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[Legend] Polkelt Demon Hunter

  • Last updated Sep 9, 2020 (Scholomance Academy)
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  • 19 Minions
  • 7 Spells
  • 4 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Aggro DH
  • Crafting Cost: 6280
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/3/2020 (Scholomance Academy)
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Hello everyone, veteran hearthstone player, but first time going to write a guide. Last 800 games I played only DH because it really struck me that Demonic Illidan (1000 wins) is incredibly cool.

Just Illidan looking badass

So here I am - writing a standard aggro DH guide with a deck I reached legend twice so far (august, first day of september)  in order to go  through every matchup and teach you how to mulligan properly and prepare for reaching your first legend (beginners are welcome here).
 I do care about upvotes but I don't care about clickbaits so I will write the guide and won't beg for 'em.
1. Let's talk about the picks and what is the difference between this and the standard aggro demon hunter in hsreplay.
I ran their list for almost 400 games: Stats 
However, it didn't feel that consistent so I decided to take the things in my hand:
- v1.2 I took out -1 Mana Burn and -1 Intrepid Initiate  and ran +2 Consume Magic. Didn't work out that well for me so after 1 really pathetic loss vs Stealth Rogue I placed some more board pressense
 -v1.3 -2 Marrowslicer +2 Vilefiend Trainer
Felt too slow sometimes, clogging my hand and my mage matchups really took a hit...
v1.7 -2 Vilefiend Trainer +2 Marrowslicer
-1 Consume Magic -1 Intrepid Initiate +2 Cult Neophyte
-1 Mana Burn +1 Lorekeeper Polkelt
A huge update this version - I realised that I don't have that many spells so I cut the Intrepid but then again without Intrepid Mana Burn was also not worth running and I placed 2 more vital cards (vs Mage, Druid, Warrior) Cult Neophytes!
IMPORTANT : Lorekeeper Polkelt - In my opinion he is a godlike addition to the deck if you play/mull him properly. Not only that he makes us top deck that sweet Skull Gul'Dan on curve but also leads us drawing them 2x Glaivebound Adept for 2 mana each! Now take into consideration that Lorekeeper Polkelt reorders our cards into pretty much *mana order* and when we draw our 6 and 5 drops you can't actually predict whether it's going to be a MarrowslicerKayn Sunfury or Altruis the Outcast topdeck.
Mulligan phase & usage:
  • Basically keep him everytime you think you are facing control and play him around 4,5 turn. 
  • "4 turn? Why?" - Because we usually don't really use the second Skull of Gul'dan and dropping him on curve vs priests is really entertaining (that 4 attack thoe)
  • "5 turn? Why?" - To maintain the pressure and of course play Skull of Gul'dan on curve. Keep in consideration, however, that YOU CAN'T play anything when we play Skull on curve (every card is more than the mana we have) so it's really enjoyable when Polkelt stays alive so we can hit some face damage.
  • Don't keep your Voracious Reader alive when playing Lorekeeper Polkelt as it fills your hand with drops we want discounted.
  • Don't play him versus Warriors unless you know that they won't swing with Wrenchcalibur
  • If you are really dependant on that Altruis the Outcast draw in order to clear a board or to deal some damage then DO NOT equip your Marrowslicer yet! It re-reorders our deck and messes our topdecks. 

    Now for the actual matchups:

    Demon Hunter

 Aggro Demon Hunter.

Mirrors are topdeck based and mulligan based.

Mulligan for: Any 1 drop but defence is essential (Beaming SidekickGuardian Augmerchant)

Try to profitable trades, don't go face that often if you can't close the game in the next couple of turns.

Don't keep Skull of Gul'dan and even Voracious Reader without a coin is not impactful.

I will not talk much about Soul Demon Hunter, the matchup is not favourable, keep Polkelt and try not to overextend, always keep a drop or two in hand to fill up the board after a potential clear (Blade DanceShardshatter Mystic)

Don't trade that much and don't hesitate to drop Kayn Sunfury on curve as they don't usually run important taunts minions.


A tough matchup but they don't tend to highroll everygame so according to the tips I would give you, you should keep your w/r above 50% vs druids.

