta Decks

Will be added once the meta settles a bit.