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LEGEND Thief Priest

  • Last updated Nov 21, 2020 (Darkmoon Faire)
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  • 15 Minions
  • 14 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Galakrond Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 13120
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 11/8/2020 (Scholomance Academy)
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  • Olwen
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Hello everyone, 

here is a priest list if you want to climb legend before the new expansion ! 

Down below, you'll find in order : 

 I ) A small presentation of the list, with proof of the climb to legend, along with some tips.

II ) A guide on how to mulligan and apprehend every class matchups

III ) A category that talks about latest changes, some thoughts on how to improve the list, which cards could fit there etc... 



⚠️ 22/11/2020 : As I mentionned, I'm currently doing many tests ( and it's taking me some time because I lost many ranks, and tilted a bit... :') ) and I believe I might have found a decent way to play a "stealing priest" in this new meta, that includes cards from MDF. Went 5-0 with a new list this evening, I'll play more games tomorrow, and might write a new guide soon. :) 

In the meantime, if you'd like to see some priest tests, priest shenanningans lists, with the new cards, I'll be streaming a bit everyday on this channel playing only priest lists, trying to create fun/new archetypes : https://www.twitch.tv/elhwing 

French is my mothertongue, but I also like speaking english, so don't hesitate to drop by if you don't mind hearing a french accent ! :) 



I - Quick presentation of the list 

It's a galakrond list, with invoke synergies, and you'll also find a few tech cards to improve your winning chances against certain match-ups ( such as Acidic Swamp Ooze , Kobold Stickyfinger or Headmaster Kel'Thuzad

As always for priest, you need to play with your hand only, because this class doesn't have any good drawing tools. Therefore, it  means that you should always keep in mind what are your opponent's threats, and which one will be the next, when you think about using your removal cards, thinking about whether cleaning the board or developping your minions etc... 

LEGEND EDIT ( 10/11/2020 ) : 

I used a former version of the list to climb from plat to diamond 4 ( see changes down below ), but I decided to tweak it a little after facing some matchups, to climb the last steps before legend rank ! :) 

80 % winrate from diamond 4 to legend. 


Every card isn't mandatory, don't hesitate to ask for any substitute in comments ! :)

In slow matchups, a really strong play is the following one : 

The idea is to reduce once the mana cost of Headmaster Kel'Thuzad and Soul Mirror with the Fate Weaver. Once it is done, when your opponent develops a big board, you can play Kel'Thuzad and Soul Mirror during the same turn, and it'll summon every minion that died, meaning that you'll often get a full board after this, it's not as strong as King Toggwaggle for Rogue, or Dr. Boom for Warrior, but if you manage to bait big removals of your opponent first, it'll be quite surprising ! :) 

Of course, the list can win games without playing this combo, just wanted to highlight it, good luck in your games fellow priest players ! 


II - How to mulligan against every class 

In this category, I'll try to give you some tips about what seem the best plays, the best cards to keep in hand when you are playing this list according to me. 



- Disciple of Galakrond

- EVIL Conscripter

- Wandmaker

- Vulpera Scoundrel


- Madame Lazul

- Renew

- Penance

- Thoughtsteal


- Acidic Swamp Ooze & Kobold Stickyfinger

- Shadow Word: Death

- Raise Dead

In general, you always want to get your small cost minions in hand at the start of your game, that includes Disciple of Galakrond and EVIL Conscripter or Wandmaker but I'd also recommend keeping 3 mana minions, especially if your other cards are "big" ones that you can't play early. If you already have at least one small minion, it's often a good idea to keep Raise Dead too, since it's stronger to play it early for two reasons : the damage you take while playing it is easier to tank in first turns, and there is no RNG involved when you have 1 or 2 minions in your "death pool", which makes it even better ! :) 

The worst case you want to avoid, is having only big cards ( 4, 5 mana cost and more ) in your starting hand. For this reason, when I get Thoughtsteal in the first cards shown before mulligan, along with heavy cards, I usually keep it, because against most classes, playing it on turn 2 is better than healing yourself, and it might give you cards to play for your turn 3 and 4. Unless you have your 2 Disciple of Galakrond in hand ( or one disciple with raise the dead ) never keep Fate Weaver. He does have a nice body, but without playing its effect, it's not really interesting. However, if you do have him in hand early, and have nothing else to play, if you are not playing against a slow/value list, you should always drop him turn 4, simply to develop a minion and try to win some time. 

