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[Legend] Archaeoloking Shaman [75% - B10 to D5 ...

  • Last updated Sep 13, 2020 (Scholomance Academy)
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  • 11 Minions
  • 18 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Control Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 10800
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/3/2020 (Scholomance Academy)
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 This deck is an adventure. You stuff yourself with your Fist The Fist of Ra-den, your books Primordial Studies and your best mates Dwarven Archaeologist to dig for Heathstone temple wonders.

Hopefully you and your buddy the Groundskeeper learned your Scholomance lesson well to be able to fight the monsters you may encounter with Devolving Missiles, Torrent EarthquakeTidal Wave  Eye of the Storm and Hagatha's Scheme .

Now you can dig for Vulpera Scoundrel, MarshspawnPrimordial Studies and especially Instructor Fireheart wonders. If you are a good archaeologist you'll eventually find the King Phaoris to unleash the true power of Hearthstone's temple. And if you search well in the corners you'll even get there faster with the Lorekeeper Polkelt and his Far Sight or with Jepetto Joybuzz.

For the most enthusiasts you also have the Bandersmosh sidequest.

Dig well and have fun !

 EDIT 13/09/20:

Mulligan : 

This deck highly depends on the meta (It's not straight up GA druid that is overall good). You want to target aggro which were very abondant early september. The rise of bomb warior or different types of mages is no good new for this deck (but you still can adapt).

In the Mulligan always keep Hagatha's Scheme against every matchs.

Against aggro also keep Devolving Missiles, Groundkeeper and Torrent in priority. If on coin or already have Devolving Missiles or Primordial Studies always keep Marshpawn. Dwarven Archaelogist, Vulpera Scoundrel  and Instructor Fireheart can also be kept and played on curve for tempo. Lightning Bloom can be a keep too if you already have Tidalwaveor Earthquake

Against midrande deck like Paladin keep The Fist of Ra-den and  Devolving Missiles

Against Control like Priest keep Lorekeeper Polkelt, The Fist of Ra-den, Vulpera Scoundrel and Marshpawn. Although be careful with playing the fist as they might play weapons destruction (especially in Highlander build) so try to make some value before they destruct it. Try to pull up the combos Dwarven Archaeologist + Fireheart Instructor and Lorekeeper Polkelt + Far Sight

Overall guidelines: 

Always to keep your schemes as long as possible, use your health as a ressource. In the meantime stay safe from potential lethal from your opponent (always calculate how much can your opponent deal to your face in the next turn) Don't hesitate to throw minions for tempo against aggressive opponents. Against slower keep Dwarven Archaeologist for combo with discover card and always one for Fireheart Instructor. The Fist of Ra-den is an amazing card in this deck. Best use of it is at 10 with Eye of the Storm and 1 cost spells. On 10 you have 50% chance to hit Deathwing, Collossus of the moon or Kalecgos plus 15/18 worth of taunts. For 1 you'll always hit Reliquary of Souls for extra value against control or healing vs aggro. 

Feel free to adapt to the meta at your rank with some cards listed below. You can remove cards from the discover package.

EDIT 10/09/20:

After yesterday nerfs, I decided to switch to original version of the deck (only 2 change below) and I went 11-3 in final push to legend! :D

Out: Jepetto Joybuzz & Bandersmosh/ In : 2 x Lightning Bloom

Blooms are OP overall and in this deck too! You can play all your big card 2 turn earlier (AoE vs Aggro and Phaoris against mid and control. Also great with Fireheart combo

Overall I think this version is very stable. You can still remove some cards of the discover package to add some meta cards listed below:

Considerations/meta-adjustments : Runic Carvings, Educated Elekk, Kobold Stickyfinger, Acidic Swamp Ooze, Plague of Murlocs, Serpentshrine Portal, Archivist Elysiana, Witch's Brew, Walking Fountain, Speaker Gidra, Wandmaker, Bandersmosh, The Lurker Below

Showcase from a french streamer with my original version:

Matchups :

Favorable : Face Hunter (18-5) / Soul & Aggro DH (10-4) / Zoolock (5-2), , Shaman (3-0)

Aggro matchups = EZ win

Slightly favorable :  Rogues (16-13)

Rogues sometimes do crazy stuff and weapon rogue can be hard to stop but overall a favorable matchup and way more since the nerf of Secret Passage

Even : Paladin (4-6), Priest (10-8)

Paladin can be though if you don't hit Devolving Missiles or Hagatha's Schemes. Divine shield can be though to deal with. Regarding priests (I hate this match-up and class atm so hard xD) it is gonna be a strong battle of tempo/value. If he drops Galakrond, the Unspeakable early then you lose the value game and you'll have to play the tempo game to perfection. Be careful with Soul Mirror and Murozond the Infinite. Not all priest play Plague of Death so pry for that. I'd say Dwarven Archaeologist/Instructor Fireheart combo and Bandersmosh are your best win condition (Archivist Elysiana, Dragonqueen Alexstrasza late, Ysera Unleashed, Lord Jaraxxus, 2nd King Phaoris, Tirion Fordring for 15 dmg weapon, ...). So much to say but overall stay calm and breathe xD

Slightly unfavorable : Druid (13-9), Warrior (2-5)

Ok I don't know how I am 13-9 there because I think this matchup is hard! You simply can't deal with Survival of the Fittest, but you still have a decent chance to kill him before this stage. The Fist of Ra-den is the best card in the matchup. Fireheart Instructor and other early minions help a lot. Lorekeeper Polkelt is also great to get the King Phaoris ASAP before they play Survival of the Fittest

Regarding warrior, I think you also have decent chances but if you face a lot of them you might want to add Kobold Stickyfinger and/or Acidic Swamp Ooze or even Witch's Brew

Unfavorable : Mage (7-10)

I faced a lot of different mages. Turtle mage is by far the worst matchup (but did not encounter so far) also mozaki mage is bad matchup. Highlander is also difficult and Tempo mage is more favorable. But with the last 2 you have more chances. Once against battle for tempo is the key. Reno the Relicologist is direct counter to Phaoris. As you see 7-10 is not so bad.