Mulligan for Cult Neophyte and drop it at turn 3 to slow their Overgrowth and therefore their Guardian Animals

You might want to keep every 1 drop of course and Bonechewer Brawler in order to put their potential Swipe into a more difficult clear.


Basically who outaggroes who. 95% Polkelt Face hunter and 5% Highlander

Keep all 1 drops as always. Also keep Umberwing as it challenges their 1/1 tokens.

Same as Aggro DH you can drop Kayn Sunfury to help yourself clear some minions (Phase StalkerVoracious ReaderDwarfen Sharpshooter


Turtle mage > Straightforward everything face, don't trade, Marrowslicer finishes the job easily

Highlander mage > Same but care for Combustion, place your health buffs or divine shields always in between 2 other minions. EX: Divine shielded Bonechewer Brawler between Beaming SidekickBattlefiend

The so-called small spell mage:

They run FirebrandDevolving Missiles so keep your board wide. Always trade/ silence Spell Damage minions because of Cram SessionRas Frostwhisper


I won't go into details here, the matchups is plain simple (I have over 70% w/r vs paladins)

However! They tend to run 2x Consecration now so play around it. Spread your buffs! Divine shield on your Bonechewer Brawler and +2 health on your Guardian Augmerchant

Don't hesitate to drop Consume Magic on some libram buffed minion or Goody Two-Shields because by the time they drop their Aldor Truthseeker or Libram of Hope you already have a wide board to pass through them.


With the addition of Lorekeeper Polkelt I raised my w/r from 30% to 45% which is still unfavourable of course. Play the match the same as the one versus Soul DH and Guardian Druid combined. With other words - keep your recources and either drop Cult Neophyte on turn 3 to stop early Breath of the Infinite

or on turn 6 to stop potential Soul Mirror


Stealth/Weapon Rogue

Mulligan for Altruis the Outcast

He just massacres their 1 hp stealth minions and Jandice Barov

Quest/Plagiarize Rogue

Try to run over them in the first couple of turns, dropping 1 cost minions and if they hold their coins till turn 2, drop that Cult Neophyte to stop Edwin VanCleef. Later in game, play around plagiarize and try to skip turns if they don't have a huge board (just play 1-2 minions to check for secrets!)


Ye-yeaaah such class exists guys: As you can check in my stats image there are exactly 27 games from my 800 games experience.

Quest Sham -- > Just out value them but beware for potential Cumulo-Maximus

Control Sham --> Play around Tidal WaveWalking Fountain. They also have Witch's Brew. Unfavourable matchup


Pain Warlock is also pain in the a$$.... What an coincidance

Just value trade all the time and pray they don't bomb you with Diseased VultureDarkglareFlesh Giant + draw god knows how many cards and Soulfire one of your minions on turn 5 :)


Classic Bomb warrior > Cult Neophyte on turn 2 to counter either Bladestorm or Coin into Wrenchcalibur

If you want you can always protect your board from Brawl! on turn 4 also.

Risky Skipper/Armorsmith Bomb warrior > Not favourable. Try to rush them down and once they stabilize and are on 5-8 hp pray to RNGesus for godlike topdecks.

1 big shoutout > Don't forget that Bombs mess with your Lorekeeper Polkelt so you won't topdeck that sweet Skull of Gul'dan once they shuffle a Bomb

Big Warrior - Same as the other archetypes except it is easier and more rare. 

Kayn Sunfury is a MVP


  1. Guys... I'm not saying by any chance that the deck is designed to always win or to get to high legend. All I'm saying is the deck is suitable for newly returned players and also beginners in the game to reach legend. It is cheap (it can be played without any legendaries except Altruis.. ), it is fast (5 mins average) and it is keeping winrate of above 50%. Take all those combined with grind and basic knowledge in how the deck works and you can reach legend easily. 
  2. I'm trying to asnwer any comment below so if you still have any hesitations just write down or add me NoHope#2931.
  3. I would stop playing the deck as of tomorrow (09.09.2020) because I would be getting the 1000 wins mark and I would be shifting over Guardian Druid to get that Malfurion portrait also (859/1000 in druid so far).

 EDIT_V2: It's done guys. Thanks for all the positive feedback