Click the spoiler thing to see how to mulligan against every class specifically along with some tips. 

Warrior : 


Good/balanced matchup, your stealing cards are quite efficient against those lists ( bomb warrior mostly, sometimes big warrior ) 


Keep your small minions of course, and you should always keep your "breaking weapons" cards against them, Kobold Stickyfinger on turn 4 ( with coin ) or turn 5 often gives you the lead. Keeping Madame Lazul is also good against him, cause he'll often play his 2 mana spell on curve to draw his 4/2 weapon, stealing a copy of it is usually a good play. 


Paladin : 


Your stealing cards are insane against pala libram, very few bad cards for you to steal. 


The MU can get hard if he draws every card that reduces the cost of his librams on curve, but the gameplan is easy to follow : he can only threaten you with minions ( apart from the 4/2 weapon ) so your goal is to trade as much as you can, you'll outvalue him. 


Keep small minions to develop early board, but keeping Penance is good to manage early, keeping Shadow Word: Death can give you a lot of tempo if he tries to play big minions early. I wouldn't recommend to keep it in mulligan, but Shadow Word: Ruin is kind of aimed for this MU, drawing it early is usually good. Breath of the Infinite can be helpful early aswell.


Rogue : 


Not so funny matchups... If it's a Galakrond list, you can play the game, Thoughtsteal can be crazy good against this list, Murozond the Infinite can be gamebreaker here ( a rogue tha plays polkelt into drawing 3 cards for 0 mana into Galakrond for instance ), but the game will often be decided around turn 5 or 6, depending on which player has the board control. However, if it's aggro rogue ( with stealth minions, the weapon that increases its attack ) it's one of your worst matchups, the win will highly depend on bad draws from your opponent. 


Therefore, keeping Penance or Renew is good, Shadow Word: Death is always interesting to keep against rogue for Van Cleef and or the 3 mana minion that gets +1/+1 for every card you play. Obviously, if it's aggro rogue, you want Kobold Stickyfinger but on the other hand, if it's galakrond rogue, keeping a dead 5 drop in hand at mulligan is not so good... 


Demon Hunter : 


Worst matchup so far. You never want to meet this class. He simply deals too much dmg, cleaning his board doesn't matter here, because almost all of his dmg comes from his hand. The gameplan is to heal yourself as much as you can. You need to play around your HP, playing galakrond against DH is rarely good ( if you have it in hand, try to clear the board with other tools when you can, if you can play galakrond turn 9 and use two more turns to heal yourself in comparison as if you had played him turn 7, it's a good play ) 


Keep all your healing cards, Renew and Penance aswell as your small minions. To be honest, you can win some of those games, but I believe it's really the class that'll punish you the most if you have one dead/very bad turn in early. Unless there is no other option, you always need to play for heals. 


Hunter : 


Much more playable than demon hunter. It's not an easy mu, but it's "easier" to play around his threats and dmg possibilities. Kind of the same mulligan, Penance, Renew, small minions. Hunter lacks drawing cards, if he runs out of steam, you'll win the game, he can't bullshit his way trhough a card that draws 3 for instance... :') He can do some strong plays, but it's easier for you to manage the board, he doesn't have any AOE etc... 


Priest : 


Ah, the priest mirrors, prepare for a 30 minutes game ! :') 


It's a class that won't punish you even if you don't play a minion by turn 4 or 5, so having a slow mulligan is not that bad. Your stealing cards have a lot of value in this MU. 


I always keep Thoughtsteal here, and the low mana minions aswell. For this MU, you can even keep Galakrond, the Unspeakable . It's not mandatory, because you can win the game without him, but if your opponent plays his turn 7 and yours is in your last two cards of your deck ( happened to me yesterday... ) you'll get behind most of the time. 


The gameplan is to play for value, you need to always make the "greediest plays" while trying to have board control, as you are well aware, priest doesn't have any ways to deal dmg to your head without minions, so it's easy to play around it. 


One small tip : some priest lists don't run galakrond, so if you have the coin, it's often a good play to coin him turn 6 so that your opponent can't play Murozond right after, and likewise, if your opponent used his coin before turn 7, it's often a good idea to play Galakrond if you think he doesn't run it in his list.  


Mage : 


Fun/ random/ crazy games. Unless he plays an otk version with the 3/8 legendary ( which is a really bad mu for you ) the game will be about value, stealing cards is quite efficient against him. Highlander mage or kind of the miracle mage list are good/balanced mu for you ( but don't ever assume game is won even if you have the upperhand, he can always turn the tide with a Puzzlebox or the 9 mana Solarian Prime ). 


A good tip is to try to mulligan to have an answer for sorcerer's apprentice early, for this reason, I like to keep Penance or Breath of the Infinite


Trade his 1/3 spell dmg minions to prevent him drawing too many cards. 


Druid : 


I don't see many druids currently, the only list I've seen is the quest druid, and it can be a hard mu for you. You'll need to draw your Soul Mirror and Plague of Death to deal with his big boards in turns 10. This list is always slow in early turns, so you need to use this time to try and developp as many plays as you can. 


Keeping Thoughtsteal is decent, aswell as small minions. Shadow Word: Ruin will often be useful against quest druid or big druid. After he played his Ysera the Unleashed, keep in mind that trying to steal cards from his deck will often result in getting 9 mana cards that you won't have time to play, beware. 


Shaman : 


Same as druid, I rarely meet this class. If he plays a token/totem list, it's almost impossible to win for you, try to trade every totem he tries to develop, always keep your Penance and cards that can discover spells for this MU. 


If he plays control/galakrond shaman, it's a really easy ( but long mu ) for you in my opinion, as you should generate more value than him, even if he has really big AOEs ( keep that in mind, don't throw every minion you have in one turn in lategame ) Be careful, as many of them run Archivist Elysiana, either try to steal it with thoughtsteal, or keep your Lazul in hand and play it the turn before he draws his last card if you don't have a way to develop a really big board. 


Warlock : 


I meet them more frequently than shaman or druid, but they are still quite rare. 


If it's zoolock, really hard mu/close to impossible to win, keep your Penance or Breath of the Infinite


If it's galakrond warlock or quest warlock, it's a balanced mu, for galakrond, you need to clean his board every time he tries to develop it in lategame, especially if he still has Kronx in his deck. Those lists often run Alexstraza, so try not to use every healing card you have before he plays that minion. 



III ) Latest changes : 

I decided to cut Mindrender Illucia because even if she was in the version I used to climb legend, she wasn't that useful. I added her because I had met an odd numbers of OTK lists, but I stopped seeing them for now, hence the substitute, I've added a second Vulpera Scoundrel because I believe it's a strong turn 3 that fits the archetype, it's quite flexible. 

I made a second small change, I've cut one EVIL Conscripter to put one Wandmaker The EVIL card is quite good, but after meeting so many lists that play the wandmaker, including priest lists, I want to also give him a shot. The 1-mana spell pool is quite good for priest. 

14/11/2020 : 

I'm currently thinking about cutting one Fate Weaver and Shield of Galakrond The drake effect is pretty strong in the archetype, but games where you'll draw both of them without being able to play their effect instantly are quite bad ( often lost against aggro/midrange lists ) therefore I believe it could make the list more consistent to cut one of them, and that change would allow to cut the Shield card too, because you need less invoke cards with only one drake. 

I'll probably add back a second EVIL Conscripter and I'm trying to find another card that could fit instead of Shield of Galakrond. 


Mindflayer Kaahrj  could fit in the list, aswell as Cabal Acolyte 

Cobalt Spellkin can fit aswell.

If you want to add more healing cards, Sandhoof Waterbearer or Khartut Defender can fit the list. But be careful if you make those "heavy" changes, cause the list is already a bit greedy, and if you put more big cards, try to cut other big cards from the list, otherwise you might have unplayable hands too frequently in early. 


To conclude, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in comments. Furthermore, I'm trying to make this "guide" as easy & pleasant to read as possible, but if you feel like it's too long or too short, if you believe something is lacking, I'd gladly hear any tips you might have. :)